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Here’s The Controversial Xenoblade X OST Battle Theme

The official Xenoblade Chronicles X Battle Theme is here and some people either love it, or they absolutely hate it. The Xenoblade X Battle Theme includes metallic guitars and Linkin Park style rapping which hasn’t gone down to well with some people. Hopefully there will be a selection of Battle Theme tunes. The music is composed by Hiroyuki Sawano who is known for Gundam and Attack on Titan.

146 thoughts on “Here’s The Controversial Xenoblade X OST Battle Theme”

      1. Oh and that musci is for working out that’s the kind of music i hear in ny school gym so what is the player going to be doing….

        1. This is supposed to be the OST, so its most likely only going be part of the Soundtrack. Well get a different lighter version in the final game.

          Most OST’s have several renditions of the same song. I’m just surprise most people don’t know this and actually expect a vocalize theme in the actual game.

  1. I think it’s fine. Not exactly a track I’ll be going out of my way to listen to, but it does the job of pumping you up to fight just fine.

  2. It sounds like the same rapper who was in Before Your Body Is Dry from the Kill la Kill soundtrack…the rapping didn’t go down too well in that song either.

    I don’t think its that bad tbh. If it didn’t have any vocals at all then I’d love it – its just a bit unusual. Still rocks though.

          1. Who told you that one cannot express their opinions?

            Also, I always try to respect the other ones. You made use of such a poor language and ofended me.

            If you are in a denial you are a person ready to have a social life, please revisit your concepts. I’m really sorry for those who invested their time to raise you. You threw that chance away and turned into a man without standards. I feel sorry for you.

  3. The music is good, but they should ditch the rapper for a female singer. A female voice would be better suited for it.

  4. No just no. The guy rapping can’t even sing. I hope there’s a soundtracj that you can change in game music

  5. For all the nerds who simply can’t stand rap music for whatever reason you shouldn’t really worry too much about having to hear the lyrics in this.

    It’s gonna be like in the original Xenoblade Chronicles as in all your party members and your character will be screaming and yelling nonstop in every battle so you’ll probably never notice it.

    1. I can stand rap music; just not shitty ones.

      And with that mentality I never would have found out about Mechanical Rhythm

    2. In that case you’ll be hearing someone say, “We’re on a whole different planet.” The first part of the rap is so bad and if it weren’t for the music overlapping the rest of the rap would sound bad too. I attentively listen to music while I play a game. I can only imagine others cringing at the first part and end at least. It’s not completely bad. I like most of it. It’s just those rhymes turning my gut.

  6. Has the song been actually confirmed to be the battle theme or are you just clickbaiting again? Because I really haven’t heard anything about it being the actual battle theme, all I can find about it is that it is the song that plays in the background of the instructional battle video.
    I’m fine with it either way.

  7. I think the best way to judge video game music is by playing the game. Honestly this one seems a lot better than the original Xenoblade’s battle music which really did annoy me after a while.

    1. I think Chronicles had the issue of sameness, which made few tracks stand out; Engage the Enemy eats up any other dramatic song and Gaur Plain, Nopon Village and Mechonis Field are pretty much the only areas with distinct ambient; this is a more personal ax to grind but I also believe the boss theme is vastly inferior to both the regular battle theme and the mechonis battle theme.
      All in all I’ll wait until I play Xenocross to judge, but so far I’m really liking all the music, including this song.

  8. The rapping sounds really out of place, especially for a battle theme. As others have mentioned, the rock song itself sounds pretty good, but when the rapping comes in… Pls no.

      1. When this is literally the only big shot composer doing it you can’t really call it an infection, it’s more like a person daring to have a different sense of aesthetics than you.

          1. I’d recommend you research the term globalization and how unintended cultural convergence is a major result of it.

      2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

        I’d have to agree. Korea being the worst example of this. Japan still has much of its own style when they aren’t trying to do rap music.

    1. My guess is that every of the five main areas has a different standard battle theme just like Bionis and Mechonis had different ones in the previous game. So i think it´s OK

        1. i am not sure if it is a troll, the real obinna or a mock account. since the real one made a comment worthy of the clone or clones
          i’m sorry, i am just documenting the drama around him. if estoc gives us his final draft on the artycle on ED, i will make sure it does not sound biased

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      Because the contract clearly states that whenever praise exceeds the yearly limit, we’re obligated to insert hip hop.

