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Yokai Watch 3 And Yokai Watch Busters Confirmed

We all know that Yokai Watch 3 is coming after Level 5 revealed that they’re having a showcase event next month to show off the game as well as other titles. However, we didn’t know that Yokai Watch Busters is coming. If you’ve played the Japanese version of Yokai Watch then you’ll know it’s actually a multiplayer mode in Yokai Watch 2. The mode see’s you play as various Yokai and inevitably take on powerful oni. So yeah, we are now getting a spin-off title. Hopefully we shall hear more about Level 5’s plans for Yokai Watch in the west during their media event which takes place on April 7th.


13 thoughts on “Yokai Watch 3 And Yokai Watch Busters Confirmed”

    1. ‘Murica never gets anything good on time.

      Heck, even our failed Club Nintendo is not on pair with the EU Club Nintendo, which is nothing special.

      1. Wait, what? I would have thought that the rewards would be better in America, than Europe. Because America is Nintendo’s biggest overall market. This is coming from someone living in the U.K.
        Wow, Fail…

        1. The physical rewards for NA have been really poor over the years. I’ll not be getting into details, but believe me that EU has been having much better prizes than NA.

          You might find comparisons side-by-side over the years if you Google something pertinent.

          Yeah, we are the biggest market for Nintendo, and probably this is the reason by which we are always overlooked when it comes to rewards. NoA does not need to captivate anyone here since the demand for Nintendo products in NA will be high anyway.

    1. Now with twice the amount of money for Level 5. There, I sure that’s what you meant……Right???XD

  1. Title says-‘Yokai Watch 3 And Yokai Watch Busters Confirmed.’
    I say-‘Level 5 is just going to be swimming in money.’

  2. If Nintendo wants to sell Wii U’s in Japan, they would pay level 5 to put this game on the Wii U. Could you imagine how many Wii U’s they would sale in Japan? Then put the next REAL Pokemon game or a Pokemon MMO on the Wii U. Japan would go batshit Nintendo crazy. The answer to the Wii U’s problem has been in Nintendo’s face this whole time.

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