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Freedom Planet Is Coming To Wii U eShop

Stephen DiDuro, the creator behind Freedom Planet, has announced that the game is heading to the Wii U eShop. The news was announced during this weekend’s PAX East event. The game originally came to Steam, so if you’re not familiar with the game then you can check out the video below. News regarding the Wii U version is scarce but it’s a welcome addition to the eShop.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6


94 thoughts on “Freedom Planet Is Coming To Wii U eShop”

  1. YES, I can’t wait to easily play this on my Tv. This game is the best 2D action platformer since Megaman X4

    1. Except this actually looks good and plays more like a Sonic game than anything we got since the Genesis.

          1. I know the person too, they’re a shithead who takes advantage of their absent minded fan base. You’re obviously one of those retards.

          2. And since you know Strife, tell them I said that they’re an asshole. :] I’d rather buy quality indies like Shovel Knight then jumping on the mindless bandwagon and buying this reskinned sonic fan game.

              1. The game itself doesn’t look bad, I pirated it actually and enjoyed it. I just don’t like devs who take advantage of their fan base. :^)

                      1. There is a LOT of collectables and achievements. Trust me, i’ve beaten the game on more than one occasion and hacked it to play as the DLC characters.

                        Speaking of the DLC, I heard the DLC is gonna be free.

                      2. Ridley, the Angel of Death

                        Not fans of this game’s fault that Sega can barely make a good Sonic game these days. If this company is able to make more games like this, Sega might as well either retire Sonic or sell him to someone that can better utilize him.

                              1. Sonic and I share a lot in common as we’re the same age. I was born with an SNES and Genesis controller in both of my hands. lol 😜

                                I still say that those were his best days and that the games since the Genesis days that best showed off how Sonic games should play were (from greatest to least):

                                Sonic Colors
                                Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
                                Sonic Generations
                                Sonic Lost World
                                Sonic Rush
                                Sonic Advance
                                Sonic Unleashed
                                Sonic Adventure DX
                                Sonic Heroes
                                Shadow the Hedgehog

                                If the next Sonic game, for instance, played a lot like Colors, but instead of getting a Color power-up you use the help of your friends in levels to get you across dangerous chasms (Sonic would hold onto Tails as you control Tails flying in the air through Speed Rings, for instance) and the such. You could explore the hub in 3D, which should be smaller and more direct than the game levels themselves as in Sonic Colors and Unleashed (just…no talking to people, please) and the game would also allow you to replay levels as whatever secondary characters you’ve unlocked as you progress through the Story Mode. When you beat the game, it can unlock Chao Garden that gives you incentive to go back and replay levels for Rings, Animals, and more, without getting in the way of your first playthrough of the Story Mode. Maybe even a Hard mode and Super Hard mode like we saw in previous games, too. For DLC, add in new sets of levels and mission campaigns.

                                I think Sonic actually controlled his best in Colors and Lost World, but Lost World took a while to get used to, so it could use some refinement in that game. I think a mixture of the two gameplay styles would work seamlessly, and that Generations could serve as the basis for how the game could look in terms of art style.

                                Hope that we can see something along the lines of this in Holiday 2015.

                                1. I just thought of a brilliant idea for the Chao Garden portion of the game: you can have an online hub world used for online multiplayer features where you can see your favorite Chao floating alongside you. Think of a lobby system like in Phantasy Star Online, then combine that with online multiplayer across Goal Ring stages as well as even Battle Mode stages. You could then have Events like you have in PSO2 where the lobby and lobby music changes to suit the event and people can create their own character based around the Sonic the Hedgehog model.

                                  As a matter of fact, this could even be that hub world I mentioned earlier.

                                  I might actually be onto something here… :o

                                2. I wouldn’t count on it. SEGA is too fucking stubborn to learn from their mistakes and keep repeating it more so than others. I’m damn surprised that they’re still alive today. Only their delusional fanboys who think Boom, 2006, Lost World, Unleashed or even that Microtransaction of a mobile runner ripoff garbage “Runners” are “good” games, is Sega’s ONLY excuse thats keeping them afloat for now and it’s rather sad to see.