        1. If the lyrics are taken off for the track(s) like this in the game, then yes. We would stop getting so uptight about it.

          But as a Nintendo fan and longtime gamer, music is part of what defines the immersive experience in video games, and if the music just falls flat on itself constantly, then it can really badly affect the immersive quality of the game.

          I think the better way to go about this would have been to follow Phantasy Star Online and its sequel’s battle music renditions where the soundtrack you’re currently listening to gets remixed and amped up.

          Look up PSO2’s Sanctuary theme in its Calm and Battle renditions to get a taste of what I mean on YouTube. PSO/2 just has EPIC music that keeps me coming back for more. This music track from Xenoblade makes me want to just find the nearest pillow to scream into and contemplate why I bought the game.

          Music is a huge factor for me, and if these tracks aren’t modified for a Western release, then you can bet your ass that I won’t be getting for a long time if this game has more music tracks like this.

  9. This song was horrible. To be honest it felt like someone said lets take the fight scene and put my favorite headache inducing music in the background and lets turn it up so you have to hear this artist who isn’t really good try to rap. Maybe it’s me but I had to mute my speakers SMH.

  10. It’s definitely not as catchy as SSX Tricky’s main rock/rap theme- but the mentality of that game was way different. Some games can really pull it off, but some games end up with the Knuckles segments of Sonic Adventure 2. We’ll see if this tune is insanely epic like the former, or blissfully unaware like SA2.

    1. I’m glad that I am not the only one who found Unknown for M.E. and the other Knuckles songs corny instead of good like the rest of the Sonic fanbase.

  11. I will just turn the fighting music OFF, or very low. The biggest problem is the vocals, it doesn’t make sense. We’ll see what it looks like when the game is released.

  12. Rap is fine as long as the lyrics aren’t “hood” lyrics. I will always prefer a good song over rap, but I’m not looking to listen to this on my ipod, it’s just some background music in a video game.

    As long as it doesn’t make me cringe and actually sounds pretty good, then all is good.

      1. Now that is rap music I can always get behind. :)

        Ahh, the good ol’ days. I don’t think I’ll ever forget watching that rap theme play each time I started up DK64. It is one of the songs that defined that era of gaming on the N64. ;)

  13. It’s not that the song is bad, but it sure as hell sounds out of place in a sci-fi themed RPG. I can already imagine myself laughing uncontrollably just like all the times I hear the rapping in Persona 3.

  14. Yea I definitely don’t wanna hear this every time I battle. Rapping is alright (although better than most if not all mainstream rap of today which is all trash, rap fans themselves even say rap is crap…they just don’t know how to stop listening) but not that great. The rock music is meh as well. Rock and rap have both turned to shit sadly. I’m sure there is some amazing stuff underground, but the stuff on the radio and mtv is a joke.

  15. If this is really the music I have to be forced to listen to each time I go into battle with ‘anything’, then I think this has just massively turned me off from buying the game Day One until I see reviews so I can make a better decision…

    Not to forget to mention I’ll most likely be playing Splatoon and other games, anyways. I doubt I would have been buying this game at launch due to the sheet number of other great Wii U titles launching this year.

    But one thing is certain: I’m not going to get this game unless they do something about that battle music. Yes. The game is amazing in almost every other regard, but I don’t think I’ll miss it if I don’t buy it; it’s not really a must-have game like Zelda is to me (in fact, I don’t think Xeno has ever been a must have to me…it’s usually the first game I get after beating or playing my must-have games). The problem is you will be in battles a LOT, so the question is if this is the only battle music rendition, and if not, what are the other themes? If this is the shitty music that plays each time, then I’m not sure how long I can really play this game until I get too annoyed by how terrible the music is for battles when everything else in the game’s music this far has shown to be far more orchestrated.

    It was the reason I never got Yoshi’s New Island; that fucking kazoo was the worst and it was in almost every music track of that game.

    Music is a huge factor for me in playing a game because, if done right, it adds to the immersion of the whole experience. But when you have a great soundtrack for a game and that one song that you just really can’t stand (which also happens to be a song that plays a LOT of the time as you’ll be in battles more of the time than you were in Xenoblade Chronicles), it really starts to ruin the experience for me. It’s worst if they have even more songs like this in the game.

