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Code Name STEAM Currently Sits At 73 On Metacritic

Today, the reviews have come pouring in for the Nintendo 3DS strategy title Code Name: STEAM. The game is available to purchase from retailers in the United States tomorrow and currently has a score of 73 on popular review aggregation site, Metacritic. Reviewers seem to be divided over the game which can be both brutal and rewarding. Will you be purchasing the game?

There are some things that drive me crazy about Code Name S.T.E.A.M’s mission design, and I really think the difficulty balance could have used another pass, but these issues are balanced by the excellent mechanics. Intelligent Systems know their way around the strategy genre, and it shows in Code Name S.T.E.A.M’s deep roster and intricate level design.

– US Gamer

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. offers the most frustrating kind of steampunk: It brushes up against potent themes, but then turns its back on them in favor of pure aestheticization.

– GameSpot


    1. It seems to me that some of the reviewers are not used to play strategy games at all…….

    1. Bayonetta 2 actually did pretty well based off the vg chartz, not 100% accurate. Sold about over half a million

      1. I know! Also… I feel like the only one here looking forward to it. While I dont like the art direction, the game itself is really badass. I’ll be getting it for keeps. I dont care what anyone else says.

      2. Pre ordered this game because I loved the gameplay! Awesome that another person thinks the same!

  1. Ouch. Well I hope it still does decently well. Maybe that Majora’s Mask Pin might tempt some…

  2. I’m buying this game only to get the MM pin then I’m going to return it to Gamestop next week lmao

      1. Like I care about what you think of me. I’m still getting the pin without spending money. xoxo

      1. Sorry. I just have higher expectations from Intelligent Systems. They can do better than this.

      2. No you should not want a game to flop, unless there bad practices going around it

      3. I think what his trying to say is that he doesn’t want intelligent systems to make another code name steam game and unfortunately that would only occur if the game doesn’t sell well. Intelligent systems is one of my favorite developers and it pains me to see them in this situation. If only the game could sell well and never have a sequel. I’m not sure what they were thinking when they came up with the game.

      4. Umm… what exactly is the concern here? The fact that the game got a single bad rating aside from all the good to great ratings? 73 is still a great score. And aside from all that, did you even play the demo of the game? It doesn’t sound like that. I gave the demo a try and was actually surprised how much I liked the game, not being a fan of tactical games in general. So what’s all this “Itelligent Systems can do better than this” about, without even giving the game a try?

      5. Buddy, I gave it a try and it’s not good. I played the demo. You really think I wouldn’t give a game from one of my favorite developers a try. Stop assuming.

      6. Nevertheless, just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s bad. I don’t like Fire Emblem and still acknowledge that the games are good. So what’s all this “Intelligent System can do better than that” about?

      7. Agree with that. I also had hoped for better from Intelligent Systems. I’m really not excited for code name steam…

      8. Yeah. They’re my favorite developer…yet they’re now 1 for 3 on 3DS games.

      9. Everyone at some point has this happen to them. They Tried something new which is good. FE, not till awaking has never had me, never really grew to like the characters. There is nothing wrong with failing, as long as you give it your best next time you will do better. I dunno why people are bashing these guys because they wanted to do something new, to see if they could make a new game for new/old fans.

      10. You should try the game and not making your mind based upon other people´s opinions. Video game reviewers can be such dumbasses sometimes

      11. So what are reviewers for? To help people in deciding whether or not they should buy the game. Fucking dumbass, you’re basically telling someone to blindly buy a game

  3. After the demo, it clearly isn’t up to fire emblem or advance wars quality, but I did end up playing the whole demo. I still feel 3rd person and 1st person strategy games just don’t work. This hasn’t changed my mind, tho better than most other attempts…

    Give us a new advance wars on the wii u instead. The damn console is crying profusely for it. It so obvious a blind man could see it…

      1. I’d advise the demo if you don’t know.

        Personally, I’m a huge Fire Emblem fan, but this game, at least from my angle, is very disappointing. So do the demo if you’re that curious.

      2. This game is more Valkyrie Chronicles than Fire Emblem. If your expectations are correct, you’ll not be disappointed.

      3. FE Awakening is a disappointing piece of shit compared to earlier games in the series. Grind to win bullshit that requires no strategy.

    1. You need to play valkyria chronicles on ps3 or steam. They have some sequels to that on the psp or vita i think but I don’t own any of those. Valkyria chronicles is a fantastic game.

  4. This game will all depend on your taste, I really like the wonderful 101, and it had some mixed reviews. Sometimes reviews can’t make your opinion on game. I liked what I played from the demo so i might pick it up

  5. I played the demo. The gameplay did frustrate me at best so these reviews are correct. This game has no standing and should be either scrapped or hugely improved for a sequel IF it ever happens; like make it a third person “roaming” shooter instead of BS turn based boredom.

    1. Might need a different developer all together if they want to change genres, since turn-based is Intelligent Systems’ forte.

