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Square Enix And Nintendo’s E3 2015 Presentations Are Running At The Same Time

Yup, it appears as though Square Enix’s E3 conference will be running at exactly the same time as the Nintendo E3 2015 Digital Event. I’m sure the vast majority of you already know which conference you’re going to watch, and I guess it is not that hard to figure out. However, if Square Enix do announce any games for Nintendo platforms I guess we shall have to wait until their conference is over to find out. Both the Square Enix E3 press conference and the Nintendo Digital Event run at June 16th, 9 AM PT/12 ET, which is 5pm UK time.

51 thoughts on “Square Enix And Nintendo’s E3 2015 Presentations Are Running At The Same Time”

    1. I’ll be checking out the Square Enix conference since it will be live. Chances are, the video for the conference will be uploaded later – hours or a day or so later. So I’d rather catch that as early as I can.

      Looking for some great info and vids on Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Deus Ex, Sleeping Dogs, and a few other franchises.

      Since Nintendo is just dropping a pre-recorded vid online again, I’ll be able to catch up on that much easier after.

      1. Same here. Really excited to see what SE is going to show. This website usually does a pretty good job covering what has been said on Nintendo’s Directs and these kinda events anyway, so I won’t miss out on any important information. And as you’ve said, since Nintendo’s presentation will be pre-recorded, it’s gonna be much easier to access after, if I want to watch the whole thing.
        So, it’s gonna be Square Enix for me as well. :p

        1. I’m watching Nintendo but I’m also interested in what SE has to show us. Looking forward to FFXV KH3 and HOPEFULLY Chrono Trigger remake. Or at least FFVI 3DS remake.

  1. I’m really excited for both. Deus Ex, Rise of the Tomb Raider and KH3. But man Nintendo is Nintendo.

  2. Well the only thing that will stop me from watching nintendo is if they announce something with Chrono trigger
    though im hyped for kingdom hearts i know its comming plus i dont whant to know anything about it untill it comes out

  3. The shit squeenix is going to present you can read on the news on about every gaming site after the event.
    If this e3 is anything like last years, Nintendo event would be at least entertaining.

  4. The magic of two monitors, I’ll watch Nintendo’s with the volume up and if I see any glimpse of KH3 on Square’s I’ll listen in then.

  5. Chose? Lol Wtf, I’ll just snap 2 browser’s on my desktop and watch both. XD chose between the 2 lmao what kinda shit is that Sickr XD

    1. Same. I have no expectation from Square enix but i do have hopes since they are the only company that can make a original new jrpg with a nice budget. Also hoping for TWEWY2

  6. Better announce a new Secret of Mana. Or hell at least bring us 3DS owners SOMETHING to look forward to. Ill take FF explorer’s, just something!

  7. Given how fast the information and videos regarding each event will go up online, it’s not that big a deal. I actually like watching the Nintendo Directs after they’ve aired so I can skip through all the fluff to the meat and bones of the announcements.

  8. Interesting.. But i will be watching Nintendo over it sorry ya play ya self with that time slot that like mike Tyson wanna pick a fight someone in the audience While manny & mayweahter fighting who those that’s ?

  9. Square Enix is Captain America 3 and Nintendo is Batman vs Superman. Square Enix, you’re going to lose, sirs.

    1. You could have used a better analogy. To digress and comment solely on the movies: Given how amazing Cap 2 is, and with the popularity of the Avengers and the mixed reactions to Man of Steel – don’t be so sure about what will do well and what won’t.

      1. Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein

        Hey hey!!! Age of Ultron got mixed reactions and I tell you, it could have much better. Superman one of the biggest and first superheroes in the comic world and Batman who people around the world love and has a big popularity than Superman both on the big screen. Come on.

  10. Idiots from Square… Whats with them taking the time Nintendo always had? Doesn’t it make sense that they just adapt if they haven’t had a show in like ever…

    1. Tomb Raider, Hitman, Sleeping dogs, Dragon Quest, Thief, and all the IP’s that SE said anyone could use. Someone has to be doing something with one of them.

  11. I wish we would get a new SaGa game, or at least English translations of the 3DS remakes of the originals/Final Fantasy Legend games that Japan got.

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  13. Between nintendo, their exclusives, the new games we dont know about and the treehouse, im finding i dont really even care about anyone elses presentation.

  14. I love that. Nintendo always broadcasts at 9AM PT on Tuesday, and Square jumps in that spot. So what does Nintendo do? Takes the same exact spot as always. Suck it, Square.

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