                                  I would get too optimistic about them and the next Sonic game if I were you. In fact, Sega needs to give Sonic a break and work on something else or original for a change. Truth be told, without Sonic to constantly milk, they’re nothing.

                                3. Your absolutely correct my friend. And thanks for your support on the new sonic titles. You, me and a few others are the part of the sonic fan base that likes the old games but also the new ones to an extent as well. I have played sonic games since the genesis days and I still like sonic today. There have been some not good choices but I have found a lot of sonic games to be good and a few that are great.

                                      1. 3DS mostly if it happens. I even though of a fan fiction story with my fan character as a new character for the next entry and another dimensional version of Eggman but a lot younger.

                                    1. Nintendo is really doing a good job bringing in the indies. :) Now if only they could do something about third-party developers in general.
                                      I’ll admit the game looks really fun and I’m sure it’ll be great, though not sure I’m buying since 2D platformers don’t seem to interest me much lately and I always tend to forget about them so easily that
                                      they just stay in my library unplayed.

                                      1. Nintendo can’t do anything about it. 3rd parties would come back when they see the system is profitable. Honestly with what we have been getting for the last year or so i’m kinda glad 3rd parties are holding back

                                        1. I’m glad they’re holding back, too, but for an entirely different reason.
                                          I don’t trust AAA’s to do good ports anymore, so I’m glad they’re staying away for now.
                                          The more bad ports the system gets, the worse its reputation grows.

                                        2. I don’t think it’s gonna happen. The fans are pretty pissed on how EA ditched the platform over Nintendo saying no to that Origin crap but not to Sony when they also said its not a fair practice for gamers.

                                          Ubisoft, we all know this painful story. The infamous so called “supporters” turned to pure liars and backstabbers giving the fans so much BS and one intentional disappointment after another. I don’t see fans forgiving Ubishit anytime soon, like me.

                                          Bethseda; forget about it. Another pack of lies is what they are after trying to deny Wii U’s capabilities AFTER they got Metro: Last Light running on the damn console’s early days plus they couldn’t even build a glitch-free game to save their own ass.

                                          Activision, constantly lied about DLC on Nintendo ports.

                                          WB Games, yet another one who lies and gimps Nintendo ports and then bitch about that nobody is buying their content-less crap.

                                          Harmonix of Rock Band; insists that the dead series still has relevance even though Just Dance sucked ass in every way and also backstabbed Nintendo fans from not having RB4 as their cruel way of saying “thanks” for originally supporting the games on Wii.

                                          3rd parties? What 3rd parties? They’re nothing more than a bunch of con artists with a fake ass mask on. The only true supporters for Nintendo right now are the indies and let me tell you this directly: Their games are actually tons better than whatever BS hyped garbage on 2014/15’s list you can think of and they have no strings attached like those BS games either.

                                        3. Slow and steady man, remember, it took Sony almost half a generation to realize the mistake they did by making things very hard for indie developers. Just give it time.

                                        4. Yeah. I’m definitly skipping this game, I’m burnt out on platformers, so they have to be very good for me to play. (Like Shovel Knights, Gunvolt)

                                          Still, I’m happy for the platformer fans. Looks like a breath of fresh air Sonic fans deserved. Sega failed miserably at reviving Sonic. Honestly, I feel like Sonic’s rep is trashed. Too many shitty games. It’s going to take something like this to bring people back, if the sonic IP can be revived at all.

                                        1. Yeah, exactly: I am interested in getting this precisely because I enjoy classic Sonic, and this feels more like a new entry into classic Sonic than the newest Sonic games.

                                      2. Damn I just sent this to sickr…lol. Oh well I’m excited for this game. Galaxy Trail will have my money day one when this game releases

                                        1. Don’t get mad because Sonic is done for. Freedom Planet at least honors what Sonic use to be and caters to those fans who have the welcoming mentality instead of shitting on it instantly because it looks “familiar” like Sonic which of course it isn’t.

