Take A Look At Mario Through The Years In This 30th Anniversary Video

Nintendo has released this pretty cool new video celebrating 30 years of Mario, and showcasing the new Mario Maker a little bit. The video features gameplay of the classic games, which you can use in Mario Maker, back to back so you can see how the game has evolved over time and the worlds you’ll be creating from. The nostalgia just may bring a tear to your eye! Which was your favourite or first Mario game?


    1. Not a bitter comment??? Who are you and what have you done to the real Stranga???XD
      In all seriousness, Mario is great, his games are, for the most part, fun. And fun is what Video Games should be all about…


      1. It’s always me fool. I’m just tired of the recent BS from Nintendo and dumbass fans. But I can never hate Mario. He’s my childhood. :)

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    2. That was actually a very disappointing video… I was expecting to see videos of all the Mario games and not just the games that are implemented into Mario Maker… this video is pointless and not worthy of a topic because it isn’t news. Can we get coverage on this game when they announce Mario Bros. 2 and Mario World 2 as custom worlds and can switch over to playing Yoshi solely or using Peach and her levitation. Heck you can throw in Rosalina and her spin jump since 3D World has 2D portions in some levels. Then we’ll know Mario Maker will make even bigger sales but that’ll probably be saved for DLC…


  1. When I saw Mario Sunshine as the header image, I got really excited that there is at least a rumor that Mario Sunshine was either getting a Remake or a Sequel. O.h well, back to waiting…

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  2. Mario Sunshine!! SO. FREAKING. AWESOME.
    However, right now I’m really addicted to playing Mario Superstar Baseball because I’m trying to unlock everything. I’ve been working on 120 shines in SMS, but I’m taking a break at 115. :P


      1. Oh, for sure. Just like Mario Power Tennis on Gamecube is better, because you’re not sitting there swinging the Wiimote.


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