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Here’s A Look At The Various Pikmin Pins In The Collectible Badge Centre

NintenDaan has given us a closer look at the adorable Pikmin Pins which can be found in the Japanese Collectible Badge Centre. It just makes us wish that the application would come over here as I’m sure it would be success with Nintendo 3DS owners here in the west. It’s a good lengthy look so be sure to check it out.

19 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At The Various Pikmin Pins In The Collectible Badge Centre”

  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>The cattle wants everything, but once they have it, they never use it or even look at it anymore than perhaps twice>>>

    >>>Their need for useless things or non essential materials is stronger than the supposed intelligence they so much brag about>>>

    1. You do realize this makes no sense and is complete bullshit right?

      Huzzah. All hail CAPTAIN CATTLE COMMANDER !

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>Only the smart ones will comprehend, so why you even bother to reply is pathetic considering you belong to the group I’ve just mentioned>>>

  2. While you’re probably right, it would be better then wasting virtual space on my 3DS, and It would look better. I would much rather have a real Nintendo made badge.

  3. Why would anyone want gambling trash on the 3DS? They’re already sticking their dicks way too far in free to start bs

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