Brand New Platformer/Shooter RIVE Announced For Wii U

Attention all robot fans, we’d like to introduce you to RIVE, a brand new shooter/platforming coming to Wii U!

The game is described as an old-school inspired shooter with “decidedly new school execution,” and features a mix of 360 degree shooting action and plaforming. What makes RIVE unique is the player’s ability to alter the behavior of their robot  by collecting and uploading “hacks” into the in-game system. Check out the reveal trailer to see the game in action!


      1. >people who use those words to make them sound like they’re cooler
        No offense to other people.

  1. Looks interesting, although I’m not entirely convinced on the aesthetics. It has shmup segments, that has to count for something.

  2. You know guys. The start of this trailer was beautiful, and I’m not talking about the badass game play. Im talking about the PS4, WII U, XBOX ONE, anoucment. Thats how it suppose to be… but sadly can never truly be…

  3. WOW!! THAT LOOKED SOOOOO COOL!! It was all shooting and explosions, and platforming, and hacking!! And the best part is ITS FOR THE WII U!!!

  4. Fuck yeah even my nipples got hard. They pierced diamons ya know. Fyi.
    Anyway this looks fucking awesome. Its definitely going to cure that hardcore gaming itch. Fucking indies are awesome but fuck you RCAMADIAX lol

  5. Now that was intense! Did you see how it said Wii U at the beginning!? And the rest of it was awesome too. Looks like I got a shooter to play now.

  6. Sasori will complain because it doesn’t have Naurto or his other boyfriend Phil Spencer in the game.

  7. Dosent look that great to me I will waste my money on this looks boring

  8. I am a gamer but some reason this doesn’t wow me just a shoot um up side and scroller not impressed

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