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CEO Tournament Has Big Upcoming News For Smash Bros

Community Effort Orlando, also known as CEO, is a relatively new Fighting game tournament based in Orlando, Florida. Each year, CEO releases a trailer revealing which games challengers can choose to compete in. Curiously, Super Smash Bros on the Wii U was absent from this year’s trailer, leaving many fans worried. However, according to the CEO Twitter account, the annual tournament has “something big coming to #CEO2015. Next Trailer.”

Most fans are already aware of Nintendo’s plans to release new characters via DLC, so it appears as though anything is possible at this point! Any news is good news to us, especially when it concerns Smash Bros! What ‘big’ news do you think CEO is planning to unveil with their next trailer?

Thanks, Josh S

16 thoughts on “CEO Tournament Has Big Upcoming News For Smash Bros”

  1. Well, we know that Smash is going to be at CEO at the bounty on ZeRo is still around. I’m guessing that they’re just going to hype that part up a lot in the trailer, which would be cool. Hopefully someone can beat him with Captain Falcon since he bashed them so much.

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