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This Week’s Wii U Virtual Console Game Is F-Zero GP Legend

Wondering which games will be available tomorrow as part of the Nintendo eShop US downloads? Well we know at least one of the games, which is F-Zero GP Legend, which originally came out on the Game Boy Advance in 2003. The game will be available to download tomorrow on the Wii U for $6.99.

Get your adrenaline pumping, and race plasma-powered machines against the galaxy’s most elite racers! Boost down some of the most dangerous tracks in the universe, and strive for victory at all costs—even if it means ramming your opponent off the track. Compete in the Grand Prix or Story modes, climb the standings, and unlock additional modes and characters. Put the pedal to the metal, and get busy boosting, bumping, and jumping your way to intergalactic glory!

Thanks, feelingblind

22 thoughts on “This Week’s Wii U Virtual Console Game Is F-Zero GP Legend”

    1. The thing is, Miyamoto said that their may be a new F-Zero, next generation. So unfortunately, it seems unlikely. But there is still a chance of a remake of an F-Zero game. Maybe test the waters with their current fanbase and see if they would be willing to buy a New F-Zero…

  1. when is nintendo gonna let funimation dub the anime? i know the 4kids dub sucked, but it is a good anime so funimation should dub it.

  2. At this point, I’d take an F-Zero remake/remaster for the Wii U. How about F-Zero for SNES in a proper 3D world, like F-Zero X and F-Zero GX. Or even remaking the arcade F-Zero, F-Zero AX. Please Nintendo, give us F-Zero, New or a Remake, I don’t care, just give us this, please.
    Let’s look at Nintendo’s track record this generation. Fans want a new Starfox title, we’re getting a new Starfox, Fans wanted open world Zelda, we’re getting an Open World Zelda, Fans wanted Majora’s Mask 3D, we’ve got Majora’s Mask 3D. If this is anything to go by, then an F-Zero game of some sort for Wii U is possible…

    1. And fans wanted a new Metroid that’s NOT LIKE THAT POS OTHER M, so we’re getting a new Prime 4 or a Prime successor as well as a new 2D-2.5D ish Metroid (hopefully Metroid 5: Dread)

      1. Hopefully they announce the new Metroid at this year’s E3 , as the final and main blockbuster announcement that will ‘win’ them E3.(I said win as ‘win’, because in the end, it’s the fans that are the true winners.) The New Zelda and Starfox are basically confirmed, if Mario Maker is a 2nd half of 2015 release, then that will be their, if they are expecting to release more Mario Kart 8 DLC after pack 2, then that could be announced there as well, if they are planning to release a true 3D Mario Title(3D World doesn’t technically count because it’s been stated that it’s a 3D Mario, mixed with 2D Mario) or a 3D Mario remake(most likely a Mario 64 like game if it’s a new game, or Mario Sunshine HD if it’s a remake,) plus, maybe an announcement of a new Nintendo Handheld to be released in 2016 (more likely not then likely,) do another amazing Treehouse 3 day livestream event like last year and throw in some other surprises like a new series of Amiibo, then we’ve got one hell of an E3 on our hands…

        1. We won’t see another Mario game until their next gen console or console(s) if Fusion turns out to be true (fusing two consoles as one but not as dependent or *forced* as Wii U + Gamepad)

          Metroid Prime 4 or successor by none other than Retro Studios is heavily needed, not sure about the new Star Fox since 64 and Command bore the hell out of me with its quick gameplay runs. If it’s like Assault with 3rd person shooting action and it’s classic sky/space dogfights (with online multiplayer) on a grand scale, then yes it’ll win me over. New Zelda is already a huge win and got my vote. I’m hoping for a 3rd MK8 DLC pack that fixes the Battle Mode and add battle arenas plus ditching full race tracks FOR FREE since Nintendo fucked up battle mode for MK8 and also add the characters we want instead of more fucking clones…

          Still waiting on Mario Maker’s release and more details on its content. Plus, no online co-op play is a miss for it.

