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Psyscrolr Patch Coming Soon To Wii U

Developer Jonathan Meyer has revealed that a patch for psyscrolr is coming soon to the Wii U version of the action-adventure title. Released earlier this month via the Nintendo eShop, psyscrolr revolves around a boy named Scrolr – who has inherited a presence from another world that granted him psychic powers. The game can be purchased for $3.99.

7 thoughts on “Psyscrolr Patch Coming Soon To Wii U”

  1. A patch to do… what exactly? Why is this interesting now? It would be nice if the blogs you post contain more information than just the news everyone copy pastes. That — in my opinion — was and should be the strength of Mynintendonews.

    1. If you follow the first source code it explains a bit from the twitter account. But yes, I did wish we didn’t have to dig for the info ourselves.

      I never knew this game existed but I’ll be buying it once it’s patched to support the Dev that supports us.

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