Sony Were Apparently Trying To Get The Rights To A Pokemon And Super Smash Bros Movie


You may remember that a while ago Sony Pictures were hacked and a deluge of internal memos and emails found their way on to the internet. Judging from a leaked email Sony Pictures were planning to produce a Super Smash Bros movie along with Pokemon and Mario. We already knew about the Mario movie, but we heard nothing about Super Smash Bros or Pokemon. The information posted above and below was taken from WikiLeaks.

X5oVq3WThanks, MasterPikachu6



      1. They have an extremely loooooooong way to go to reach the Marvel Empire. They’ve done the impossible. The improbable. Linked together more blockbusters than the world has ever known, and still publish more books than a game company could produce games. Not even Harry Potter have done that. Kneel before the creator Stan Lee! And ye shall be spared the wrath of Marvel! I’m ready m’Lords!

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      2. Remember when ign did that April’s fools Zelda movie and how much hype it got for a somewhat crappy trailer. Now imagine a budget way greater and I think it’s damn time link got a voice, some will like it and some won’t but oh well, in the game maybe they’ll keep voice off but I think it’s time to progress and nintendo I think has all the right things to make an empire. Look at Disney, they played their cards right and was just making movies before but now they own fricken marvel!

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      3. That movie, if in the right hands in Hollywood, can be the next big thing. IGN almost nailed it by themselves and it looked almost real. lol


    1. Imagine a smash bros cinematic universe that worked like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What if each (major) character had their own film which lead to like the “Smash Bros” teamup film where Master Hand invites all the fighters to join a tournament where they fight to win the title of best fighter in all the universes.

      It could actually be epic.


    2. Or do a Master Hand storyline. Come on. It could work and would you love to see your favorite character beat the fuck out of each other on big screen? lol


    1. Well they did licence Donkey Kong. Nintendo is one of the most lucrative brands to work with along with Marvel/DC comics and toy lines. It is good Nintendo is more serious when it comes to licensing because they don’t want to see their properties ruined by another party. We already seen what happens when you let Hollywood make a movie about your games, with Ratchet and Clank and Sly Cooper it would be great if Sony can finally deliver GOOD video game movies

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  1. Characters don’t need to talk to make a good movie. Subspace Emissary was probably the greatest story mode of any fighting game for it’s beautiful cutscenes. Hope it does happen but it is understandable if Nintendo rejects the Super Smash Bros movie as that would give Sony a lot of characters to work with. Nintendo would have to work very closely to make sure they don’t ruin it


  2. Sony probably sent Nintendo something proposing the idea, and got one of those generic “thank you for your interest in….” emails


  3. SSB MOVIE!? Yes. At least Sony knows what Nintendo fans want. But thanks Sakurai for Smash Tour and Dark Pitt. You tried.


  4. A smash bros movie would be awesome!!! But not from Sony. And definitely not a Pokemon movie, especially if they try to do a CGI/live action hybrid


    1. This is the most ignorant statement I’ve ever read. It is technically correct to address a company as plural in these instances. But both ways are correct.

      “Sony is a company”
      “Sony made a decision”
      “Sony have made a decision”
      “The people at Sony have made a decision”

      “Sony are a company”
      “The people at Sony has made a decision”


  5. I thought that was a done deal but obviously the guy is still asking for permission, which just like the Netflix news was shot down by Nintendo.

    And if Nintendo does agree, will Sony really allow this idea? The movie could be a big hit or not, but will Sony Bosses help promote a competitors IPs thru movie? I think not.


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