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Wii U Pro Controller Lasts 80 Hours On One Charge, Doesn’t Work With Any Wii Games

According to GameStop, the Wii U Pro Controller can last up to 80 hours on a single charge, which is certainly a longer duration than the Wii U’s main controller, the Wii U GamePad, after one charge. For the sake of comparison, an Xbox 360 controller lasts about 25-30 hours with new batteries.

Although Wii U is backward compatible with most Wii games, GameStop claims that the Wii U Pro Controller cannot be used with any Wii game; you cannot use any of Wii U’s controllers to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl, for example.

The Wii U Pro Controller features the dual analog sticks and ergonomic button layout that you’ve come to expect, as well as a rechargeable battery that can last up to 80 hours on a single charge.

315 thoughts on “Wii U Pro Controller Lasts 80 Hours On One Charge, Doesn’t Work With Any Wii Games”

      1. You don’t.
        You use the Classic Controller instead, by using a Wiimote with said controller hooked up to it.
        Functionally the same as a GC controller, just a different shape.

    1. zigfried von schroder sucks ass

      Same abilities? Classic controller doesn’t have clickable analog sticks. Do your research. Seriously, fucking lazy.

          1. OK I’ve been coming to this website for a long time now to get news on the Wii U (which I pre-ordered). But I don’t understand this Aeolus prick. This is obviously a website for Nintendo fans so why are you constantly trolling the news posts, do you sit at home constantly refreshing this web page just so can get kicks out of shitting on every piece of information. Well guess what nobody cares what you have to say, so grow up or piss off to another website.

              1. Do you have any more reason to go fuck around with those who wants to read Wii U news? Go read some PC news or anything, fucktard.

                1. zigfried von schroder sucks ass

                  damn.. I’m starting to hate that video after seeing it nonstop on every comment section of every article here

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              3. Aelous I saw you at my local gamestop ordering a WiiU entertainment center and you preordered 4 games. You seemed so excited you couldn’t contain yourself. To be honest I was surprised. I asked you what was the most anticipated game you wanted and you replied amazing 101. I said Did you save the money you said you traded your PS3 and Xbox for one. You saw the Nintendo events and you were pretty stoked. You my good man made me want to get one.

                I just wanted to say thank yiu and enjoy your WIIU entertainment system I will see you online.

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                Laz pinned your ass to the ground with that comment and now you’re only bitching and moaning because he’s fucking RIGHT.
                Piss off and go play a video game instead of whining like a little pussy over news that isn’t even related to your interests.

    2. ok, everyone replying to you obviously doesnt get what you’re talking about. i also agree that it’s kindof stupid that you can use it as a replacement for the classic controller. but what are you gonna do? i mean, with the wii, you couldnt use the classic controllers to play gamecube games, so i dont think it’s bee too big of an issue if you already have the controllers anyway.

      1. Yeah but I mean, that’s like 4 different controllers you’ll need on hand if you want to play certain games.

        Wii U Pro, Wii U Gamepad, Wii Remote, Wii Classic Controller, and 5 if you include the nunchuk. ._.

        I too would have preferred if it would work with Wii games.

        1. To add to what Simply G stated–you’d need the same amount anyways for playing Wii U games.

          As Wii U games also make use of Wii controllers and accessories (albeit repackaged under Wii U branding), it will give gamers the ability to choose between multiple controller options–the Wii Remote/MotionPlus/Remote Plus w/ or w/o Nunchuck, the Wii U GamePad, whether at the same time as the Wii Remote for maps, interfaces, etc. or by itself, or the Wii U Pro Controller (which is marvelous for games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2).

          I think it’s nice for us to have the choice. I didn’t really like the Wii’s Classic Controller (Pro was SO MUCH better on the Wii).

          At the end, it’s like choosing a Nintendo handheld model to stick with the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, or Nintendo 3DS families. It’s all a matter of preference.

          To me, using the original Nintendo 3DS (Cosmo Black) is the way to go. I could never bring myself to play on the XL’s screens due to how blurry the screens are in comparison and how hard it is to maintain the 3D effect in comparison to the original (12″-16″ viewing range compared to 10″ to 14″ on the original).

          Personally, my preference will always be to use the Wii U GamePad over everything else, but some games (in my opinion) play better with the Wii Remote Plus setup COMBINED with the usage of the Wii U GamePad as a secibd screen that shows maps, interfaces, etc. Examples of games that I’d like to use this setup is Pikmin 3, The Legend of Zelda U, and most shooters as well. But that’s just my personal opinion–it changes for everyone out there. :)

              1. Indeed sir , but for me the XL is worth the tiny sacrifice in sharpness. The gameplay is better on XL cus its comfier and easier to see . For me the 3D is much more deep and vivid aswell :) . What do you think ?

                1. agreed. the xl is pretty great. pretty much every game benifits from having the larger screens. i honestly cant see how i would even play on the original 3ds anymore lol

            1. As I stated, simply a matter of preferences. I can see why you do like the Nintendo 3DS XL in comparison. I just tend to lean more towards the original models (with the exception of the Game Boy Advance, in which I primarily used the SP, and the Nintendo DS, where I loved to use both the Nintendo DS Lite and the DSi). :D

              I was one of the people who had the DS Phat and traded that for the DS Lite until I got the DSi, but just didn’t want to bother with the DSi XL. I don’t have bigger pants pockets, so that also rules out the portability of those larger systems anyways. Sadly, my Aqua Blue 3DS died too young (blunt trauma to the cranium by dropping it on concrete), then my Flame Red 3DS committed suicide (essentially, due to the bottom raised edge around the touch screen), then I got the Blue 3DS XL (couldn’t keep the 3D effect anywhere near as I could on the original Nintendo 3DS, so I traded it at GameStop), and now I have the Cosmo Black 3DS. Admittedly, the top screen is a bit too dull in coloration when the 3D is off, but when it is on, it looks brilliant. Also, knock on wood, it seems to have larger bumpers on its two sides of the top screen that avoid any problems with smudging the top screen from the bottom-raised edge of the touch screen.

