Amiibo Nintendo

It Looks As Though The Wave 5 Amiibos Have Already Sold Out In Australia


If you are in Australia and were hoping to get the fifth wave of Amiibo then you will probably be disappointed as they appear to be sold out. Greninja, Palutena, Zero Suit Samus, Ganon and Dark Pit are no longer available to pre-order at the country’s main video game retailer. They were obviously snapped up rather quickly by excited Nintendo fans and presumably scalpers too.

Thanks, CyberPhoenix



  1. Well EB Games is the only place in Australia that takes preorders online.
    You can still go instore and preorder them and there about five other stores that will stock them. You just have to be willing to go outside to get your name in.


  2. Meanwhile in Belgium, not a single place to preorder them…
    Oh well, at least I was able to go outside and but a Marty and Wii For trainer in Store…

    (In a German store, Berlin to be exact, the Saturn stores had multiple Wii For trainers on shelves. I got the last Marth tough. And it’s box was a bit damaged but still, it was a awesome find! :P)


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