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Square Enix Creates Survey To Shape Future Of Company But Neglects To Mention Wii U And Nintendo 3DS


Want to help shape the future of Square Enix? If you do there’s a lovely survey to fill in. The survey asks gamers which platforms they own, but they neglect to mention the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Instead there’s just Wii and Nintendo DS. The best part of the survey is the part when they ask which one game you’d love the company to make. Make your voice is heard and suggest something truly great.

100 thoughts on “Square Enix Creates Survey To Shape Future Of Company But Neglects To Mention Wii U And Nintendo 3DS”

      1. Maybe, I don’t know, They viewed wii and ds as same catalog as Wii U and 3ds? PS Vita is not even listed. Least they listed Super Smash Brothers and even Hyrule Warrior. Seriously people, if only Nintendo named their products right.

          1. Stop defending the bad habits of Nintendo and give your honest concern and support. Because it’s not going to help Nintendo. Perhaps, you’re too stupid than those people you wrote?

            1. how many YEARS after? seriously? please there is no excuse for this. xbox is still xbox … PS is still PS!! so why cant Wii still be Wii? a multi million dollar company that still makes mistakes like this is silly!

              1. Majority knows the brand of Sony and Microsoft, but only few knows the true existence of Wii U. Unfair, but that’s life. It can be say the same to 3ds and ds, because, perhaps, they’re viewed as outdated hardware by majority.

            2. I wasn’t stupid enough to know it is a different system and while I think the name wasn’t that great at first, it isn’t completely terrible. The Nintendo bias is pretty clear. Now, I also would have liked a more powerful system, but I also think that as Nintendo goes the progression is moving forward nicely.

              Lastly, you are a complete moron as your last sentence demonstrates. If you can’t tell how your erred in your grammar than you are truly “too stupid than those people you wrote”.

    1. for a company so irrelivant they are the only ones making profits as sony and microsoft hemorage money yet again

      1. Maybe they should spend some of those profits on getting games on the wii u instead releasing one game every four months

  1. Alvis (I am Monado)

    Final fantasy VII-IX HD Wii U exclusive. They should give back what they hath taken away (all those years ago when they abandoned Nintendo and the N64 in favour of Sony).

    1. It wasnt in favor of Sony, it was because Nintendo refuse to let go of cartridges. Nintendo Shot themselves in the foot that time. Seriously, Nintendo has to keep up with the times, we arent in the early 2000’s.

    2. To be fair to Square at the time, the N64 never would have been able to handle the games SE wanted to make due to memory limitations. They would have had to make half assed, abridged versions of those games. I’m not saying that I’m happy that SE isn’t currently supporting Nintendo right now; but they did have a valid reason for forgoing the N64 at the time. I do want them to come back and allow Nintendo fans to play their multiplat games though. (I’m not saying the N64 was a bad console, only that the memory limitation was a hurdle that Square wouldn’t have been able to work with).

      1. Well the same can be said with FF7 on PS1. That game looked outdated even for its time… The PS1 DEFINITELY couldn’t handle that game… If it could the music wouldn’t have been SNES quality, the character models wouldn’t look like dolls, the game wouldn’t need 3 discs, everything wouldn’t have to have been pre rendered, and more. The exact reason why it seriously needs a remake

      1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

        I don’t care what it is, war is war and they shall never get another thing from me ever again until they kneel and submit…

  2. Wii U I could understand, but why not mention 3DS? Bravely Default was one of the best Square Enix games I played last year (and XIV Reborn), and I heard it sold well…

    1. While Bravely Default did VERY well compared to their poor standards they have done an absolutely piss poor job satisfying their overseas fans. They can’t even be fucking assed to give us anymore merch let alone something as simple as a 3DS theme.

