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Pokemon Shuffle’s First Passcode Released, Plus New Event Details

Game Freak and Nintendo’s free-to-play eShop title Pokemon Shuffle has updated with new events today following its downloadable patch last week. Along with new events, the match-3 game has introduced its first worldwide passcode. Players will have to enter a short code on the settings screen under “Passcodes”, where you can enter the following number and obtain two Mega starts for your Pokemon team: 20150007. So if you’ve been in a spot of trouble lately, the two mega starts – which allow specific caught Pokemon to mega evolve before the battle begins – will help players to clear some of those pesky higher levels.

In addition to the passcode, new events have also been added. The Pokemon Company has extended the Mew event until March 23, which is lucky for players who have been nabbing the daily 1,000 coins from it. Plus, alongside the daily Rotom events, players can battle and capture the legendary Kyogre from Pokemon Alpha Sapphire until March 23. You’ll also unlock a jewel the first time you complete the battle, too. Let us know if you’ve been enjoying the free-to-play game in the comment section below.

17 thoughts on “Pokemon Shuffle’s First Passcode Released, Plus New Event Details”

  1. Really cool game indeed! That code helped me finally beat Mega Ampharos! Mega start + Mega Sableye + “+5 moves” = success! :D

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