              I love it. Cosmo is like my little baby and he’s gonna like so adorable next to my Wii U and its children. :D

              I’m hoping we get something like a Nintendo 3DS+ in the future that will fix the main issues with the Nintendo 3DS–3D viewing range (larger sweet spot, in other words), better sound quality (sound is a little lost on the XL’s speakers), battery life (at least have it be 6-8 hours), and a better overall design (the ONLY thing I hate about my 3DS is the sharper edges in comparison to the Nintendo 3DS XL and its glossy surface).

              In my opinion, release the Nintendo 3DS+ in the next 2-3 years along with two setups–micro and macro sizes. Micro is the same size screens as the original 3DS or only a little bit larger in comparison, and the macro version is a little bit larger or the same size as the Nintendo 3DS XL screens. Pleases the two sides of the handheld gaming spectrum. :D

              1. I like the original 3ds and the screen is slightly more sharp ! with its tiny weeny pixels . But the gameplay feels enhanced on the XL because it’s comfier to hold and the bigger screens (for me) make the 3d look fantastic and much easier to view not that i was struggleing with my original , but it’s better in a sense.

                They both have their pro’s and cons , I think we can both agree that a 3ds which was in the middle of those 2 in terms of size would be supreme .

                Next year we will get 3ds medium i XD !!!!

                1. I do agree with that idea, actually.

                  A medium, enhanced version of the Nintendo 3DS though they should call it Nintendo 3DS+ or Nintendo 3DSPlus next (cwutididthar?). It sounds like the more essential way for Nintendo to go. If they can manage to keep the same viewing range (10″ to 16″) or even enhance it to include about 7-8″ to 16″, that would be EPIC. On top of that, add a 135 degree viewing angle, left-right, top-to-bottom, for the 3D screen, and they would cement the 3D in Nintendo 3DS. :D

                  1. C wut u did there sir :P . How about 3DS-i in 2 years . The aesthetics are all slim refined and fururistic , it has a 2mega pixel camera or higher. Screens that are inbetween 3DS and XL and maybe some other cool features :S . I would buy that , but only in 2 years time :)

              2. May I add the 3d of the different sizes must suit different eyes . becuase like I said although I was fine with 3ds original , The 3D to me definitely seems enhanced on XL . it appears deeper and stands out more and for me is easier to see and focus on .

                We are all different though!!

                1. Yeah, we seem to be experiencing opposite ends of the 3D spectrum.

                  While images are clearly defined, vivid, and have a huge amount of visible depth to me on the original Nintendo 3DS, the effect seems lost on the Nintendo 3DS XL for me. In your case, it looks like you can see the 3D on the Nintendo 3DS XL better than the original Nintendo 3DS.

                  Perhaps there is something with the screen size and the individual viewing the 3D effect that goes into play with viewing the effect comfortably more than we thought from before. It is still pretty experimental technology for our times especially as it is seen without the need for 3D glasses, so who knows all of the factors that may be playing into the viewing experience, right!? XD

                  I love how we always get these choices between models, though, for Nintendo handhelds. It always helps me decide on what to purchase better than just sticking me with one choice to stick with. :3

                  1. Neither of us are being biased either it’s just what we are experienceing. Raises the question is everyones eye sight completely different . We know it is yes , But it’s crazy to think everyone sees colors in a different way to you and can see further or shorter than you and see more clearly or less clearly than you.

                    Heck it’s proven that some color blinded people see different colors , so their version of blue would appear red to us etc . there is just no way of proveing it to each other :) .

                    So whilst we both have different views , this topic isn’t provable at all. :) .

                    I love both 3ds’s . I had an Ice white and I prefered the aesthetics of it . It’s a lot more ”apple” . I love my XL though , but can agree and understand all of your point about the 3DS.

        2. But this doens´t make much sense, since WiiU will be compatible with Wii games, but NOT with Gamecube games. So you´re not supposed to play any GC games on it, unless they´re launched for download. Obviuosly in that case they would be adapted to work with WiiU controllers, just like what happens with the EShop and Wiiware. All you need with your WiiU is the Gamepad and a Nunchuk+Wiimote to play your Wii games and that´s more than enough

    1. Oh. I get it now. Nevermind. You were talking about the fact that it can’t be used with Wii games. I gotcha. Moving on.

    1. No . The wii’s pro controller didn’t have clickable analogue sticks .

      Wii pro controllers are still usefull though to play old wii games with that controller . They already did is a massive favour by continuing the wii remote and nun chuck , but unfortunately the old pro doesn’t have clickable analogues .

        1. It’s a new console , move the fuck on .

          Buy a pro controller for today’s wiiu games and keep hold of your classic controller pro for old wii games . You can get CCP for ridiculously cheap now .

          It’s not perfect , but the wiiu doesn’t want too many controll options .
          A= Gamepad B = Wiiu pro controller C = wii motion plus and nunchuck .

          D= all wii pheripherals are still supported for old wii games . Not too shabby if you ask me.


            Do you see the PS3 dualshock compatibility fucked up because it actually uses the goddamn sticks? NO.

            Stop sucking Nintendo dick, HOLY SHIT.

            1. By the way, many Wii titles can use the CCP/Gamecube controller rather than those shit remotes, so if you want any sort of standard control option in them, YOU’RE FUCKED AND HAVE TO GET THEM.

                1. Dont know about you guys, but I still have my golden wii pro controller from the GoldenEye bundle(awesome remake btw) and also my WaveBird(still in good working condition) so Im gooooood :)

                    1. Maybe not for the people who prefer physical “DIPSHIT”.Keep your hand away from the caps lock.

                  1. funny what you said, so you have to buy again those games just to play it on the “P3” but you don’t find it rip off not one bit, kid i feel bad for you, oh wait i don’t.

                  2. I do agree with Tysamu, why do you honestly cared? If you’re trying to compare a PC to a Wii U, bitch, please, no one cares about that anymore, people likes to play what they like to play, on whatever system, ’nuff said.

                    Not like you’re gonna get a console anyways… It’s sad to see people that have nothing to do rather than trolling people about Wii U. You have a PC games? Yeah, you do? Well, why don’t you fucking play with them, otherwise people in TF2 gonna shove a Lollipop up your ass when they going behind you.