  3. K i’ll be on in one minute 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    From:”My Nintendo News” Date:Sat, Mar 7, 2015 at 1:08 PM Subject:[New post] Square Enix Creates Survey To Shape Future Of Company But Neglects To Mention Wii U And Nintendo 3DS

    sickr posted: ” Want to help shape the future of Square Enix? If you do there’s a lovely survey to fill in. The survey asks gamers which platforms they own, but they neglect to mention the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Instead there’s just Wii and Nintendo DS. The best par”

  4. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

    The Square Enixians have declared war, now I they will be treated just like the Ubisians and Electron abominations for this blasphemy…

  5. It’s obviously a mistake. The Wii and DS surely represent the Wii U and 3DS. Somebody that doesn’t follow gaming is likely to have made this poll. Like someone mentioned above, Bravely Default sold extremely well on the 3ds, well over a million copies. Bravely Second is on it’s way for the 3DS. Square would not just ignore that fanbase like that..

    1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

      Excuses, we have heard this like 8000 times by now since the launch of the Wii U, this is nothing but blasphemy, period…

  6. My Wind Waker Is Bigger (I.A.B.A.B)

    The Wii u is always getting neglected. Why help a company that doesn’t support the console. Fuck no

  7. Lovely survey? More like dumbest survey i’ve ever seen. Why no PS4/WiiU/3DS? Prepare for negative. Comments on u square cnix! And Haha on “Facebook” wtf why is that even there LOL!

  8. Not surprising they aren’t “Nintendo friendly” anymore. Sure they bring spin offs but where’s their main series games hitting Nintendo systems. I know they don’t see Wii U as a cash cow but 3DS?

    1. They are even distributing the PlayStation Dragon Quest game in the west instead of the on Nintendo systems

  9. I think it is a mistake but in the survey, they mention Smash Brothers, Hyrule Warriors, Mario kart 8, and pokemon Y

    1. It was, they just tried to sum up the platforms I guess. It can be a bit misleading for that question in particular, but anyone with a brain can go through the survey and see that they didn’t “abandoned” Nintendo platforms. They just launched Theatrhythm FF Curtain Call and announced Bravely Second, who the fuck would think they aren’t developing games for Nintendo platforms?

  10. Where it says “What else do you want us to know?”, make sure to mention how they left out Wii U and 3DS.

  11. I’m telling you, the fucking 3rd party despises Nintendo over nothing because they can’t make games that fucking work and sell on their systems plus they envy Nintendo’s solo success run for so many years.

    I’m getting sick of their BS and will never support them after they make tiring BS after BS without even trying at all.

        1. Well I’m interested in Mortal Kombat X, The Witcher 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight. There’s 3 good multiplats in the next few months.

          1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

            Multiplats, that’s the only thing the other 2 imbeciles ever gets, they can’t create their own games…

            1. I got The Order: 1886 last month. I’m getting Bloodborne this month. Uncharted 4, Persona 5, Disgaea 5 and Dragon Quest: Heroes is coming out this year. They have games like Until Dawn, Hellblade and Rime coming out. Come again on these so called exclusives.

              1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                And most will be overhyped games as usual not living up to their crap but will still sell well because it’s what’s trending right now…

                1. It’s all subjective in the end dude. I personally thought Super Mario 3D World was underwhelming.

                  A lot of people were hyping up Retro’s game before they announced it, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. I was underwhelmed when they announced that and so were a lot of other people. I was expecting something much bigger like a Metroid Prime game. The game was still good but yer.

                  1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                    Super Mario 3D World was in a sense a rushed game because of the drought…

                    It’s not Nintendo’s nor Retros’ fault for the hype, the deluded fans created it…

              2. Yea, and this year games such as Splatoon, StarFox U, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Zelda U, Devil’s Third are coming out. And I’m pretty sure I’ll get more fun by just opening those games than I had by (playing) watching The Order: 1886.

                1. 6 games for the rest of the year might not be the best argument you can use against someone who thinks the WiiU doesn’t get enough games.

                  1. Those are only the big exclusive games that are already announced (and without indies or such). We’re talking about exclusives here. I did not see more coming from him.

                    1. And btw there are other games such as Yoshi’s WW, Mario Party 10, Mario Maker, Kirby RR, etc. All exclusives as well. The list above wasn’t supposed to be comprehensive.

          2. Yeah and we’re talking about 2014, the most barren ass gaming year ever. Actually, that’s 2013. 2014 is the most bullshit gaming year with scam after scam of overhyped trash solely from the 3rd party side.