    I don’t know. Hopefully, they sort this problem out before launch here in the West and Europe. Or at least give us the option to have no Battle Music…

    What they should have done for this game is remix one of the main soundtracks for the battle music, such as the main menu theme. That would have been a better idea for battle music than this.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I love classic j-rpg music. Usually music plays an all-important role in creating immersion, atmosphere and sense of adventure. This music is really, really bad and the thought of being forced to listen to this trash every time a battle occurs really makes me re-evaluete this game. Such a HUGE miscalculation….what were they thinking???

  16. I dont get what you guys hate about, it ive played plenty of games like persona and metal gear rising both of which had vocal soundtrack. And they actually sound good and fit the game just like this theme.

  17. Why the hell put lyrics to a battle theme…?

    Anyway, I don’t like it. I’ve never been very fond of any kind of rap either.

  18. The rapping is really putting me off, it doesn’t really click with me.
    You could say I’m not really feeling it.

  19. Rap fans put up with Rock and at times shitty rock in our video games and you don’t hear us complaining, but as soon as anything rap is put into a Video Game OST you entitled little shits turn up a storm because its not what you like -_-

    1. It’s not thst rap is bad, it’s just rap with a metal music background sounds terrible. And rapping in a anime inspired game design is so unfitting it’s laughable.

      1. “And rapping in a anime inspired game design is so unfitting it’s laughable”

        Again, subjective. Have you not seen Gurenn Lagann or even played Persona 4? They’re Anime’s with Rap and they sound amazing. Its all subjective to the individual.

      1. So I have to be an xbot if I like Rap?

        Jesus NC, you’re become stupider by the day. Go home and take a rest, all this damage controlling you’re doing is exhausting you and you aren’t thinking straight.

    2. It’s not about disliking it just because it’s rap. It’s more about the vocals neither suiting the soundtrack itself, nor the ambience of the game.
      Well, for me personally, at least.

        1. That is true. What I said was meant to be completely subjective, I didn’t mean to state it as a fact, if there was some misunderstanding.
          But you’re right, it’s difficult to please everyone, there’s always going to be people who will like something you dislike, or dislike something you personally like. We can express our opinions, but in the end, we’ll have to accept it – whether we do like it, or not. :)

          1. See I knew I liked you for a reason Namie :D very understanding. By the way, I’m pretty positive that this track will be part of the OST and not in the final game. So I don’t get all the upitty from people.

            1. Why, thank you! You’re definitely one of the reasonable people on here as well. :)
              And yes, while I’d prefer it not to end up to be the battle theme that makes it into the game, it really wouldn’t be all too terrible if it actually turned out to be so. While it’s, as I’ve said in my previous comment, not the best song suited to be a battle theme in my opinion, I sure as hell am not going to pass up on the game just because of one soundtrack that doesn’t entirely suit my personal taste. :p While I definitely agree that music contributes a lot to a game, and even “makes” the game in some sense, I personally never would go as far as to skip a game I’m interested in just because there are a couple of tracks I don’t like very much.

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  21. I like it. Video game battle themes with lyrics isn’t a new thing (Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, and the list goes on). Plus, I’m already familiar with both Sawano’s music and David Whitaker’s rapping (in anime, video games and etc). I think it’s cool how the japanese aren’t afraid of mixing up genres and implementing them on video game soundtracks. For me people turn their heads away because they don’t like the connotation rap carries with it, and not because it sounds “bad” (and this is coming from a person who doesn’t listen or like rap/hip-hop at all).
    Anyway, based on how many tracks the game is said to have, I’m pretty sure that it will have more than one battle theme and that this isn’t “THE” battle theme.

  22. Sheesh, reading what you people have to say about music is almost like reading about console wars. People just can’t acknowledge anything good from an entire genre of music…

    I don’t personally find too much J-rock music that is good, most of it sounds really generic to me. To be honest, this sounds just as generic, but there are some really good J-rock bands out there that I think are way better than this. I didn’t like Kill la Kill’s music either if that means anything.

    To me this is that typical rock music you hear in almost every Anime or Japanese game these days. I hate that it’s overused so much. Wouldn’t make a difference to me if it didn’t have any vocals, a lot of this type of music sounds like a generic ode to the 80’s & 90’s in my opinion.