                    1. That’s what I’m saying. If the system doesn’t have the games you want to play then why conplain about it or focus so much on it? Funniest thing abiut it is that Aeolus, the other trollers collectively using, and other trolls never explain why they are here; all they ever do is bitch, whine, and complain

                  3. omfg aeolus. why in the hell do you even care? for one, you can get the classic controller for super cheap, and two, how does this even concern you? you’re not getting the system, so why in the fuck would something like this bother you? it’s like complaining about a game that came out on the ps2 not supporting move controls. WHO CARES.

                      1. uh yes it is, you ignorant cunt. you’re complaining about a last gen game, not supporting a next gen controller, when they dont need to because it still supports the old controller. like how you cant use the classic controller to control gamecube games.

                      2. If you were a bit more polite, you’ll see that everyone will take you more seriously, especially considering that you do have a valid point. Being a troll and having a good point are mutually exclusive. You just can’t have it both ways.

              1. In his defense, it still shouldn’t be an excuse. You could be able to play xbox games on the X360 with an X360 controller(same story w/ the ps2 to ps3) so why not the wii u pro controller to work with classic controller pro supported wii games? Yea it’s a bit fuzzy with the amount of controller options but why leave a feature like that out? But in the end, the 80 hours does kind of justify it a bit in my opinion.

                1. Maybe it’s just a matter of “programming” or whatever. The classic controller is attached to wii remote and the pro controller may connect as a “new” type or controller or as another wii remote. Also, the backwards compatible option in the wii u, as well as in the wii and the nintendo 3ds transforms your console into the older one. So you can’t use any kind of new hardware to play with it, the wii won’t recognize the pro controller.

                  That’s what I think, is not that I care that much, just wanted to share my thoughts
                  have a great day

            2. The reason is money. If you allow the new controller to work with the older games than the Wii classic controller has no more purpose and wont sell after this controller is released. Even those who only bought a Wii could use it. Which means instead of them having to buy the $50 once for 2 systems they have to spend $30 for 1 system and then another $50 when they get a Wii U, assuming they buy a Wii U. This also ensures that they do not have a dead product on the shelves. If this product was backwards compatible then all of those Wii classic controllers become pointless and are sold back nonstop, causing Nintendo to buy alot of product back sooner. Also the Wii U was designed and marketed to work with every peripheral made for the Wii, so why bother? This is NOT a necessary accessory, it does less then the actual controller given with the Wii U, it’s designed for jackwads who want better resolution but can’t handle holding the “Heavy” Wii U controller.

        2. thats like saying “WTF, my 360 controller doesnt work with my original xbox? FUCK THAT” you are seriously an idiot.

      1. I like how the controller looks and all, but I dislike that it’s not compatible with the Wii, I personally used the GC controller on Brawl cause I never got used to using any other controller -.- I personally don’t like this xD

        1. Isn’t that obvious? Why would a controller from next-gen be compatible for a last-gen console?

          Or am I missing something here?

          1. Because the system has backwards compatibility?

            You could play Xbox games on the Xbox 360 with a 360 controller.

            PSOne games on the PS2 and PS3 with the Dualshock 2 and 3 controllers and SIXAXIS controller.

            PS2 games on backwards compatible PS3’s with PS3 controllers.

            So I understand where people are coming from. In the end though, I doubt there will be very many Wii games people are going to go back to that use that classic control scheme after the Wii U comes out.

            1. Its obvious cause ps1 to 3 and xbox to 360 has the exact same controller with minor differences. N64 to WiiU are completely different..

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              1. No, you just fail at realizing he’s light trolling. It really is bad enough that you don’t realize it and actually falling for it.

                    1. he will still reply to my comment even if i not replying to no one, also i did this already it did not work, you guys just reply to that clown for me…..what was the point for?

                      1. If that’s the case, ignore him, move on with life, he’ll eventually stop, simple as that. Replying just feeds him, let him starve.

                        1. he has been here for over two years, you think he will just bashing like that? i sorry i find that hard to believe, as much as you guys reply to him as well this will never end. in fact there still people argument about sega vs nintendo still this day, thats like 20 years. This is nothing compared to the others.

                      2. If you care for these console wars so much. The best thing to do is be one less victim to be engulfed in it, whether your on one side or the other, or objective but still in the crossfire. The more people learn to do this, the less of a bother this will become to the gaming community as a whole, although my lose of humanity says otherwise. But me personally, I really don’t give 1 damn about what a troll/fanboy says, I don’t let it get to me, Ignoring them is pretty much the best option as an “Individual”. Trust me, even though I was open minded as a gamer in my high school years, I now realized how stupid I was for giving a damn about something so trivial and it just kept the flame going. My last step was to ignore them. It really isn’t worth it. Learn from my mistake, but it’s your choice really.

                  1. But leave his comments alone,his comment’s are like petriuss’ comments about wii u and if it is a add on to wii.Leave it alone and let him comment because his kind of trolling is harmless and constant.

                    1. say that to the other people who post here, I don’t see you telling then to not reply but only me.
                      Also i did that but Aeolus still replies to non reply people no matter what.

                      1. I do that because you have more sense then the others.And they don’t reply often (not including unation(I did tell him to stop),dragon etc.They reply a lot).

                        1. well this is not going to change either way.
                          im sorry but im not promising you im not going to reply to him neither will the others. Don’t expect life to be all positive and expect someone with the same opinion.

      2. That is indeed very impressive. It’s settin the standard for this new generation. And I dont understand why people would assume it would work with wii games. I mean, yeah it would be a huge plus if that was so, but you gotta admit that it seemed pretty obvious it might not happen

        1. I agree. Besides, peripherals that aren’t backwards compatible isn’t a new thing, a Wii controller won’t work on a GameCube game, and I don’t think that original Xbox controller will work on Xbox 360.

      3. wow 80 hours. that sounds pretty great! and although it’s slightly disappointing that it doesn’t work with Wii games, i’m perfectly fine with the controller options that already exist for them so this is mostly good news

      4. The reason the wiiu controllers can’t work for the wii games is because all wii games run in “sandbox” mode on the wiiu. It’s designed so the wii mode can only see wii hardware and that’s why all games still run in 480 and why you can only control them with a wii controller. They did the same think with gc backwards compability on the wii.