  12. I’m pretty sure Wii and DS are supposed to represent the entire Wii/U and 3/DS line of products, even though that’s pretty stupid, because who still plays their Wii and DS, when you have a backwards compatible Wii U/3DS? Or at least they should make it clear they mean both generations of consoles and not just Wii and DS. It’s just wrong to throw two generations of hardware into one.
    In case of the Wii U, we see this often, but the 3DS as well? How ignorant can you be? That thing sold over 51 million units worldwide and they think it’s insignificant enough to throw it together with the DS. It’s not like the 3DS was the system that recently had Breavely Default, the game that had a great impact on western gamers and their faith in traditinal JRPGs by Square Enix, because Final Fantasy has been a joke for over a decade. And it even sold enough to justify a sequel. And you’re just letting the 3DS fall. Great Square Enix, just great.

    I can understand publishers not respecting the Wii U due to bad sales, even though it’s a fine system with great first party content. However, the 3DS singlehandedly rules the handheld console market. The Vita has not even sold 1/5th of what 3DS sold. Maybe that’s why Vita is not even listed on this questionaire… either way, sure, Smartphones are the hot thing in handheld gaming, but 3DS proves there’s still a market for traditional console handheld gaming and considering the circumstances, it’s selling a lot better than what was expected by many so-called “experts” when this system was released (I remember all the “there’s no space for handheld consoles anymore” articles very well).

  13. Maybe it was a typo, but the fact that it happened twice, makes me know that it wasn’t. But I have one question. Why are they neglecting the 3DS of all handhelds??? But then again, they neglected the Vita as well…

  14. For what game I want them to do I said: Final Fantasy 7 Remaster
    This is what I typed when they asked what else do you want us to know: Why won’t you also remake Final Fantasy 6 on 3DS? I’d love to see you guys remake that game on 3DS with the same style you did Final Fantasy 4 on DS. Or maybe even a Final Fantasy 6 remaster on PS4. You guys are seriously missing out on A LOT of money by not doing these things. Also a Final Fantasy 7 HD Remaster on PS4 is really wanted by me and A LOT of your fans.

  15. Game I want them to make:

    –A new Valkyrie Profile
    (but should’ve said Paper Mario)–

    What I wanted them to know:

    –Wii U & 3DS are conspicuously absent from this survey. I only game on real consoles & play only real games; Nintendo is the last hardware bastion of the industry.
    I love turn-based Strategy RPGs.
    I want a real Tomb Raider like the original.
    I want a Final Fantasy IX remake for Wii U.–

    Sadly, I doubt Square-Enix will start taking gaming seriously anymore. Bravely Default & Dragon Quest seem the only exceptions.

  16. WiiU is awesome, but Nintendo doesn’t know how to market and doesn’t listen to fan, stubborn and thinks people still respect them. I don’t know how but Nintendo gotta earn people respect again…Nintendo needs to be criticize not complimented which is holding them back.

  17. I hope game companies know that without Nintendo, the gaming industry may not exist, or would be really bad today. I ain’t being biased because I love Nintendo, but because of them, the quality of games wouldn’t be out there. It’s great when game companies show respect to each other! :-)

  18. going bankrupt square LOL ignores the company that rules gaming profits and awards asvit dies its self


  19. Fuck square. And not because of this but because they haven’t released anything worth playing since Final Fantasy XII.

    1. What about Crisis Core: FF VII, Dissidia games, FF XIV: A Realm Reborn, KH Birth By Sleep, KH Dream Drop Distance, Tomb Raider, Deus EX: Human Revolution, Sleeping Dogs, Chaos Rings, Dragon Quest games, Theatrhythm FF games, The World Ends With You?

      1. Okay, Crisis Core and Dissidia games were pretty great PSP games but they’re still not AAA JRPG’s. That used to be Squares strongest trait. Dragon Quest VIII and Final Fantasy XII were the last great JRPG’s by them. Maybe they can redeem themselves with Kingdom Hearts 3 and FFXV but I have my doubts.

  20. Either there ignoranant or lazy to not put wii u and 3ds down. Or they really don’t want to make games on wii u or 3ds. Too bad a I gave full explanations on what games they should make and come out on wii u.

