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Nintendo President Says He Announced NX Because He Wanted People To Know They Hadn’t Left The Console Market

We were all a little taken aback when Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced the Nintendo NX. The system will either be the successor to the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, or both, depending on which route Nintendo takes. Iwata says that he revealed the new project to reassure Nintendo fans that Nintendo hasn’t left the traditional video game console market. Iwata also reiterated that he wouldn’t be talking about the system until sometime next year, which could be when it launches.

You also just announced “NX,” something you described as a platform that’s “a brand new concept.” Can you confirm whether this is indeed hardware, and what it’s intended to follow system-wise?

The reason why I announced “NX,” which by the way, is not directly related to our alliance with DeNA, was because I wanted to avoid any misunderstandings such as, “Nintendo might have lost its passion for the dedicated game system business,” and because I wanted many people to understand that Nintendo will continue its dedicated game system business with even stronger passion and motivation. I am sorry, but as I said during the press conference yesterday, we cannot make any further announcements about “NX” until next year.

57 thoughts on “Nintendo President Says He Announced NX Because He Wanted People To Know They Hadn’t Left The Console Market”

      1. Actually, 2017 might seem far but remember, time is just in our heads.

        We keep thinking far into the future making time go slower, just stay in the now and time will go faster. I just want to see this thing, if I have to wait another year to get my hands on the console, that’s fine by me.

  1. How can release this alongside the Wii U and say it isn’t going to replace it? I’m pretty sure it’s going to. No one will buy a Wii U when this releases. Lol.

    1. I’m sure it will not be released alongside their current pieces of hardware, NX could be either the sucesor of the wii u or the 3ds.
      Also i feel bad knowing that you traded your wii u for a ps4, but at least you did what obinna didn’t and you never insulted us because you felt that the console wasn’t for you so i respect you for that, also…i wanted to battle you, glados, the commander among others in SSB for wii u!!!

      1. It’s a successor of the Wii U seeing how he pretty much said it was a console. He would have said that it was a handheld which they rarely innovate on.

      2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

        Obinna still owns a Wii U. By the time he saves enough money to get a 360, the Xbox Two is going to be on the Market. It’s a really sad story that’ll end only in tragedy.

    2. Ever heard of next gen? Nintendo may not release new consoles at the same time as MS or Sony’s but in a few years, it’s pretty much where the average life of a console ends. It may not have felt like it but the Wii U is coming up to that soon.

      So saying “No one will buy a Wii U when this releases. Lol.” is a stupidly obvious thing to say ESPECIALLY when Nintendo usually stops support for their last console after a while anyway. You don’t bring out a new system just to have people buy the old one now do you?

      Use your brain.

        1. That’s because Sony doesn’t discontinue their consoles so soon unlike Nintendo. It’s not about what people do, it’s about what Nintendo, as a company does.
          Sony chooses not to discontinue because it’s a back up in case their latest doesn’t do too good.
          Nintendo chooses to in order to force people to move onto their next console.
          It’s Nintendo’s intentions and that’s what I’m talking about.

      1. I’m talking about if they plan on bringing this out, but still support the Wii U. People that don’t own a Wii U will likely move on to NX instead of getting a Wii U. Which is why I just said “no one will buy a Wii U when this releases”.

    3. They won’t talk about it until 2016 . They can literally come out in December and say hey it’s a hand held or or home system with a controller.

      contrary to popular beliefs they don’t need to release a system in 5 years. If this mobile thing blows up and they make a ton of Money they can ride the Wii U train for as long as they want.

      I personally hope they use the Wii U has a platform to develop new ideas on.

    4. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      What he means by releasing alongside the Wii U is that they’ll still support the Wii U even when the NX does release. Like how Sony is doing with PS4 & how Microsoft is doing with XB1. What? Sony & Microsoft don’t own the rights to supporting two home consoles at once. lol

  2. This is obviously the 3DS successor. No it’s not launching next year. Remember when they announced the Wii U? It took like 1.5 years to release it. It will likely be revealed at next year’s E3, to release in 2016 (which is about right, they add new hardware about every 5 years for handhelds).

    1. More likely a home console in my opinion.

      If they release a handheld too early since the release of the New 3DS then it’ll suffer the same fate as the Wii U.

      1. Nintendo DSi (EU) Release Date – April 3, 2009
        Nintendo 3DS Announcement – March 23, 2010

        I really laugh that people don’t seem to think this is possible when it’s pretty much the case half the time.
        Next year they’ll announce a next generation handheld for 2017, I bet you. In fact, if it was a home console THAT would be too early. The Wii U released after the 3DS after all.

