Nintendo Are Celebrating With A Splash At Splatoon Mess Fest

On May 15th on Santa Monica Pier in California, Nintendo are hosting the Splatoon Mess Fest to celebrate the launch of Splatoon on May 29th. Teams of celebrities– including Disney’s Joey Bragg– have been invited to find their inner-squid and navigate an inky obstacle course inspired by the game, getting splattered with colourful ink like real life Splatoon. The public are free to watch them get inked to oblivion and also get the chance to play the Turf War multiplayer mode, as well as getting awesome Splatoon shirts while they last. This could be one of the best promotional events I’ve ever seen, it’s going to be ink-redible! If you can’t go, you can still keep up with the fun through Nintendo’s social media channels.


    1. Seriously? You just had to try and take a dig at Sony and Microsoft instead of just enjoying the article about the game?


      1. The only thing it did was show that no one here can enjoy Nintendo news without people like you always trying to start pointless wars.


      2. MNN has been reduced to people like gamingfan, sasori clones, and spammers. It’s not even fun reading the comments anymore. Oh well *moves to NLife*


      3. If your definition of fun comments is anger, swearing, trolls, etc., then NLife wouldn’t be for you with all the clean comments.


      4. There is no war. If you defend the bad business practise then you’re drone. People like you are what’s wrong with the industry.


      1. >>>I get more things on the PC and I don’t need any more fees, PSN and XbotLive are scams, period>>>


      2. Home consoles are easy plug-and-play while with PC, all your drivers have to be up-to-date, your components have to be newer, and some games play better on consoles than PC.

        Home console is a better choice for little children or people who just wants to play right away.

        I have PC with GTX 980 but to be honest, I’m not impressed. I’m on my Wii U more often and PS3 when I play with my friends.

        Not everyone can afford the initial high cost of gaming PC.

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      3. >>>It still does not justify scam for paying to play online regardless of their “servers”>>>


  1. Sadly, I feel like I probably won’t be getting much out of multiplayer, but this seems like such a cool game. At least there’s online.


      1. I think I just read multiplayer is only for 2 people…PLEASE tell me up to 4 people can play…oh no, no , no, if it’s only 2, this is bad.


      2. Just two? I was expecting at least 64 to be honest. To be realistic I was expecting 12 the most.


  2. I really hope this game does well, it looks 100% more enjoyable than cod. Not only that but it’s a nice fresh of breath air, and that air smells damn good…. perhaps smells of cinnamon.


    1. Both games have their place… COD is very good… if it wasn’t good at all, it wouldn’t be as popular.

      If they just made a better Bond game that would be really good


  3. Hmmm, Nintendo sure is pulling some efforts to promote the game. But I feel it will live depending on online popularity, and streaming the game and doing let’s plays isn’t an option for Nintendo so who knows what’s gonna happen.


    1. If Nintendo were open minded to Let’s Play community, their games would have sold much higher than it is now. Well, I’m not a fan of Let’s Play but it’s an free advertisement for Nintendo, sometimes advertisers are paying.

      I rather hit the gym than watch 3 hours of let’s play.


      1. But I get your point. Nintendo needs to realize that LP is part of marketing and shut up about closed minded copyrighted infringement if they want more profits.


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