          1. Yeah that’s what I was saying…
            You can ONLY play with the gc controler though, you can’t use a classic controller for gc games. similar to how you can ONLY play wii games with wii controllers on the wiiu.

            1. Ah i see. I’ve never owned a classic controller so i wouldn’t know. I see your point, so now it doesn’t bother me that I have to use the wii remote for wii games Lol

          1. Dat battery life… Luckily the wire is long and on a AC adapter so i can keep it plugged in *cough* ps3 controller -__- *cough*

        1. I know right, what scumbag didnt make games that use motion use analog stick, and have a gamepad without the ability to rewrite the games code to make that possible.

          Shut up.

      5. Dont know the battery on my ps3 controller, but 80 sounds awesome.

        And by Wii games, im guessing it still means you can you it for VC games? Understandable, seeing as the pro controller doesnt have any functions like motion ect

      6. what a shame. i was expecting to play VC games with it. at least, nintendo should allow developers to upgrade any wii game to allow them to be played with the wii u gamepad and wii u pro controller.

        1. I hope Nintendo allows the wii u pro controller and the wii u gamepad to emulate the classic controller in the near future. at least.

          1. I think VC titles will fall under the category of the new Nintendo eshop, which makes me believe they may function with the pro controller. Mind I have no proof of this statement and we will have to wait and see

      7. People will always find something to bitch about Nintendo. Of course it will not be able to be used with Wii games. Were Wii Remotes, or Pro Controllers able to be used on Gamecube? No ok then.

        1. i agree nintendo to get beat some needs to murder it ,sony you need to leave it alone they are doing a good job themselfs

          1. you fool,everybody grows up except from you because you have syndrome down HAHAHAHA HGAHAHAHAH (marik lough)

                    1. well what do you expect? i seen many fights on he internet most are non related to gaming. The most popular fight so far is the president election.

      8. Well obviously the Wii U Pro controller won’t be able to be used with Wii games. It was pretty expected. If people were smart and did their research they would’ve known this..

        80h? That should be the standard for next gen controllers so that’s pretty good on Nintendo’s part.

      9. I am sure it will be compatible with wii games im sure than wen you connect your wii u a update will happen to enable it

      10. I got one question can i still play my 64 games i downloaded on my wii then transfer to the wiiU and play with the wiiU pro controller?

                1. “Although Wii U is backward compatible with most Wii games, GameStop claims that the Wii U Pro Controller cannot be used with any Wii game; you cannot use any of Wii U’s controllers to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl, for example.”
                  again the only way VR games will work is to update VR games.

      11. 80 hours is already looking good to me. I think it doesn’t work with Wii games that used the Classic Controller because Nintendo knows that we have the Wiimotes, Nunchuks, and Classic Controllers for Wii games anyway. Besides my old C

      12. Guess I shouldn’t have passed on that Goldeneye CCP, then. Guess I’ll just pick a CCP up with Xenoblade.

        Good news about the 80-hour battery life, though.

      13. Wii is last Gen. We are moving onto the 8th gen now people. Pro Controller not working with Wii Games…..the point of playing Wii Games was to use the Wii Remotes. Herp Derp. Time to play Wii U games not want them to make you go backwords to only playing Wii Games on the Wii U.

      14. vait till zi xbox 720 und then tell your opinions hmhmhaha.Ze gaming industry cant go ahead because of your company und ze must stop,i also activate my magic card pot of greed,it allows me to draw 2 new ways for nintendo.
        1)Bomp up shitendo and leave no sign
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      15. Alright WiiU is supposed to be casual/hardcore system how does that work?daGamepad would look unappealing to some ppl.How would it get hardcore and casuals to b$Y it?

      16. MY FANS I AM SORRY BUT I SOLD MY LIFE TO THE DEVIL FOR EXCHANGE IWATAS HAND AND DICK!!! i also quit from nintendo cause i m tired and i cant create such useless things

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      18. I don’t get why people are getting disappointed about the controller part. Isn’t it obvious for a controller from next-gen to not work with a last-gen console? Obviously, a Wii Remote would not work with the GameCube, and GameCube Controllers would not work with the N64; therefore, Wii U Pro Controllers would not work with the Wii console.

        Unless I’m missing something here, feel free to correct me.

        1. They’re not talking about it working with a last-gen console, they’re talking about using the controller on the Wii U with last-gen games.

          For example: You could take Xbox games and play them on your Xbox 360 (those that were backwards compatible) with an Xbox 360 controller.

          You could take a PSOne disc-based game and play it on your PS2 with a PS2 controller.
          You could take a PSOne disc-based game and play it on your PS3 with a PS3 Dualshock 3 and SIXAXIS controller.
          You could take a PS2 disc-based game and play it on your PS3 (backwards compatible) with a PS3 controller.
          Same goes for downloadable PS2 and PSOne games on the PS3.

          So some people expected to be able to play some Wii games on their backwards compatible Wii U, with the Wii U’s Pro controller.

      19. Wow, announces news about a Wii U Pro Controller that is a very ncie design AND CAN LAST IMPRESSIVE 80 MOTHERFUCKING HOURS!!! –> Proceeds to complain about it not running Wii games (it’s not like you don’t have Wii-motes, right?)….

        I don’t understand people. I think I was born in the wrong planet. :/

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      21. Wii U failure list:

        1: No Blu-Ray/DVD.
        2: No Ethernet.
        3: No built in HDD.
        4: Does not upscale Wii games.
        5: GamePad/WUPC does not work with Wii games.
        6: No multitouch.
        7: No Analog shoulder buttons.
        8: No Optical Out.
        9: Lackluster launch lineup comprised of multiplatform titles readily available.
        10: Miiverse is basically PlayStation Home; No Nintendo Network details showing how the service matters.
        11: No Gamecube BC.
        12: GamePad only lasts 5 hours.
        13: GamePad cuts framerate to 30 fps when using two of them.
        14: Worst introductory “next-gen console” to ever be launched in the history of anything. By the mere FACT THAT IT DOES NOTHING VISUALLY NEXT-GEN COMPARED TO WHAT IS AVAILABLE NOW.