  23. I don’t mind it. Lyrics in battle themes tend to annoy me though, so I wish they weren’t there.

    Sure beats every damn track in Persona Q, though. That game is pretty tiring to play.

    1. In this case, I can’t blame most people. Hip-Hop is one genre of music that has become increasingly worse over the years, far worse than most genres of music.

      Sure there are still plenty of good Hip-Hop musicians who don’t constantly write about selfish chauvinistic nonsense all day, but the majority of them are horrific in terms of their vocals, and their rhyming abilities match that of a 2nd grader.

      I honestly for the life of me can’t understand how some of these rappers become popular, I mean I know people are dumb but why do they constantly have to surprise me with the level of stupidity they can achieve?

      It’s a sad day, when you have young children willingly twerking… Ugh, I hate even saying that crap.

      I could point fingers all day, but I think it’s pretty easy to distinguish the shit, from the gold.

      1. ” I can’t blame most people. Hip-Hop is one genre of music that has become increasingly worse over the years”

        I stopped reading after this, until you learn the difference between Hip Hop and RAP, then your opinion is irrelevant to either genres.

  24. I think the theme is pretty good. The lyrics from the battle theme remind of the persona series, and I really enjoy j-pop and rap.

  25. I also hate rap, but a little rap in the background of a song doesn’t make it terrible. I’ll probably be busy listening to character dialogue to notice it anyways. That, and the music itself id FREAKING AWESOME. The rap just slightly brings it down.

  26. Have we really fallen this far? JRPG soundtracks were once famed for their beauty and the powerful emotion they could elicit in the player. Where are the new generation composers who should be following in the footsteps of Nobuo Uematsu, Motoi Sakuraba, Noriyuke Iwadare and the other legends?

    1) When in battle, I want to be focusing on the battle itself, not distracted by ANY type of lyric. The battle theme should serve as an enhancement of the moment, not a distraction from it.

    2) This sort of music has come off as corny in every game it has been used in so far without exception. Sometimes unbearably so. Even in instances such as Bayonetta. Only there it sort of gets a pass because the game is intentionally over the top and cheesy.

    3) This game serves as an important milestone for the Wii U. It is a game that has sparked a good amount of positive buzz, has generated genuine anticipation, has the potential to draw players over from competing systems to give it a try and is positioned to continue the trend that Bayonetta, Hyrule Warriors, Mario Kart and Smash started in building legitimacy for the Wii U which desperately needs it. The last thing the system or this game needs is it’s battle song becoming an internet meme with countless youtube videos making fun of it’s stupidity. With as fast as those things happen, this one song could potentially cripple the games perception in the west.

    I, like others, hope it finds limited use in the actual game.

    -Nint3nDO Sage… Out!

  27. The vocals are horrid. The music is fine for a battle theme but the vocals are just terrible. They don’t fit the music at all, not to mention i don’t think battle music should have vocals.

  28. sherlockwillfightbilbo

    The rock portions are decent, as well as the vocals at the end. But the rap…I like rap, aside from gangsta rap, but this is just bad. And it definitely doesn’t fit the Sci-Fi theme.

  29. Here I come,
    Rougher than the rest of them!
    The best of them!
    Tougher than leather!

    Oh. Wait. This isn’t An early 2000 game…

  30. I don’t hate the vocals, but it would be better without them. The instrumentals are the perfect battle music IMO. I’m sure I will get used to the vocals after 200 hours of gameplay

  31. Why do we need vocal battle themes? With what we hear in Spatoon, Codename STEAM, and this just imagine what the next Smash Bros soundtrack would sound like

  32. Judging these things outside of the context of gameplay is absolutely retarded.

    Never pass judgement on a games soundtrack until you get to hear it while actually playing the game.

  33. Did you know that David Whitaker is responsible for performing the rap in the Battle sequence clip in Xenoblade Chronicles X? If you’re not familiar with him (despite the hatred of rap music in general– respectfully), he’s also ALLEGEDLY responsible for this track from the PlayStation 3 title Final Fantasy XIII-2. Case in point–

    1. So? Are you trying to imply that because he sung a song for a bad game he’s poison to Xenoblade?
      Let’s just say that when people talk crap of FF XIII, it isn’t particularly because of the music.

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