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Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Won’t Be At E3 2015

It would seem as though Nintendo president Satoru Iwata will not be attending E3 in Los Angeles next month. While Shigeru Miyamoto and other core Nintendo members will be at the gaming event, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata will be concentrating on engagements in Japan. Iwata will be in contact with the Nintendo employees attending E3 and will also monitor internet reactions to some of the announcements we are going to get.

 “Nintendo’s focus for E3 this year will be showcasing the many games we have coming for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Mr. Miyamoto and other members of our development team will be in Los Angeles to explain these games and the unique experiences that each offers. Mr. Iwata’s focus in this period will be on other areas of our business that require his presence in Japan.”

114 thoughts on “Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Won’t Be At E3 2015”

            1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

              Since he used the terms molested & raped, getting sex is definitely not a good thing in those scenarios. @.@

      1. Anubis, Son of Osiris

        “Mr. Iwata’s focus in this period will be on other areas of our business that require his presence in Japan.”

        So no it’s not a heath issue fortunately. He’s just bored and gave up on Nintendo, that’s all :)

        1. You would think that BoD and Invester meeting would be held on a different date. Its not like E3 is a small show after all.

    1. You smoking something? Do you realize all of the great things Iwata is responsible for? Everybody always blames the presidents for everything that goes wrong. Whether it’s the president of the Unites States, or Nintendo. It gets old.

      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        Ehhhh… good point. But they don’t exactly help matters when they bend over backwards to try & please everyone under them, so they can take some of the blame.

    2. Well this is due to the fact that Iwata has been dead for little over a year now. Nintendo would want you and its shareholders to think otherwise. CG and 3D holograms are to blame…

  1. Was he there last year? His presence isn’t particularly important – it was nice for him to show his face when they used to do the conference, but obviously with the digital event, there’s no need anymore.

  2. Hopefully new Wii U and 3ds Games, Rhythm heaven 3DS localization, Youkaiwatch Release date, Xenoblade X release date, star fox release date, and for the love of god please localize the new ace attorney game! <3

      1. Yeah kind of sad how they aren’t doing that anymore. But then again, it takes a huge of time for no real reason. At least the way they’re doing it now, they can get straight to the announcements of games instead of just announcing things like statistics for the company.

        1. Very true, I wouldn’t say for no reason though, but the direct is pretty much sufficient now and its actually a THING. Also, I can’t imagine how much they have to pay to have a presentation at E3, it must be a lot.

        2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

          Exactly why it’s not sad at all. With the abandonment of the stage thing, Nintendo can get right to what the gamers actually care about. The reporters there can find out the statistic shit at another time.

  3. IM SO HAPPY!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! =)

    I can’t understand the guy half the time. I can see why people like seeing Miyamoto at these events (he’s a living Legend) but the rest of NOJ should stay home.

    We got Reggie. Now if they would only bring back Howard Lincoln!

  4. Mr. Iwata is probably still sick. He seems to have lost a lot of weight in the last year.
    Also i hope they will announce a release date for the standard New3DS in North America.

  5. He’ll be there in spirit. Running Nintendo Of America is a hectic job, so he’s probably gonna have very busy schedule but I’m pretty sure he’s confident that Nintendo can pull it off without him as they have last year

    1. Anubis, Son of Osiris

      Iwata is the ball n’ chains that holds Nintendo back in the gaming industry. They’ll be better without him.

      1. In case you have FAILED to realize, Satoru Iwata is both the CEO of Nintendo in Japan AND Nintendo of America.


    1. Well then I just think everybodys tired of the shitty job hes been doing? Oh what hes been doing a good job? well I guess mario isnt mentally challenged either. Like really he still doesnt know how to talk, wonder why peach fucks Bowser.

    2. I agree. Although I think Iwata is a little old fashioned when it comes to gaming in some areas, he is still a phenomenal businessman and he’s a large part of the reason of why Nintendo is still highly profitable on everything they sell. In a way he’s a genius

      1. If I remember correctly,it was you who said that Iwata isn’t above the entire board of directors,which is the reason Nintendo isn’t where it could be right now

        1. Yeah but what does that have to do with Iwata being a large part of why Nintendo is profitable? Yes I did say that board of directors control the FINAL decisions of what happens with Nintendo but I’m pretty sure they do use some of Iwata’s suggestions

  7. Iwata is abandoning the sunking ship. ” fuck..dis im… not doing this shit anymore” “nah nah nah nahhhhh nah nahh nah nahhhhhh plleeeheeeeahhhaassee unddaaastaaaand!” *ship sinks* *iwata floating away on only life boat that could have fit all the passangers* “pleeeeeeeheeeaheeeaaaase unndaaaastaaaaaaand!”