        But it’s okay, Nintendorks will gobble it all up and swallow it hole. While spouting horseshit claiming it will be “on par” in the next-generation, LOL.

        1. 1. Useless, most people have a separate DVD/Blu-Ray player already. I have both.
          2. What is Ethernet?
          3. Flash is just as good.
          4. Who cares? Most look fine as is.
          5. GamePad obviously wouldn’t work with Wii games but you have a point with the Pro Controller.
          6. Single touch is perfect since you also have physical buttons, which Smart Phones don’t, hence the need for multi-touch.
          7. When was that announced?
          8. What is Optical Out?
          9. The PS3 & 360 didn’t have perfect AAA launches either.
          10. I do wish Nintendo would give us more details about Nintendo Network, but i’m confident it will be great.
          11. So a 2012 console should support games from a 2001 console? The only reason Sony could support PS1&2 games on PS3 is because they were both CDs and easy to support, GameCube used Mini-DVDs. Supporting them would cost more and Nintendo most likely wanted the Wii U to be more affordable.
          12. It has a screen in it dumbass, of coarse the battery would be short.
          13. Most games won’t use two to begin with so it doesn’t matter.
          14. I’ll leave it to Sony and Microsoft to release their 599 US Dollar 4K compatible consoles. 1080p is fine for me.

          1. 1: “Most people” will want to avoid excess clutter so the excuse is as old as the internet itself.
            3: Hell no it isn’t.
            4: Plenty of people who care about getting rid of those ugly jaggies do.
            5: How is it “obvious”? It’s the exact same button layout.
            6: Absolute nonsense.
            7: Doesn’t need to be announced, people around found out through hands-on with it. You’ll see why it’s an issue with certain Gamecube titles when they inevitably try to resell them, though.
            8: WTF DUDE?
            9: Doesn’t mean this one is entitled to follow suit.
            10: LOL NO.
            11: There is absolutely no point being made here. The GC had an optical format which Wii also played quite fine due to the design of the optical drive. How much more it’d cost is highly irrelevant when you have yet another purchase incentive, which this has now lost.
            12: That’s an excuse, how?
            13: Didn’t have to be that way if they made a standard primary controller for once.
            14: I didn’t realize you were that much of an idiot.

        2. 1.OMG WHO THE HELL CARES?!We are tlking about videogames,not extras.
          2.*Internet.And yes there is.And even if there wasn’t,you have a computer already at home,why do it there.
          4.Graphics doesn’t matter.
          5.Who would expect it to?Plus,yes it does.Nintendo said it some time ago.
          7.What do you mean?
          9.That’s your opinion,and more people disagree than agree with you
          10.So you’d rather not have it and,yet again,complain?
          11.It will be on the eshop and it can’t support something for two generations
          12.It’s not like your gonna play for 5 hrs strait right(well,you have no life)?
          13.No it does not.If you actually looked online or look at nintendo’s praise,you would find that it’s still 60 fps
          14.AStill your opinion……

          Somebody had to to it bro…..

        3. does not upscale wii games? so you actually believe you’re playing your game with black borders? XD
          of course it will upscale the games
          only thing that has been confirmed is that wii games won’t suddenly run in 720p.. but that is not considered upscaling

          no ethernet.. what is wrong with WLAN? and don’t try to bullshit me with “high latencies” or “connection errors”
          my PC is running on WLAN 24/7.. latency is almost exactly the same as with an ethernet cable (+ 1-2ms which is not at all noticeable.. especially with a console where the TV will already take its snug 60-80ms to even output the picture) and the connection is rock solid

          no optical out.. and what seems to be the problem with that? most TVs don’t have an optical in to start with… and quality isn’t any better than with hdmi either so yeah.. completely unnecessary feature

          no built in HDD means i won’t have to pay for it if i don’t need it
          if i want to have one i can buy a cheap external one at the store instead of paying premium pricing for a built in HD as was the case with xbox 360 and ps3

          lackluster launch lineup? to my knowledge there’s 9 exclusives… the ps3 had 6 exclusives when it launched.. the xbox360 wasn’t much better in that regard either
          so much for that
          quite a few of the other third party games, like epic mickey, are launched at the same time as the wii-u

          so what if the miiverse fulfills the same functions as the PSN.. why does it matter?

          no GC BC.. are you kidding? which console i ask you has ever been able to support 2 of its predecessors? nintendo is already top notch when it comes to backwards compatibility (as compared to say.. sony or microsoft) so the compatibility the wii-u currently offers is definitely not a fail but a win… expect sony and microsoft systems to have fading backwards compatibility on their systems after the first year just like last time… if they have BC at all

          battery life .. yeah.. how long does the vita last again? oh right up to 5 hours… the vita may have more processing power, however the screen of the pad is about 50% bigger and streaming high resolution videos isn’t exactly a power conserving task
          the ipad won’t last any longer either if it’s constantly in use
          5 hours is plenty for any kind of game session and i’m sure most will agree

          fps drops to 30 when using 2 pads… yeah only on the 2 gamepads, most likely due to bandwidth limitations… fps on the TV will be unaffected
          how is that a fail exactly?

          and last but not least: xbox 360 and ps3 hardly looked next gen either when they were released.. first thing i thought when watching footage of kameo elements of power was “wait what.. that’s it?”
          aside from the resolution most late xbox games already looked pretty much the same
          at the time the only thing that looked great about them were the tech demos and that was it

          2 or 3 valid points in there i grant you that.. but everything else is a fail on your part ;)

          1. correction: ps3 was of course able to play ps1 games.. however versions other than the first 20GB and 60GB model (and these were only available for half a year) had absolutely terrible support of ps2 games and after about 1 more year ps2 backward compatibility was completely off the table
            you can hardly call that stellar in comparison

            1. Your point was moot. The fact was that it did it with two generations of systems initially, nothing else according to such matters.