          1. I can’t wait for Mario Maker. I hope Yoshi becomes one of the power up options, like in Mario World and New Super Mario Bros Wii/U and for multiplayer to become a thing, with characters joining Mario, like Luigi, Peach and Toad, with them all having the same attributes from Mario 2/Mario 3D World…

              1. What if the P meter for the Racoon Leaf/Tanooki suit, was on the Gamepad. It wasn’t on the screen on TheGameAwards trailer, so that might be the case.
                Also, what if ever power up got a version for all of the game versions. Like the Cape feather from World, in Mario 3, or the Frog Suit, in Mario U, or the Ice Flower in Mario 1, think of the possiblities and new Animations………..

          2. Also, they could have 2 more packs for Mario Kart 8, with both packs featuring characters, like Diddy Kong, Birdo, Bowser Jr, King Boo and 1 character in each pack based on the series that the packs are based on (Metroid pack with Samus and Kirby pack with Kirby, because let’s face it, pretty much everyone wants Kirby in Mario Kart 8 after the Rosalina Smash Trailer showed it and with Link, Villager and Isabelle in the game as a part of DLC packs, Kirby as every chance of making it in) and all the same amount of stuff that DLC Packs 1 and 2 had(3 Characters, 3 Vehicles and 2 cups each), for the same price as DLC Packs 1 and 2 with the combo offer and alongside the DLC announcement , they release an update that both adds the DLC packs to the shop for purchase and adds at least 8 Battle Arenas with it. Or in terms of the Battle Arenas, they can add One Cup of 6 Battle Arenas on each DLC pack,(So 12 total,) filled with almost all new Arenas with 2-4 being Retro Arenas like N64 Block Fort and Wii Funky Stadium for example, but don’t charge extra for it, as in keep it at the same price as it would have been without the Battle Arenas,

            Admittedly, I actually somewhat enjoy the current Battle mode, but only if my older brother plays as well, but on my own, I don’t really bother. However, that being said, I do prefer actual Battle Arenas, a mean the Ghost form after you lose all of your Balloons is like driving as a Bomb in the N64 version, so chaos will ensue even more with Battle Arenas then without.

            Right now, Mario Kart 8 is an 8.5 out of 10 for me, 1 point knocked off for no actual Battle Arenas and 0.5 for the less than good character roster with 4 versions of Mario and 4 Versions of Peach. If they add Battle Arenas, then it would be a 9.5 out of 10 and if they release more unique characters, no more clones, then it would be a 9.6 out of 10 for me, because yes the roster would be improved slightly, but their would still be those clones.

            Mario Kart Wii is my most played game ever, because of the great Battle Arenas, the competitive races tnat me and my Brother got into and the online. Mario Kart 8 is my most played Wii U game, but the Battle Arenas aren’t a reason, my Brother that good at the game because we only get to play for 2 hours every week on the weekends because he has to go to work Monday to Friday and the Coin item ruins Online for me. The reason why this is my most played Wii U game is simply because I love Mario Kart.

            Sorry for the long post, I hope it wasn’t as painful to read to you, as it was to type for me…

            1. *Has a every chance
              **That my brother
              ***My brother’s not that good
              Such a long post and only 3 spelling/grammer errors? I’ll take it…

  3. This is my favorite from the 2D F-Zero games, I remember I got a new copy off of amazon for 10 bucks. I know it’s definitely better than Maximum Velocity.

  4. No thanks- still have my GBA cartridge and it still works (save data and all).

    But if this is any indication, maybe that rumored new F-Zero is closer than we think…? Personally I hope so.


  5. I actually emailed Nintendo asking them about any possible discussions or a Wii U community for a new F-Zero. They emailed me back stating that when an F-Zero is in development they will make an announcement. They didn’t really answer my question but they did respond back about it. Wish we had a little more to go on.

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