    Koopa- thank god you saved me.. thank you thank you thank you! How can I repay you! ” by being…. my dinna….. on way home… with side of goomba that I alsooo sayved…..”……..

    1. Well hopefully they dont waist their time on animal crossing or mario strikers but I do feel like paper mario will be announced and hopefully they dont fuck it up. They will talk about all the already announced games but they really need to make lots of good announcements. ….. I’d say your being realistic. I don’t think they will anounce to much.

      1. They need to make the next Paper Mario in the classic style of The Nintendo 64 and Gamecube games. Sticker Star was shit. I played it for one day on the release day and haven’t picked it up again since. Also, imagine what kind of cool visual paper gimmicks they can make with HD visuals. I honestly think a Paper Mario game for Wii U would be my favorite announcement of E3 if it is made right.

        1. Yeah id really like a paper mario I’ve been wanting to play a new one. I played sticker star like once too and im like…. wtf. I dont think id ever play it again unlike super paper mario which I ended up loving after beimg like…… wtf. lmao. Sticker star though is just original paper mario with everything good taken out. What a shitty way to make a game….. super paper mario was just innovative and fun, different but good.

          I originally saw the commercial for the original paper mario and was like…… wtf, paper mario, dumb! Then my brothers friend sold it to him for a shitty cheeseburger, what a dumbass because ended up loving it. I played that shit all the time it was a really amazing game still is great. So is the second.

          1. Yeah I remember being addicted to the original Paper Mario game as a seven year old. It was the first game I was obsessed with I believe. I had such great memories with that game.

      2. Animal Crossing would NOT be a waste of time. Not a Wii U version that is. That’s one of the things I’m hoping for.

        1. Yeah as I said in my video, Animal Crossing for Wii U would give the Wii U a good boost in sales for a little bit in the Japanese and North American regions. Plus, it would be amazing to see what the developers could do with the architecture of Wii U. It has better online and Miiverse than previous consoles so maybe an MMO would be possible? Plus they released the Animal Crossing app before for New Leaf and seeing the characters in HD was amazing.

    2. THAT POKEMON Z BOX ART LOOKS SO LEGIT! XD, But I Know it’s Fan Made.
      Anyway, I Think they could possibly have some Mario game in the works,
      Cause it’s the 30th anniversary! idk about the Zelda thing they can always
      Show the Nintendo direct.

          1. Yeah, didn’t they say in a recent Direct that there will be more Mario content coming soon for the 30th anniversary? Maybe they will announce their new Rewards program with DeNA and the first line-up of Rewards is Mario themed. That would be pretty cool.

    1. Xbox One is a JOKE! If anybody wants a non-Nintendo next gen console, I recommend PS4. Playstation has better exclusives.

      1. Never cared for sony anything. To be fair, they have seiken densetsu/Legend of Mana tho. That hurts my heart. ..

        1. The wii u is the real next gen console. It has the best exlusives. Also half of Xbox ones games are fps. The wii u has more things than Xbox one. The wii u has NFC built in and a gamepad. The gamepad is extreamly comfortable. The wii u is the best. People who complain about nintendo should think twice. The wii u is even cheaper than the ps4 and Xbox one and the wii u is more worth the price. Almost every Xbox one game is on the 360

        2. Fap Fap Fap. Who the fuck give a crap about inferior console when PC is far superior these days.

          Mac is a joke!

  8. The comments are worse than usual on this article….
    Anyways okay? I mean it’s nice that he’s not sick but since they do a digital event it’s not too much of a big deal…

  9. He just doesn’t wanna waste his time with trying to explain things to moron nintendo fanboys that only care about zelda and mp4 to focus on showing everything nintendos teams have been working on. New technologies and software.

  10. I agree fan boys are a bunch of crybaby brats can’t stand them whiny little children that get mad when they don’t get what they want

  11. pink0crystal0midbus

    He’ll be in the direct. Not that it really matters who shows up in person to E3 anyway.

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  13. PLEASE nintendo, just show us a heap of games we have seen yet! No more Splatoon, Yoshi, and Xenoblade. We know they are gonna be great, so give us something new! Please…

  14. Well, it worked out well for Nintendo last year, so we’ll see what happens this year…

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