              They would have kept it too if the Emotion Engine was actually working properly with Cell, by why keep things half-assed?

              1. exactly.. so they removed it because the whole backward compatibility was half assed to begin with
                so a system supporting the predecessor for less than half a year and the one before that for longer is better than a system supporting the predecessor for its whole life cycle? how does that add up?

          2. Extremely well written , I was going to attempt to write this but I scrolled down to check if someone got there first . And you hit the nail right on the head . What he said was quite simply – Ass hurt clownism .

            No blu ray ?? propietary 25GB optical discs with 3 times the disc reading speed of the ps3’s blu ray. But still we need blu ray right ??? pffft . Blu ray player for £65 in England.

              1. I was , Until I read kehools comment which made you look like ans ass hurt pony drone. You lost hard . I did nothing except compliment that soul destroying comment of kehools .

          3. 1:

            2: What’s wrong with both? Why are they forcing more shit on the consumer to purchase?
            3: I can easily tell you have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to the importance of that with people who actually care about their sound. COOL, LET’S MAKE EVERYONE ELSE’S AGING AUDIO SYSTEMS USELESS. THAT’LL WORK OUT ALL SWELL, HYUCK HYUCK!
            4: You aren’t everybody else, therefore fuck you when it comes to a HDD.
            5: 9 exclusives? That nobody relevant gives a shit about or aren’t too stupid to fall for hyped up titles that easily become the next Red Steel.
            6: The PlayStation 3 (original). If you want to get technical, the GBA too.
            7: This is a controller, not a fucking portable media player with its own internals; your point was lost as soon as you brought up the Vita. Also, “5 hours” will vanish in no time with people who like off and on usage. I don’t even have to recharge my dualshock for a week on average. What’s worse is this seemingly doesn’t support USB charging either, I am not plugging this shit in my already used up sockets.
            8: Any sort of drop from something so trivial like that is a fail.
            9: LOL. Ridge Racer 7, Kameo, Madden, Perfect Dark, freaking Viva Pinata even (I know I’m missing more), but ALL OF THOSE were clearly over the generation preceeding them. The Wii U has shown NOTHING doing that.

            Kameo looks like a Xbox game? Okay show me a comparable title from the original Xbox then. This ought to be good.

            1. Xbox 1.5 launch looked a tiny bit better than xbox . I remember thinking what the fuck is this thing ?? Then gears of wars 1 came out and I was like ”the next gen of graphics is finaly here” .

              Resistance 1 on ps3 looks like a donkeys dick today compared to the glorious looking resistance 3. Ridge racer 7 looks like a 1080- cats ass hole aswell .

            2. 1. exactly what i said.. the link you posted has nothing to do with upscaling.. upscaling is simply the process of bloating up the signal to a higher resolution.. even IF the wii-u couldn’t do that.. then the TV would do it.. it’s not magic
              2. what do you have to buy extra? the only option of the two that requires you to buy something extra is the ethernet port.. because you need an ethernet cable.. literally every router you can buy nowadays supports WLAN.. nothing to buy extra there

              3. most decent modern TVs actually have an optical out so -> connect wii-u to TV via hdmi -> connect “aging sound system” to TV via optical
              or are you trying to tell me that people kept their aging sound systems around all these years JUST so they could connect it to their wii-u? yeah not very likely… likely is that IF you have one you’ll also have an option to connect it somewhere e.g. as i already mentioned the TV
              if you care about your sound like that you’ll have a TV like that
              if you don’t.. well.. not very smart is it?
              (also did you mix up your own order there?)
              end of story
              4. neither are you so why don’t you fuck yourself? ;)
              5. that YOU don’t give a shit about.. fortunately you aren’t relevant either since you obviously won’t buy a wii-u -> case closed
              6. already elaborated on that
              7. it’s got no internals? yeah i bet it doesn’t since video streaming doesn’t require any internals everyone knows that…it’s just an empty husk with a battery and a screen mounted on top
              my god
              8. no idea what you’re talking about since your numbers in no way represent your original post
              9. their resolution was improved.. that was about it

              splinter cell chaos theory for example
              increase the resolution to 720p, apply slightly better textures, sell it as an xbox360 game.. nobody would have noticed the difference..
              same goes for doom 3

              1. addition to 9. and the textures of course.. the larger ram allowed for that but i already mentioned that anyway.. oh wii-u allows for better textures aswell btw
                and once games are being published in 1080p on a regular basis the jump in graphics will be absolutely the same as it initially was from xbox -> xbox 360

              2. 1: You know very fucking well what I meant by “upscaling”, you can enjoy your 480p jaggy garbage on that TV, though.
                2: Implying the entire world is wireless.
                3: Sure thing, let’s throw shit all over the place. That’ll be swell.
                4: Or how about you? You can’t even fucking type in a presentable manner and you’re a 25 year old basement dweller who will suck Nintendo off for anything they do and quickly come at their aid when their bullshit is being point out. Like every moronic fanboy on here. Open wide, because they’re giving you your “daily dose”.
                5: And the (hard)core market, nobody gives a fuck about whatever “exclusives” are on the Wii U besides Nintendiots. Nintendiots are as you might have guessed: Nobodies.
                6: Accomplished nothing noteworthy with it either.
                7: Nice of you to completely avoid the implication there, the stupidity is mesmerizing.
                8: Framerate drop fail is fail, tell Nintendo to present some modern hardware rather than custom shit straight out of 2008. What a pathetic joke.
                9: And virtually every fucking thing else, but I forgot you’re one of those hipsters who are actually stupid enough to insinuate those are last generation graphics. My bad.

                Chaos Theory?

                Safe to say you’re suffering from some sort of visual disorder at this point.

