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New Super Mario Bros Coming To North American Wii U Virtual Console Tomorrow

Well, we now know one of the games that will be making an appearance in the Nintendo downloads lineup for the United States tomorrow. That game is none other than the well-received New Super Mario Bros which made its debut on the Nintendo DS back in 2006 and is coming to the Wii U Virtual Console on Thursday, May 14th. Will you be purchasing New Super Mario Bros?

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

96 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros Coming To North American Wii U Virtual Console Tomorrow”

    1. It was the first “new” game. It’s completely different on terms of level design, but pretty much the same otherwise. Minus the “spin” you could do by shaking the wiimote to stay airborne longer.

    2. No. It’s the same damn game.
      Mario Maker will be my very, very last side scrolling Mario, Ever.

        1. Aww. I knew you’d care about my anonymous opinion. ;D

          Mario Maker allows us to make our own Mario sidescrolling game.

          There is no reason anyone should buy one of Nintendo’s sidescrollers now that we have the tool AND can see it takes them 15 min to make another version of a game that sells hundreds of thousands.

          As a matter of fact, I respect Nintendo for Mario Maker. It’s a way of saying, “Ok guys, we’re done cranking these out. Have at it and we’ll move on.”

          1. I don’t know, Jaded_Drybones. They could potentially create a sidescrolling Mario experience that far outshines Mario Maker’s creative limitations. Never say never! :)

          2. Whoops I didn’t even mean to comment on that comment you made, mobile phone right now sucks.
            Anyways yeah looking forward to Mario maker no doubt about it.

  1. I probably will because I never 100% it when I had it as a kid. I have the tendency to 100% platformers now.

      1. Hell yeah it is. Wow. I thought they were done milking this cow. I guess so long as people keep drinking, they’ll keep milking! D:

      2. As the first, it was a good rebirth of 2D Mario. But sequels after that are just rehashes with no new bone in its body. If anything, DS was the first, best and original of its kind. Fuck the “sequels” after that. lol

  2. Ughh its a good game but i can think circle around that there’s far better ds Games that desrve a chance besides another mario that us nintendo fan get antagonize by other gamers for wanting but little do they know was never ask for but yet still enjoyable

  3. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

    I remember using nothing but fucking action replay to play this game. Good times, Good fucking times.

      1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

        Bitch! Who are you to fucking judge someones fucking childhood? Childhood comes from the enjoyment of what a child loves to do and play. I loved to use action replay. Why a bitch like you might ask? Because it the games 10x funner or just for enjoyment purposes only. If you loved what you did as child than it would be best childhood ever. Get the fuck out of my face with your bullshit of an opinion.

          1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

            I read his comment wrong I thought he was saying that I had no childhood but again no one should judge anyone else’s childhood which pisses me the fuck off. So in a mistakenly way he deserved it kinda.

  4. Lucky US peeps! This was my favourite out of the “New” series. I never got much into the Wii version for some reason..The 3DS got old quick when I completed it, the million coins thing I thought was a gimmick and I didn’t like U at all :(

        1. I know, the name sounds like a parody :P

          But if you still have New Super Mario Bros Wii and a Wii you want to mod, you should give the Fan-made mod a try. It’s creativity puts NSMBU to shame!

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      I’m seriously starting to think comments like these are from people upset about the fact they can’t sell these games’ original physical copies on eBay or Amazon for a lot of money anymore. Or sell them at Gamestop or a pawn shop for quick, easy cash.

  5. 1. New Super Mario Bros DS
    2. New Super Mario Bros 3DS
    3. New Super Mario 3DS 2
    4. New super mario brothers Wii
    5 New Super Mario Bros WiiU
    AGAIN EVERYONE! Bring on the VC releases and milk that fat cow!

        1. Lol.
          Reminds me when Iwata showed off the revolution.
          “You want a revolution? I have one here”.

      1. Dumb phone.

        There have only been 4 NSMB games.

        I don’t like the series either, but it’s best to not give false information. There’s already enough ignorance on this site.

        1. My mind is an engima.
          I honestly make enough money to buy all the consoles, and all the games I want.
          No car payments, mortgage is paid.
          I got promoted 2 months back, now I make $95,000 yearly instead of $80,000.
          And no wife or kids so no money gets spent on what I don’t want.

            1. I mean, I do have a girlfriend but we don’t live together.
              Rules bro. Gotta wait before you mate.

              1. I can respect that. I can honestly say that I dont have a GF and I dont need one either. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, know what I mean. Thats just me though. I was actually being sincere when i called you lucky.

  6. What a waste. It’s the same damn game as SMBU. Bug deal. why not just put more N64 games on Virtual Console?

  7. This is great and all, but can 3ds get anything? Anything at all?

    Is Nintendo done supporting the e Shop for 3ds or what?

  8. I still find it weird as hell that they decided to bring the portable games to the home console before bringing them to the portable console….

  9. I don’t see why people have such a problem with this. It’s just a VC release.. that’s the point of Virtual Console, to download older games.

    I’m not going to buy it, but I also don’t care or see a problem here… it sold a lot back in the day, so it makes sense for them to do this.

  10. The only people I can see getting it are ones that are curious about what the game was like and not owning a DS or a 3DS. Its like Mario Kart DS, outside of curiosity there is no reason to get it when you can access the superior sequels, or just get the original so you have it on the go.

  11. I have the complete new series.
    I guess I will get the digital version too.
    That way I can save my cartridge.
    If they make the Wii version available and somehow “Fantasy here” make 3da games available on wiiu then I get them all digital too. Hehehe

  12. Come on, Nintendo.
    Just give us Super Mario Sunshine already.
    I still own my original disc as well as a few other Gamecube titles, but man it’s so much trouble constantly unplugging/re-plugging my original Wii just to play them.
    Plus it would give other people who have never played it or no longer own it a chance at this as well.

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      Like me. I’d love to start up my Wii U & go straight to playing Super Mario Sunshine. It’s been so long since I’ve last played the game. *cries*

      1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

        Although, I’d prefer a remake of the game that ditches that horrible, horrible voice actor for Bowser! Sure he doesn’t pop up til the end & only talks for a few seconds but still! That voice was just painful! It’s like giving Ridley a voice & having him sound like a freaking mouse! Kill it! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

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