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Team Meat Says It Would Be ‘Amazing’ If Super Meat Boy Joins Smash Bros

Team Meat is hoping Meat Boy will be added to the Super Smash Bros. roster. The indie developer, best known for the Super Meat Boy platformer, says it would be “pretty amazing” if its character joins the cast of Nintendo’s flagship fighting game, which can be influenced by voters via the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. Although it isn’t offered on a Nintendo platform, Super Meat Boy was once in development for Wii. Super Meat Boy’s creators wanted to see Meat Boy featured in Smash Bros even before the latest title in the series was released for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

159 thoughts on “Team Meat Says It Would Be ‘Amazing’ If Super Meat Boy Joins Smash Bros”

    1. I say no, let characters from games on or previously on a nintendo console on. You don’t want to support nintendo, nintendo don’t want to support you

      1. Well, finally. I find it really anoying that whenever a SSB is of out, a lot of developers come from out of nowhere, almost begging for their chars to be on the game, however they never really cared to bring their chars to Nintendo consoles in the first place. Tbh, I really liked Snake’s gameplay on Brawl, but I was really happy he was cut off, because come on, MGS has not appeared in a Nintendo Console for a long time, not even after Brawl.

          1. You’re right, at least Toon Link is different enough than normal Link so he deserves a spot. Young Link is a waste of space in the roster with two Links already in.

            1. Nonsense. Young Link is cool all on his own and could actually bring different things to the party as Toon Link does. He’s also the most flexible of the three as he’s used the most items and isn’t required to mirror adult or Toon Link’s style as Hyrule Warriors proved marvelously. Though if they were gonna give him a two handed sword I’d prefer it be the Great Fairy sword,

              1. I love Zelda, but not even the main character of that series warrants THREE variations of the same character. I like adult Link better than young link, and Toon Link provides a completely different experience. I understand Young Link’s place in the Zelda series itself, but I don’t see him to be important enough to warrant a separate character slot.

                1. That’s fair. But I like him considerably more than Toon Link and would like to beat Toon Link and others up with him lol. Petty I know, but what can I say, he’s my favorite variant of the character.

                1. Not sure whether you’re talking about me or ShadyKnights, but you are saying it’s idiotic to have an opinion? Ok lol.

    1. Snake’s a character that mostly appears on Sony/Microsoft consoles and only has a few games for Nintendo consoles (which, incidentally, are either ports, remakes or a non-canon installment).

      Yet, he appeared in Brawl anyway.

  1. Ignorant indie game companies who think they’ll get support from a character who only been in mostly 3 games or less

    1. Space Pirate Initiate

      And all of those Meatboy games were never on a Nintendo platform. I swear, some people are just delusional.

  2. Again this isn’t news.
    News will be something new for Nintendo. Other news for this particular story will be who is the highest voted character for the poll, not idiots advertising their characters that don’t deserve to be in the game.

    King K. Rool for Smash

    1. Can you blame them? News has been slow ever since all the info from the latest nintendo direct got complied and clarified on literally ever Nintendo based news site I visit.

  3. I only want to say, show the meat on a nintendo console, then we’ll start talking votes. Otherwise, it can be a HUGE MIDDLE FINGER if they don’t keep up with their word on having a meat boy game on a nintendo console.

  4. That snow ball is growing. On a serious note though, no. There are much more deserving characters in the works hopefully. Knuckles and King k. Rool definitely belong in the game. After thinking about it, im kinda shocked Knuckles never made it in.

    1. No reason to be shocked, Sonic is in the game with one foot out, he barely even has remixes or music in general.

      1. But I don”t really mind, I myself grew up with Nintendo, not Sega. Plus I don’t like Sonic too much, and he’s kind of annoying in Smash.

      2. Well mainly because those were such great games back then and really, knuckles was the beat em up character, tough take no shit type! Sonic and knuckles both should have been unlockable, but I understand. No biggy, maybe ill get lucky.

    1. Knowing you, with your horrible taste in games and always bitching about everything, I imagine you already casted a vote for a shitty character.

  5. So, is Konami ever going to jump on to promoting someone?

    If they ever did, I wonder if they would promote Snake, Simon Belmont, or someone else.

  6. Only because of the fact that meat juice leaves a trail that looks like blood…that image makes it harder for Nintendo to consider him, if they even were to consider him.

    1. King K. Rool shall be the one to rule them all… Is it weird that I really got into Donkey Kong with Country Returns, but yet I for some reason really want King K. Rool in Smash? Here’s a vote from somebody without the nostalgia glasses, somebody who wants King K. Rool purely for his big, crazy looks.

      1. He is one of the main villains who deserved to be in Smash since the Melee when he was still pretty relevant.
        Returns was good and all but Retro changed the whole aspect of the game. A island soley based on Dk hence the DK island with different animals and tikis that came out of no where? Made no sense.

        K Rool has so much potential with a moveset based on 4 different games.

        1. Yeah, King K. Rool sounds like the best choice. I used to thinkbthe W101 would be a great addition, but now I’m leaning a bit more towards a Splatoon character, and image the other characters get actual paint on them from a Splatoon guy. So for me, King K. Rool first, Splatoon guy second.