        1. I also laugh when people can’t see the fact that the DSi only added a camera, while the New 3DS has a new CPU, a new control scheme and exclusive games… just saying kiddo

    2. Here’s a little history to convince you that this will be the successor to the Wii U or both the 3DS and Wii U

      NES to SNES – lifespan was from 1985 to 1991 (6 years)
      SNES to N64 – lifespan was from 1991 to 1996 (5 years)
      N64 to Gamecube – lifespan was from 1996 to 2001 (5 years)
      Gamecube to Wii – lifespan was from 2001 to 2006 (5 years)
      Wii to Wii U – lifespan was from 2006 to 2012 (6 years)

      And here’s the history of Nintendo handhelds

      Gameboy to Gameboy Color – lifespan was from 1989 to 1998 (11 years)
      Gameboy Color to Gameboy Advance – lifespan was from 1998 to 2001 (3 years)
      Gameboy Advance to Nintendo DS – lifespan was from 2001 to 2004 (3 years)
      Nintendo DS to Nintendo 3DS – lifespan was from 2004 to 2011 (7 years)

      Where are you getting this ” Nintendo makes handhelds every 5 years ” from? I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the ” NX ” will be introduced as the sucessor to the Wii U or both the 3DS and the Wii U next year at E3 and it will be re-introduced at E3 2017 with a release date and confirmed launch games

      1. I can agree that there is also the possibility of it being a successor to both, however such an unstable schedule on the handheld’s side doesn’t not tell me it WON’T be coming next. In fact it convinces me that it will be coming next even more so than a Wii U successor. They’ve even been looking at technology that hints towards the practical use of a handheld in the past year.

        1. True but Nintendo has already merged the home console and handheld software development divisions together plus in Japan, the letter ” X ” usually means ” cross ” which of course means ” plus ” which in this case could mean a handheld/home console hybrid system. I mean look at Nintendo’s history. They have tried this concept plenty of times. First with the Gamecube and the GBA, then the Wii and the DS, even to a certain degree with the Wii U and the 3DS, hell…look at how the Wii U is setup. That could’ve been the testing ground for the ” Fusion ” idea but we will find out at E3 next year what this ” dedicated game system ” will be

      2. When they said it’s a “New Concept” and “New Platform” it makes me think that it’s the first Hybrid

  3. I would really like to know why Nintendo’s going mobile. This will really hurt their IPs and their ability to sell hardware. Sure it will rapidly help them in the short amount of time but in the long run it won’t especially on the hardware side. Why should gamers buy their handheld thinking it will be possible for them to release these games as mobile games anyway? Third-party exclusives are especially strong on their handheld business as well but it isn’t far-fetched that they may follow what Nintendo will be doing.

    I was expecting them to release a Nintendo phone at least to attract mobile/ casual gamers not go this path. Also, with this decision, they will have to ramp up significantly and I mean a very huge significant rapid development of games and more new IPs along the way.

    Oh well, but I’m just a Ninty fan here. Here’s hoping they’ve learned their lessons and not just pressured to go mobile.

    1. because their mobile games will be made for mobile devices and their handheld games will be made for handhelds.

    1. Yes because “everyone” plays them but half of them aren’t even real games. Because those who play them weren’t gamers” before. That’s why there are so many useless puzzle and simulation games. ( And that’s the good ones! The rest is even worst. Knock-offs, plagiarized junk. ) Because a fucking MONKEY could master them.

    2. Plays to the extent of wasting time or actually playing a video game for the experience and value? I have yet to find a Mobile Game that could even compete with anything other than a waste of time. I dont know any one of my friends who plays games on their phone in any serious fashion, it could be a generational gap issue though.

  4. If it launches next year, it can’t possibly be the successor to the Wii U. That would be too soon. So unfortunately, it might be the successor to the 3DS. But why would they mention it to let people “Know They Hadn’t Left The Console Market”? I consider a console to be like the Wii U. The ones that connect to a tv.

    1. Iwata said that they will talk more about it next year meaning that they will probably be introducing it first at next year’s E3 then releasing it in 2017. I think it will be the rumored ” Fusion ” handheld/home console hybrid system based on what Iwata said about them wanting to combine the two as one system

  5. I hope its not the next gen console because I still dont have a Wii U yet :'( i really want one and a new 3ds too but my mom doesnt buy me shit anymore and i dont have a job yet. :( man life really sucks sometimes

  6. All Nintendo is doing is stirring the pot with everyone interested. How could Nintendo play the odds and put out yet another handheld of any type on market. I personally dont see it happening, and if it did I would be shocked. With the New 3DS, and possible games that will be made for it, how could they add yet another handheld. Anyone remember game boy Micro? I do, and im not even sure what the point in it was other then it being absolutely tiny.

  7. You know, I wonder now if this really IS the successor to the Wii U, but perhaps it will be backwards compatible with Wii U games?

    That could work, right? Could it compete with PS4 and Xbox One, though? I really don’t think it could. I think Nintendo has to wait for next gen to compete. People have already bought into their consoles for this generation.

    1. I think they’ll just keep the Wii U the rest of this generation and probably reveal the successor to the 3DS in the next two years.

  8. Get ready for another stop gap console from Nintendo that will be outdated in 2 years once PS5 comes out. Don’t they know, no one is interested in stop gap consoles, especially when you can’t attract third parties and when your online infrastructure isn’t as good as XBL via 2003.

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