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Japan Are Holding The First Splatfest For Splatoon

A few details have been shared about the first ever Splatoon Splatfest in Japan, so here’s what you can expect. In the Splatfest, you make a choice between two options which organises you into two teams and you battle it out. The choice for this Splatfest is breakfast options, ‘rice vs bread.’ You can pick your option and vote via a machine in the Inkopolis, you will receive a temporary shirt representing your team with three slots for abilities, and you can even write about your team via the Miiverse box in the plaza. The Splatfest will take place from 6pm June 13th until 6pm June 14th for Japan. The first Splatfest for North America will be commencing in a couple of weeks. So I guess the only question is; rice or bread?

49 thoughts on “Japan Are Holding The First Splatfest For Splatoon”

          1. Nah, haha, this guy just keeps posting on each news post about no voice chat. I’m guessing he’s real beat up about it.

    1. Yeah, the entire hub world changes to a night festival party with sisters, Callie and Marie doing a live performance, it’s really spectacular. They showed it off in the Splatoon Direct. So look forward to it! :)

    1. Keep in mind, their rice is fucking amazing. Especially with how they prepare it, ugh I still fiend for white rice cooked that good here. There was this little Japanese place, and he made it just like they do in Japan, but sadly, it closed down.

      1. im sorry to hear that D: ive never been to a japanese restaurant so i wouldnt know the taste. but hey i hope youll get to eat great japanese rice soon! :D

  1. Ever since they added Ink Brush to the game it has gone down hill with horrible balancing and spammers, as well as try-hards… Splatoon = Next Call of Duty.

    It took World of Warcraft 11 1/2 years for it to start dying… took Splatoon only a week before it started to die.

    1. “Ever since they added Ink Brush to the game” they added it today and I don’t see how Splatoon is dying. Maybe in couple months but certainly not now.

      1. Explains why it’s so unbalanced…. just shut up and face it fanboy.. Splatoon is only good for the single player.

        1. Okay…. Excuse me, but you did not give much information of how Splatoon is dying. I mean come on, he just doesn’t see of how splatoon is dying to you and yet you called him a fanboy. His comment did not sound biased one bit and you just told him to “shut up and face it”.

          1. I’m inclined to agree with this logic. I fought against a metric squidton of brush spammers today, and didn’t have any noteworthy problems. All the idiots did was hide in ink and sneak attack whomever comes close. That’s easy to learn to exploit to your benefit.

    2. I mean, YOU’RE claiming it’s dying, as far as I’m concerned, the game is still going strong.

  2. why we have all those cancer insects on the nintendo site? this is a site with nintendo news and fans and then morons comes to ruin it by shit comments like wii u is dead because is not selling like anyone fucking care? ppl only care to enjoy the games

    1. Can’t shut your eyes to the things Nintendo does wrong neither. If things really go sour you won’t have any games to enjoy anymore… or at least, not any new ones.

      1. He’s talking specifically about the people who come here to antagonize Nintendo fans. Saying things like “Wii U is dead” and “Splatoon sucks” are not “eye-opening” statements about what Nintendo does wrong, their just statements here to piss people off.

  3. Nintendo really is banking on this game aren’t they. That’s good on them, I just wish other Nintendo gems had this much advertisement.

    All I can really say though is good luck with Splatoon Ninty.

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