UCraft Revealed Again To Be A Wii U Exclusive

UCraft was originally supposed to be a Wii U exclusive– their answer to Minecraft– but after failing pretty badly on their Kickstarter, they decided to develop it as a multi-platform release. However, now Nexis Games has revealed that UCraft will now, again, be a Wii U exclusive. What do you think of this decision? You can take a look at some screenshots of UCraft, which is said to be due around the Christmas holidays.

For the past 7 months I have given up my life and focused all of my time, money and energy solely on completing UCraft. During this time I feel that not only have I formed a bond with UCraft but also with the entire Nintendo Community. As a result of this new found kinship I have come to the conclusion that putting UCraft on anything other than Nintendo Platforms doesn’t feel right because UCraft was originally promised exclusively for the Wii U. I am not someone who goes back on their word so with that said, UCraft is and shall remain exclusive to Nintendo Platforms. The Nintendo Community (Our community) has deserved a quality Sandbox title to call our own for quite sometime and this holiday season we will finally have it! Welcome to the World of UCraft!

As always thank you for your support and we hope you all have as much fun playing UCraft as we have had creating  it!


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  1. And as such, it probably won’t make enough money back to cover the development. Admirable effort, Nexus Games, but naive and unrealistic nonetheless.

  2. My kids are dying for a minecraft type game on the Wii U that properly uses the touchscreen. As long is the game is decent it will sell well on Wii U.

  3. I don’t think the quote said that it will be Wii U exclusive. I think it said that it will be NINTENDO exclusive.

  4. More to the point he realised that it wouldn’t sell a single copy on PC where there are many superior alternatives, so developing it for that would be worthless

  5. But by saying he would release it on other consoles and then not doing that, he is going back on his word, which he says he never does. In fact, he’s done it twice.

    1. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Devs can’t win when it comes to Nintendo fans.

      Still, I think they made the right decision.

    2. Yeah, not trustworthy. I think he realized the other platforms already have a superior well received Minecraft, and he is afraid his won’t sell good because of that on other platforms. Now he claims again that it will be Nintendo Only, because he’s bonded with the Nintendo Community. I call Horseshit, he is just looking where to have the best chance to sell it.

  6. I have never played Minecraft, but I always thought it looked incredibly stupid.

  7. It’s funny how he calls it a “quality sandbox title” when it’s nothing but a cheap knockoff of a game he’s trying to exploit the immense popularity of, to make money. I personally don’t see why anyone would support this; neither does the developer seem to be someone you can trust, seeing how he keeps going back on his words, nor does the game look decent in any way, in my personal opinion. But each to their own, I suppose.

    1. Because MinCraft is INSANELY popular, and Nintendo will never see it.
      I don’t really disagree with what you said, but if it’s quality enough, it could actually sell well, I wonder if it went huge if he could get sued? IDK, but I’d give it a whirl, if it survives the Miiverse Critics.

      1. Yea, it doesn’t really look like Nintendo is interested in Minecraft too much. But honestly, just because the actual game isn’t coming to the WiiU, doesn’t mean people should support things like this. I mean, why not just get it on PC then? It’s better than any of the console versions, and it doesn’t have the highest system requirements either, obviously. I personally wouldn’t pay a single cent on a shameless rip-off like this. But again, that’s just my personal opinion, of course. :)

      2. I highly doubt Microsoft would allow Nintendo to gain from it’s emmense popularity. An authized version would definitely sell well.

        Some of us barely use a PC anymore but I see your point. As to weather they SHOULD support a generic / knockoff. Well, I guess I don’t really have a stance on that. I guess if this is legal, then I suppose people should buy what they want, and with no Minecraft in sight from Microsoft, this could be popular. If it’s a poorly developed game tho, I would definitely say not to support it, then it would be 100% a cash-grab. If it actually uses the gamepad, and it’s obvious he put the time he said he did (and assuming he’s talented enough that time was well spent) then…meh, I don’t have a strong opinion. Everyone could benefit.
        IDK. :P Then again, it could be total shit, then it’s a mute point. XD

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  8. Or, they could get a hint that no one wants their cheap Minecraft rip-off and leave it be.

  9. Think it’s awesome that they are keeping this a Nintendo exclusive.It is nice to see loyalty for a change in this industry.Hope this game does well and am looking forward to playing!

  10. Well, I think I’ll buy the game. He’s right that the Wii U doesn’t really have any sandbox games, except for like Disney Infinity, but I am not spending boat loads of money on a game like that.

  11. While I don’t really care about Minecraft and CraftClones, it is never a good sign when a developer keeps jumping back and forth on major decisions. It is on par with a developer that talks big for one game that some people get excited about and after a while of silence, suddenly says they are now developing 3 other games…’mysteriously’, none of them ever get released.

  12. This guy again? He should stop announcing things and get something done for a change.

  13. I’ve never played Minecraft or own Disney Infinity, but knowing the immense popularity of the genre, this clone could might as well be a good alternative that saw the opportunity to do really well.

    He may have faltered with his decisions, but nobody here realize that he’s losing money during development and won’t be getting some of it back until the game is finally on eShop.

  14. Heh, If only The game didn’t suck so much (from what I saw in the trailers and screenshots, it is a poooooooorly handled clone of a game that is not that great either)

  15. HA, finally came to his senses that stabbing the Nintendo fans in the back was the stupidest decision and that the majority of sales would have been Wii U, and then they wouldn’t after his back stabbing. I still can’t say whether I forgive him or not though.

  16. I’m still interested in this title but I find it difficult to believe in what the developer says, including the fact he is a one-man army which is impressive but he’s set himself too many goals and raised too many expectations for himself and his followers.

  17. Sony, Microsoft are like , you best be keeping that shit off our platforms ….. Nintendos like , well we did release meme run …..

  18. Can anybody tell me why Minecraft is so popular when it looks so horribly stupid, boring and outdated?

  19. Ucraft seems sorta unique, even though it is a Minecraft clone.
    16 player support
    some weird rpg elements
    a first person shooter esc mode
    a kart racing thingy
    and regular minecraft + touchscreen controls
    i’ll get it

  20. Lol! It’s because nobody will buy it on the other platforms. They have the original and far superior, Minecraft. Only the “D – Students” on WiiU will purchase this ripoff. Nintendo standards have become mobile quality equivalent. Shame.

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