  7. He’s an ok character…..but….his games aren’t on Nintendo consoles whatsoever. I understand Banjo, or Shantae or Shovel Knight, they all have some exlcusive aspects to them on Nintendo consoles….but this really just doesn’t fit at all in my opinion.


    Are you kidding me? That’s a dumb idea. What the hell can meat boy do in a fighting game?

  9. It’s pisses me off to see all these 3rd parties wanting nothing to do with Wii U, yet when their IP has an opportunity to making smash bros. Money then it’s cool. Fuck that.

  10. What about Timber the Tiger? They purchased him from Rare so what are they going to do with him?

    1. Why on earth does Smash need voice chat? Most people would prefer 8 player online. How are you going to think to voice while another player gets attacked? Voice chat would cause good players to lose.

      1. Smash bros. Is too unpredictable. You never know where you will end up in the first 10 seconds or where the Smash ball will show up or when or when an assist trophy will show up for voice chat. Too much non stop action for voice chat.

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>Meatbad wouldn’t even have 0.1% if its creators paid with all of King Midas’ silver>>>

    2. They just want meat boy on there to promote and advertise him and use the money for a Xbox or Sony game not wii u. Stop being so simple and think business wise. Meat boy doesn’t benefit Nintendo. They are just going to use our DLC money to make you familiar with him and buy a PS4 to play it.

  11. As I’ve said in previous threads regarding the Solid Snake being in Smash situation, no Nintendo home console support no Smash Bros appearance and it’s as simple as that

  12. Also would have been amazing to see meat boy on the Wii/Wii U, but that also never happened.

    Now they are just being arrogant idiots by wanting/even expecting people to vote for him. Oh well, Americans and stuff…

  13. Everyday, a different developer is trying to get their IP into Smash Bros.. I swear to god if Rovio suggests Red Bird…

  14. – 3rd party character
    – Character only has two games in total
    – Neither of those games released on a Nintendo system
    – Indie as fuck

    Yes, Meatboy would make an amazing addition to the Smash Bros. Universe. /s
    This game is supposed to be for:
    A) Nintendo all-stars
    B) Insanely popular 3rd party characters.

    Even if his games did release on Nintendo systems it would be an idiotic move to put him in. Why do they even bother? It’s fucking stupid.

  15. The supermario galaxy team is working on a new mario game for wiiu that is currently in development for WiiU that is not supermario3dworld said mr kazumi

    1. Fuck King Boo… The next Mario characters are either going to be Toad, Waluigi, Daisy, Birdo, Paper Mario and/or Geno. I rather cast a ballot for Navi rather than King Boo.

  16. @Deidara Enough with the spam, apply your comments in one lengthy post if you must or divide it by the topic. Not to mention this is a nintendonewsite for those who wish to reply on the topic at hand, not a chat room.

      1. Space Pirate Initiate

        Deidara, you got issues. Turn off the computer and go outside, the fresh air will do you some good.

  17. Just shut up, Meat. Make games first. Good games. New games. And your chances of putting some of your characters into Sm4sh could be best if they are exclusive.

  18. If they told us that they’re planning to put their game on the WIIU soon, I would’ve taken meatboy into slight consideration, but having him in smash bros when he hasnt been on any game on nintendo consoles makes me think that the chance of him getting in is pretty much 0.

    Vote for someone else, voting for meatboy would be a waste imo.

  19. Gosh kill all those silly developers who thinks their main characters should be in Smash. It’s like saying vote for my d*ck to be in.

  20. I know I give Ninty shit for their bad marketing, but damn. This was the best way to market smash. Not only do the fans go batshit crazy, but you also get other developers talking about your game in social media.. For FREE.


  21. Hell fucking no. Fuck this piece of shit. Why should he be in Smash? He fucking sucks and he never even was on Nintendo consoles. Man, someone tell me their twitter account. I wanna curse them the fuck out and insult the shit out of them for thinking their character could be in smash. fucking idiots

        1. It just kind of pisses me off that they expect to get their character in a game thats on a platform that they dont support. If it was Rusty from Steamworld Dig then I would be ok since Image&Form actually supported the 3DS and Wii U, but Team Meat pretty much gave up on getting SMB on the Wii (for obvious reasons of course) but they never even tried to get it on the Wii U.

          Now theyre saying that if MeatBoy makes it on Smash theyll work with Nintendo to make a game -_- yeah.. no.. fuck them.

  22. Heck no. They said they would only bring super meat boy to Nintendo consoles if their character was on smash a while ago. That’s not how it works.

  23. The moronic developer just wants exposure from his game. Why would anyone even consider this bullshit character if the game isn’t even on Nintendo’s systems? Hope karma bites them.

  24. pink0crystal0midbus

    I would not want Meat Boy in Smash Bros… He wouldn’t feel right. Not a Nintendo-like character, not on Nintendo platforms, not particularly visually appealing.

    So I don’t see the point at all.

  25. Oh look. Tables have turned. Developers are begging Nintendo now to be on a Wii U game. For what free advertising?!? Bring your games to Wii U first then maybe Nintendo will consider…

  26. Indies that are on Nintendo consoles nowadays really want there characters in the games and have a small chance. What chance does a team that doesn’t even put there games on a Nintendo console have?

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