                1. 1. no i do not.. if you mean native 720p then say it
                  and no of course they won’t be in native 720p.. the games would require modification for that to work
                  2. yes.. yes it is :)
                  try to find a consumer router that actually doesn’t have wlan
                  you’ll have a hard time
                  3. right.. possessing a TV AND a stereo is suddenly “throwing shit all over the place”
                  unfortunately you’re gonna need the TV anyway if you want to play on a console
                  or are you feeling overwhelmed when confronted with handling that many connectors(2)?
                  stop whining and deal with it, it’s ridiculous
                  4. want me to reply “no you!” now or what? because you crying and flinging shit like the runt of the monkey compount doesn’t really warrant any other reply.. thought you might have something of more substance.. nope.. just diarrhea
                  oh and since your typing is so presentable, care to tell me what kind of sentence structure this is? because i’m really not sure

                  “That nobody relevant gives a shit about or aren’t too stupid to fall for hyped up titles that easily become the next Red Steel.”

                  5. and here you are still thinking that you’re “hardcore” and everyone else isn’t
                  6. yes i did in fact.. pretty much established that backwards compatibility on the ps3 was half assed.. your words, not mine
                  7. nice of you to think that electronics are some kind of magic box that makes everything work on thin air and you giving it a rub every once in a while
                  processing intensive tasks such as video streaming (and rendering) require a lot of power
                  8. streaming a 854 x 480 video at 60Hz(or 2 x 854 x 480 at 30Hz) using tech similar to bluetooth and with no noticeable lag? yeah that’s actually quite impressive
                  at 24bpp that’s a whopping 70MB/s of uncompressed video.. now look at the bluetooth specifications and you have your proof that this is actually state of the art
                  9. right of course they were not last generation graphics.. the models were just as chunky on the xbox 360 as they were in the late xbox games by accident
                  you keep telling yourself that

                      1. 0, absolutely nothing was given.

                        By the way, perhaps you can eliminate your lifetime virginity by opening up your mouth wide enough for Reggie to blow his jizz load of Wii inside of it. You seem to enjoy it.

                        1. I’ll pass, next thing you know you’ll be seen sandwiched between the other Nintendo fanboy faggots on here.

                        2. right
                          i take it you ran out of anything meaningful to say then and i’ll take this one home for the team ;)

                          feel free to insult me some more
                          i can take it
                          better me than your mom right? she might actually ground you

                        3. That’s funny, because your previous posts right here weren’t meaningful in any significant way.

                          How’s your dungeon of PC parts out of the 90s treating you? I know it’s hard maintaining a straight face when your trapped with no sunlight down there.

                        4. what’s funny is that you actually replied to it.. pages
                          can’t be that meaningless i figure
                          and now you have nothing left to say
                          i think i’m outta here you’re starting to bore me

                        5. If you actually found entertainment out of this, then that basically confirms that you have absolutely no form of an active social life beyond the internet. I bet that’s correct too, because I’m 100% sure you’re a pussy off of it.

                          I know what bores -me- though: your skank mother who left her thong at my house. You can drop by and pick it up.

                2. 1. Irrelevant. DVD is obsolete and If you dont own a Blu-Ray by now then you wont have any Blu-Ray movies anyway.
                  2. Hrmm, You could run a 40ft cable accross the room or go wire-less, Nintendo is doing the people with penny pinching wives, GF, and mom’s in you’re case Aelous, a favour by finally giving them a reason to buy a new router and get with the times.
                  3. What are ya new? it has either an 8gb or 32gb flash drive and that destroys any built in HDD from the previous gen of consoles, also you can add a HDD of any size through USB thus making the Wii U the most versatile on the market and very appealing to just about everyone, except for you I guess.
                  4. Agreed. A little surprising actually, it really should have.
                  5. Irrelevant. Anyone who owns wii games also owns a wii console and therefore the controllers they need to play the games they already have as well, wii devices are compatible with Wii U.
                  6. LMAO. How any hands do you have? I mean come on dude, multi-touching a screen while using analog sticks…while pressing buttons…while trying to hold the controller and all at the same time you’re trying to focus on the game itself. Damn that’s retarded even for you.
                  7. Unnecessary.
                  8. HDMI obsoleted this years ago.
                  9. Not sure if you serious or not so ill leave this one.
                  10. What’s your complaint exactly?
                  11. Aww man you’re on to something here. I mean where’s the nes, snes, 64 support as well. Congratulations! You just won the assclown of the week award for this complaint.
                  12. 5 hours is plenty. If you’re too lazy to stand up and walk over to the console to plug in the controller when it’s batteries are depleted then maybe some exercise would do ya good. While its recharging. You could walk up and down the stairs a few times, take it slow.
                  13. Use a Pro-Controller then, and you’re not foolin anyone, you don’t have any friends anyways.
                  14. Launch games dude. Some of them look pretty damn good btw. Also if it’s graphics you are in dire need for, ask you’re mom for a new PC, tell her you will clean you’re room and make you’re bed for a whole week without being told.

                  1. Trying way too hard. Come back when you’re considerably less of a faggot and not suffering from Nintendrone butt-devastation.

                      1. he’s angry now and when he’s angry he’s unable to articulate
                        give him some time and he might come up with something completely ridiculous though
                        very entertaining

        4. oh i forgot number 5:
          of COURSE they don’t work with wii games
          wii games were created for the controller schemes of the wii not for the wii-u gamepad… there is no way they could work without modifying the game itself.. as if it wasn’t obvious

          1. Control schemes that also happened to be using other things than the Wii Remote (SSBB, Sonic Colors, etc).

            The defense here for this is mind boggling retarded, that is no shape or form an excuse. They’re just wanting to make bank on old peripherals.

            1. old peripherals that are required for the wii-u in the first place

              the wii remote is still part of the system

              besides someone who’s in possession of old wii games kinda should have old wii hardware lying around anyway don’t you think?

              any other controller that these games you listed support was available at that time and thus the games could be adapted for it… the gamepad and the pro controller were not.. or would you like to disagree?

              your reply is what’s mind bogglingly (bogglingly.. not boggling.. “presentable”.. remember? i think you shouldn’t even have started with that.. it’s kind of embarrassing for you) retarded right now

              1. The Wii Remote is part of it because they want to bank on old shit, hello.

                For everybody else done with the Wii, and wanting to use that 360 clone on it instead, you’re screwed. Now you need to plug in that CCP in that boat anchor dildo. Good job.

                Start using your shift/caps key before you throw “retarded” around. It’s not too fucking hard, dipshit.