                                          1. This is clearly a love letter to a collection of many of the Best Platformers of the Sega Genesis … with a heavily 16 Bit Sonic inspired Core, with bits of Vectorman, and maybe a Little Gunstar Heroes and others mixed in.

                                            My initial gut reaction was “Ugh … another ‘Furry’ Me-Too platformer”, like I supect was the case for most at the announcemet of a game like this … until I kept watching the video …

                                            The gameplay here actually looks GOOD. Really Good.

                                            Sega certainly seems to have forgotten how to make a Good, high-speed, high-action platformer.

                                            If these guys want to pick up where they left off and make a new “Not-SONIC” game at the level of quality I seem to be seeing here, I’m all for it.

                                            Give this game a chance, and watch the video again. This actually looks Amazing, IMHO.

                                            1. I ain’t “giving it a chance” because I’m already convinced and I wanted this game to happen on Wii U. Now my prayers have been answered and I can buy and play this potentially awesome game. :3

                                              1. It looks like a cross with sonic fan characters with a anime type look to it. The game-play looks pretty good actually. I will probably get it.

                                              2. BlazeStudiosXY (YouTube)

                                                Sorry to bring this up here and now, but, Ninty, if you support indie games…..

                                                GIVE US FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S HD COLLECTION!

                                                1. Let’s hope those terrible games never come to any console. First of all only a retard 3 year old would find them scary, they look like shit, it’s just a dumb internet fad just like slendershit. If you want to play those games play it on PC and they there.

                                              3. Seriously though, this looks like a good, action-packed game. It looks like a more advanced 2D Sonic, dare I say, what it should have been (maybe?). Sorry, I didn’t grow up with Sonic…

                                              4. pink0crystal0midbus

                                                Wow! That games looks awesome! It’s doing what Sonic doesn’t do anymore, but adds in all sorts of cool visuals and character voices. I really have to keep my eye on this game.

                                                  1. pink0crystal0midbus

                                                    Sad…. but true. Sonic the Headgehog 3 was actually the first video game I ever played wayyyy back on the SEGA Genesis. I have a huge soft spot for Sonic, but I have been severely disappointed over the last decade with his games.

                                                    I pray that Nintendo will pick up the license one day. My favorite developers making a game for one of my most beloved characters. It would be a dream come true.

                                                  2. This seriously is a day one purchase for me ^_^ I love the classic style of the Sonic Games. The game-play looks really engaging and something I’d be experimenting with for quite awhile. So glad this is coming to the Wii U but those characters… a bit of fan-service I guess never hurts but a bit pushy.

                                                  3. I played this ga.e alot on the pc. Its an amazing hommage to sonic, ristar and many other classic action platformers on the ols sega consoles.

                                                    Think of it as the non-overhyped shovel knight for olds sega games with more content.

                                                    This was also made by the dev team with only a budget of 25000$ and will have alot of free future content once they are completely finished.

                                                    If youre going to skip this because the protagonist is a sonic OC then you are just missing out one of the greatest 2d action platformers there is because of petty judgementality.

                                                    1. The should be. Let this game be a lesson to them. And don’t let Big Red retarded Button make another game for them.

                                                  4. Geez, when I read all those comments about how “great” and “better than Sonic” while none on those morons even played it yet on steam so far *facepalm*

                                                    Let me tell you something, the game has a broken physics engine, a horrible voice actors and plot holes bigger than the Hudson River. Sure the graphic looks great and the music is fantastic, but the gameplay and the story is broken and boring beyond believe. And now, they want to release the same garage on the Wii U? Only sheep follow blindly the herd, but hey, if you want to waste money, go ahead. By this broke game and wait several months for an update… we still wait for the option to change the game to have RPG boxes without those horrible voices and still nothing done. The game was released too early and unfinished and now they want to make a Wii U port. Give me a break, what a waste of energy and effort.

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