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Here’s Some Captain Toad Amiibo Gameplay

Want to see what your Toad amiibo can do in the strategic puzzle title that is Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker? Well Nintendaan has captured some footage of the hide-and-seek gameplay levels you are entitled to once you’ve scanned in your Toad amiibo on the Wii U GamePad. The Toad amiibo launches on March 20th along with the rest of the Super Mario Collection amiibo figures.

16 thoughts on “Here’s Some Captain Toad Amiibo Gameplay”

  1. My Wind Waker Is Bigger (I.A.B.A.B)

    Why? Just why? You’re doing nothing but finding a hidden stickers. This should gave already been in the game. The toad amiibo is nothing but fucking useless garbage.

  2. Not necessarily bad for an added feature, but who thought it would be a good idea to requite scanning the amiibo for each individual level?

  3. I tried using a Bowser amiibo on Captain Toad, and nothing happened. I don’t know if I was supposed to do something special before using an amiibo or what?

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