Check Out The May DLC Trailer For Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Every month, new and completely free DLC for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on Nintendo 3DS is being released. Now you can take a look at what the monthly DLC for May has to offer! Including Mega Man, Street Fighter, Metroid gear and many more, which you earn by hunting certain monsters. Watch the video to find out which monsters you need to hunt to get which gear. There are also new Challenge Quests to play through. I wonder what will next month’s DLC give to us?



    1. K. Rool?! That must be a joke….. Yep, without a doubt a joke… No way your telling me out of ANY character in the entire universe, you choose K Rool….nope.. don’t believe it…


  1. Yup, this game is awsome. The best game of 2015…… So far… I have a feeling the Witcher will take that spot in a couple weeks… Then Xenoblade will take the Witchers spot…. Either way, it will at least be the third best game of 2015 when it’s all over and done with…


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