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Bravely Second Has Been Trademarked In Europe By Square Enix

We kinda already knew it was coming thanks to hints yesterday from Bravely Default producer, Tomoya Asano, but it now seems certain that Bravely Second will be coming to Europe. Developer and publisher Square Enix has trademarked Bravely Second in Europe which pretty much confirms it is coming to the west. Bravely Second is likely to be showcased at Square Enix or Nintendo’s Digital Event, both of which take place on June 16th.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

18 thoughts on “Bravely Second Has Been Trademarked In Europe By Square Enix”

  1. Unfortunately this game is not selling as good as the first one. Bravely Default sold 500k copies in Japan, Bravely Second will be lucky to sell 200k. It may do better in the West however. I will be buying it day one, that’s for sure.

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