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Pokemon Rumble World Rated In Australia

There’s a distinct possibility that another Pokemon Rumble title is coming as the Australian ratings board has just revealed that Pokemon Rumble World has been submitted for rating approval. Hopefully this means that an announcement isn’t too far off as I know a few of you would be excited to play another Pokemon Rumble game.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

20 thoughts on “Pokemon Rumble World Rated In Australia”

  1. Do people play those games? I never played one myself, but they look…less than the amazing that Nintendo has set the standard with.

    1. Exactly, although, I think the 1st being the best is an illusion, as all the games are practically the same exact thing… I didn’t buy the third game xD (And there doesn’t need to be a 4th!)

  2. I enjoyed the first one, I liked the more RPG elements of Blast, but Rumble U was really boring. I hope they make it more like Blast, or at least like the first Rumble.

    1. They’re all too similar to entertain me, in my opinion. The first felt the best to me only because I played it first. If it was any other way, the second or third may have been my favorite because I was not accustomed to that style of gameplay already.

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