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Nintendo Provides Some Interesting Titbits About Zelda: Majora’s Mask


Miiverse discussions are always interesting and this latest one certainly isn’t an exception. Nintendo recently held a Miiverse Developers Room Meeting for The Legend of Zelda series to provide gamers with a little more insight into the game. There were many things discussed including Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma’s favorite location in Majora’s Mask, Majora meaning, and also a nice little tease for the return of the Happy Mask Salesman. This entire interview was a faux interview with the Happy Mask Salesman and you can read excerpts above.

Thanks, rafmandx and tominbound



  1. This is so damn old. Everyone now is saying that the happy mask dude is going to be in the new zelda game.


  2. GameXplain already commented on the last Happy Mask Salesman Miiverse comment on this picture. Either they’re too fast or you’re falling little behind people. Still love you guys, see your website everyday


    1. Or what if Zelda U took place a few years after Majora’s Mask and the Happy Mask Salesman opens up a shop, Link goes in and The Happy Mask Salesman remembers Link and gives Link a mask for free, then he informs Link that he can buy any Mask at anytime, to give more emphasis on the go anywhere at anytime aspect of Zelda U. A lot like Ravio’s shop in A Link Between Worlds. So many possibilities…

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    2. Or maybe The Happy Mask Salesman will appear as an ancestor (if Zelda U is a prequel to Ocarina of Time) or a descendant (if Zelda U is a sequel to Ocarina of Time) in the game. Just like how there was an ancestor/descendant of Impa in other Zelda games. After all, Link, Zelda, & Ganondorf aren’t the only characters that get reborn/reincarnated in this series.

      Personally, I hope this is another prequel to Ocarina of Time that sheds some light on the Dark Interlopers (the Twili’s ancestors) & possibly Majora’s Mask since it might have been created by the same tribe since the Fused Shadow has an eye similar to Majora’s Mask. *crosses fingers for a first ever trilogy in the Zelda franchise that started with Skyward Sword, detailing the creation of the Kingdom of Hyrule*


  3. I would love some form of mask collecting and bug catching added to Zelda U. Like the masks could give bonuses or have a function. I want the traditional dungeon-puzzle crawl too, think Ocarina of Time. Zelda U will sell a Wii U for me.


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