      1. Did what? Turn-based Metroid? Doubt it since Metroid is never really that high on characters.

      2. I pray to God that won’t happen. First/third person shooter fits the game aside from side scrolling. But Other M is SHIT and we don’t want another screw up like that.

  6. I have this game preordered because of the pin. Haven’t tried the demo but I have high hopes for this game. Not a fan of strategy games but I would love to maybe get into them with this game. Since it has 3rd person maybe it can actually keep me interested when I’m playing

      1. Personally, I think it shows that Nintendo doesn’t have much confidence in this game.

        I mean, they put a Majora’s Mask pin with it and then announce Fire Emblem amiibo support? Sounds like they’re trying to tie it to big name franchises just to get something going.

      2. Yeah….I felt the exact same thing. Putting the marketing of this up against MH4U and MM, shoving it down our throats in every direct since E3, all the 1st party stuff they’re shoving into it to attract attention…..it’s really weird more than anything. It was supposed to be a new, interesting IP with nintendo, to start a new line of game series’ alongside Splatoon…..yet I see absolutely nothing added to Splatoon. Not that it needs it or anything, but it really just goes to show how much faith Nintendo had in STEAM selling all by it’s lonesome, without the addons.

      3. I don´t see a problem in these additions, actually. After all, Fire Emblem games are being developed by the same studio (Intelligent Systems). But they probably don´t expect much from it. People keep shouting that they want new Nintendo franchices but when Nintendo decides to do them, people simply don´t care and games don´t sell well.
        I really hope that´s not the case with Codename S.T.E.A.M. but the simple fact that it is a strategy game decreases its chances of getting popular.

      4. Yea, but just because an IP is new, doesn’t mean we have to like and support it. It has to be good, regardless if it’s a new IP or a old one..

      5. If you were a real fan you wouldn’t care how much they are worth because you’d never intend on selling them and would want more people to be able to own them too…

        I have a CIB copy of Earthbound and I wasn’t angry when Nintendo announced it for Wii U VC. I love that game and I want more people to play it.

      6. The VC edition of Earthbound does not take value away from the original, so you had no reason to be upset. I love owning valuable vintage games and rare collectables. What makes them valuable and rare is that there is a limited amount of them. I think it’s possible to be a “real nintendo fan” and enjoy the monetary values of your collectables. I mean would I really drop $300 on a CIB copy of Orge Battle March of the Black Queen for SNES if I wasn’t a “real” fan?

  7. I hate how the stages are so linear. They are like tight hallways directing you in one direction. No room to spread out your team and use actual strategy.. I will pass on this game. To think Intelligent Systems chose to work on this game instead of an Advanced Wars, or a console Fire Emblem.. A shame..

    1. Well, good news is at least they’re working on another Fire Emblem game, even though it’s another 3DS game, but that’s okay with me.

  8. I just finished playing the demo, and find nothing special in it. The gameplay they’re going for is like a stealth/action/strategy mix, but it doesn’t work out well. And I still can’t get over that art style. It’s decent, but if you’re an FE fan you’re better off waiting for the new one coming out.

    1. FE fan here. Awakening sucked, i have no interest in ‘If’.

      If Code Name is somehow worse than that horrid mess, i’ll be amazed.

      1. Interesting I found Awakening to be the best, but it also had great characters, story, and a customizable character so I might have been a little bit blind to the actually gameplay.

  9. When I first tried the demo, I did not like it really at all. But then after I played it again with the New 3ds, I love it and I plan on picking it up day 1. If the demo didn’t grab you I suggest you give it another shot.

  10. I would also like to remind you all that when a series first starts out it isn’t always “oh amazing, 9/10” Look at the first Assassins Creed, or look at Wonderful 101. Obviously if you don’t think you’ll like the game don’t buy it, all I’m saying is don’t assume it’s garbage because of a overall fairly positive metacritic score. Also, if you actually go to the page, it has 12 positive reviews, 2 mixed, and 1 negative. Thats pretty dang good for a new series.

  11. I was interested in this game… seems there are some problems with it, but can’t be any worse than Awakening with its horrendously broken mechanics and extremely simplified gameplay.

    Will buy eventually.

  12. Tho, not necessarily great game, I do like the game demo enough to purchase.

    Sadly, those on here who spread hate are only doing so to poison the minds of those who really enjoy playing Nintendo.

    We all know they want the big N to go 3rd party so they can have their Zeldas and Marios on their systems. Those kiddie games they all know and love. This is what a desperate closet case of those who secretly love Nintendo do, but does not want to buy a system so they want be laughed at by their friends.

    Granted, not a perfect game in any way, but I would rate it around 75. It is definitely slow for a turn based game.

  13. Was considering it, but after hearing that Wil Wheaton is involved with the game, I won’t be getting it out of principle.

    Plus, I played the demo and was difficult to play.

  14. This website sucks. Why promote metacritic? It is the baine of the gaming industry, and let’s be honest, if people want to check it they can without you pointing them towards it

  15. Difficulty balance haven’t really been Intelligent Systems’s strongest side, but they sure do make great games!

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