Super Mario World Manual Says Yoshi Was Actually Named After Yoshi’s Island

In a very interesting development it seems as though everyone’s favourite green dinosaur Yoshi was actually named after Yoshi’s Island and not the other way around. This was spotted in the Super Mario World manual by Twitter user Mike Drucker. It’s all a bit hard to get your head around.


  1. I always assumed this was a commom sense thing?

    During the 80’s and 90’s, to read the live manuals used to be part of gaming. Everyone who lived in that day and age is aware of that.

    Why do people love to make a case out of such obvious facts?

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    1. Its a good thing games these days no longer have manuals. Can’t wait for the day controllers don’t have buttons and games are just movies.
      Its happening Casio.


      1. I see your point, and like your sense of humor.

        Indeed, everything is going straight to the rock bottom.


  2. WHO GIVES A CRAP. In the Super Mario Bros 3 manual, the Koopalings are supposed to be Bowser’s kids, but Miyamoto now say they aren’t. IT DOESNT MATTER ANYMORE. MIYAMOTO CRAPPED ON NINTENDO HISTORY!

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    1. Miyamoto only said they weren’t his biological children, obviously he had an adoption spree in an attempt to distract the Mario Brothers while he nabs Peach.


  3. I wasn’t named after my Father. I was named by a musical group who happened to have the same name as my father. I hate having to keep reminding people about this!


  4. Man its like people didn’t read manuals back then.
    Everyone already knew this.
    Just like how Duck Hunt has a 2 player mode.
    Its just the younger generation rediscovering what we knew.

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  5. The game was released before I was even born (’95), so I didn’t know this :O

    It was one of the first games I played, along with Super Mario All-Stars, pretty much one of my earliest memories with video games :D


  6. I’m just waiting for Wooly World. Too bad you 10 million Wii U Owners ain’t going to buy it but me though. It’s like after smash Bros came out you wii u owners ain’t buying software anymore.


  7. I was named after a sandwich I ate that had “nomad’s sandwich” written on it. I figured if it says it’s nomad’s sandwich, I must be nomad! Nom nom nom.


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