  21. It was just a “mistake”. The list has current games of Nintendo platforms like Mario Kart 8, Pokémon Y, Hyrule Warriors and Theathrym Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. They don’t forgot Nintendo, they probably just summed up the platforms (which is a bit misleading but not the end of the world). Read the thing before talking shit, please.

  22. I was going to say, “before the ‘everyone is against Nintendo’ conspiracists come in,” but I see they have already been here – Vita isn’t on the list either.

  23. They are probably using ds and wii as meaning the 3ds and Wii u. If that isn’t the case then they must have forgotten about bravely default, or have no plans of publishing more games for those consoles.

    1. ‘Wii’ & ‘DS’ certainly lack the same brand legacy as ‘PlayStation’ and ‘Xbox’, their encapsulating nature. Yet, the survey still #ed those brands, referencing specific consoles w/ in them.

      While ‘Wii’ might be a start for a brand legacy, there’s still no solid indication Nintendo pursue that. Quite the contrary, people still see the name as wiird & ripe for jokes, & that’s @ 1st glance. & I imagine ‘DS’ eventually changing, too. But Nintendo has only ever stuck w/ 2 brand legacies: Game & Watch and Game Boy, (maybe a 3rd w/ DS).

      However, even their handheld brand-legacies were discontinued @ some point, & new 1s arose. The G&W name did become obsolete, deviating from the ‘watch’ aspect. The Game Boy name was dropped for DS, though because 1 became more popular & was capable of the same @ its core. But I feel, had the DS actually been proposed as a successor (instead of a “3rd pillar” experiment), Nintendo could’ve carried the ‘GB’ legacy forward (GB DS, GB 3D [dual screen a given by then]), as ‘Game Boy’ had a broader meaning, albeit “kiddie”.

      So it’s never been as straightforward as ‘PlayStation’ & ‘Xbox’. Nintendo, SEGA, & Atari consoles/handhelds were typically named individually, more like vehicles w/ different names for each model rather than relying on a particular brand w/ #s attached.

      From NES to N64, the only constant was the name ‘Nintendo’. Then with GCN, the ‘Nintendo’ part was usually ignored (& even its abbreviation was scrambled due to the Neo Geo Color releasing prior). Ninty’s next console & again, a new name: ‘Wii’. But for the 1st time (not counting handhelds), that name was carried over for ‘Wii U’. Sadly, w/ out ‘Super’ or a # attached (although Xbox has an unconventional #ing system), the ‘Wii’ brand is confusing. Even if Ninty hurt that “brand”, they could’ve restored it w/ better marketing & 3rd party effort, plus a simple # could’ve alleaviated the confusion. Even still, it’s an unfamiliar move for a Nintendo console.

      As interesting as Nintendo & SEGA’s approach to naming consoles is/was (Dreamcast is still my favorite name), it would help if Nintendo established a real brand-name legacy w/ #s (would NES7 be confusing after Wii U?). ‘Wii’ (particularly w/ ‘Wii U’) proves they should choose very carefully. Imagine if the GameCube was called StarCube or Dolphin. Well, @ least it’d be more recognizable than Wii…’U’. But ‘Super Wii’ still seems like an add-on nowadays, & Wii 2 sounds wiird if said aloud. “U misunderstand: Wii need a new name, 1 that sounds cool & has a broader meaning.”

      Anyway, I feel the typical Wii/Wii U & DS/3DS/2DS/New 3DS confusion goes deeper into Nintendo’s history & is simply more evident now, especially when the twins tag-teamed Nintendo & changed the course of the industry.

  24. Square Enix has been quite dumb lately. I’d love to see another Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles like the Gamecube one. The Wii U gamepad could be used like GBA’s were in the original (Personal screen in Multiplayer and Radar in Single Player).

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  26. EVERY company is neglecting Nintendo. That’s what led me into buying a PS3. But I know my fun on the PS3 will be very limited and short-lived. Just like it was with the PS2.

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  28. It’s most likely a mistake on Square Enix’s part – if you notice, none of the Sony Handheld consoles, including the Playstation Vita, are on the survey as well, and there’s at least two games for the Playstation Portable.

    Therefore, I wouldn’t interpret this survey as representative on what the company itself thinks about Nintendo consoles.

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