                1. start using your brain before hitting your face on your keyboard.. everything you type looks like a faceroll to me

                  again: games have to be modified in order for a new controller scheme to work with them.. you can’t seem to get it in your head.. maybe facerolling on your keyboard some more will actually help

                  1. Then tell the lazy fat fucks at Nintendo HQ to “modify” them. Actually, that’s not happening, I forgot $$$ is their only food source along with their legion of social rejects for “gamers”.

                    Where is your proper use of capitals when necessary? Shift. Fucking. Key.

                    1. necessary? where is it necessary? so i can waste it on you? hardly :)

                      i’m sure if you ask really really nice nintendo will send mario over to fix your wii discs for you
                      and once you’re done with your acid trip you can start getting a grip on the real world again

                    2. If Nintendo’s physically fit casual gamers are social rejects, what does that make the basement dwelling middle-aged gamers who make up Sony and Microsoft’s audience? Also, every company is in it to make money, shocking for someone of your intellect, I know.

            2. Well no fucking duh. Someone really should give you a medal, who would have guessed that a company wants to make money off of products that they make.

        5. I dont see any problems here. Getting it nov 18. Will be the best console ever made with a very long and prosperous lifetime.

          1. Are you a fucking idiot? You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. They’d have to pay royalty fees (of what, 2-$17?) to have Blu-Ray playback.

        6. 1. Adds on to cost
          2. Since when was it confirmed?
          3. Lowers cost and most don’t make effective use of all of that space
          4. Agreed
          5. Why would you expect it to?
          6. Pointless for console games
          7. Not known
          8. Who cares?
          9. More than what I can say about the PS3/360’s launch which were AWFUL in comparison
          10. Not sure if serious
          11. Why isn’t the PS3 backwards compatible with the PS2?
          12. It has a screen on it so no shit
          13. No shit, that’s what split-screen does
          14. Neither did the PS3/360

      22. it comes as no surprise that none of the wii-u controllers work with wii games.. the games were made for the controller scheme of the wii.. you can’t start up a game with completely different controls and expect to work without any modification

      23. Do you know why the PS4 and NextBox controllers aren’t compatible with PS3 and xBox360?
        Because they don’t play ANY of the last gen games.
        I made that up, but it is possible.

        In anycase, simce WiiU IS compatible with all my current controllers, I don’t need it to be compatible.
        For people who are just buying a Wii, they have no use for the WiiU Pro controller, and the Wii controllers are already dropping in price. Honestly, everybody wins.

      24. That’s very impressive. Not a problem that it doesn’t work on the Wii games. It would’ve been nice but it’s not a dealbreaker. CCP is cheap now anyway. Leave luck to heaven.

      25. 80 hours of juicy JRPG “nonstop for charge” gameplay for me. >:D

      26. Shame. 80 hrs is nice, but really not necessary, and being able to play wii games on it would have been great.

        Oh well.

      27. Note: 3DS NYKO POWER GRIP PRO HAS 3X EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE,A CIRCLE PAD AND ZL AND ZR TRIGGERS,AND A PROTECTION CASE.was that considered advertising? anyways it’s canceled but this happened so consider it releasing. 80 hours is almost 4 days straight btw and thank god it has a built in battery im tired of buying recharchable ones.And guys microsoft is out of the picture it’s been Sony vs Nintendo.Now M$ fans just don’t make any sense like aeolus who sux dick

      28. Then how am I supposed to play smash bros. brawl on the wii u? I guess I’ll be keeping my wii so I can use a proper controller for one of the system’s best games. I can’t see why Nintendo doesn’t just do a little bit of simple programming to have the wii u pro send the same signal as the wii classic controller when the wii u is playing a wii game. It would be so frikin easy :[ so easy in fact I’ll bet that the first wii u mod we’ll see will enable wii u pro controller for wii games. Mark my words, it’ll happen.

        1. The Wii classic controller is compatible with the Wii U, so you can play smash bro’s brawl on the Wii U using the classic controller.

      29. I dont see a problem with the pro controller not working with Wii games, it for the Wiiu games. The Wiiu has a sensor bar for the Wii controller.

      30. The point people are missing here is that most Wii games don’t really use the Classic controller setup, while about a 100% of the VC games use the Classic controller setup (except they’re not Wii games, are they?). To say that Brawl requires it is not an excuse, because it’s an option, not a requirement. Your inability to adapt to the now-traditional nunchuck+remote setup is what’s causing you to complain like a fool child. Plus, that’s like only one game out of the hundreds that use at least the Wii remote or Wii remote plus nunchuck. Bottom line: making the pro controller compatible with Wii games is not only unnecessary, it’s also impossible, considering the Wii games do not natively use classic controller setup. It’s inane to think that the Wii U doesn’t have controllers compatible with Wii games (Wii remote and nunchuck combo); likewise, it is also just as inane to claim that a console doesn’t need controllers compatible with the previous gen. That’s just silly.

        1. Your stupid. WiiU will run in sandbox mode (and)allowing all wii accessories connect.Wii Remote reconizes cc via nunchuck port.WiiU reconizes Pro controller as wii remote with CC (or CCP ).But nintendo doesn’t have to include that(and will not since it will not work on othergames) anyone thinks that the pro controller will have the gyroscope and accelerator that would be weird but awesome at the same time. Pro controller+

          1. It’s not because of a lack of support, i’m sure development on the Wii U version started later than the others. I just hope it’s not too much later.

            1. There’s still plenty of quality third party games that have not been confirmed to be coming to the Wii U. Until they show me as well as others that they are serious about it I wont take them seriously.

              1. On the other hand I buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games and I will also buy any good exclusive that comes from another developer e.g. Rayman Legends and Bayonetta 2.

              2. and serious = wii remote support polished and game pad suport polished just porting and giving us OUTA DATE CONTROLS LIKE A WANK 360 I AINY BUYING

      31. Why do you all keep replying to Aelous if he’s just a no life fatass trying to piss you all off. There is no point in reasoning with someone who has no life or is clearly a fucking dumbass.

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      33. If I wanna play a Wii game on my Wii U, like SSBB or Tatsunoko vs Capcom, then I’ll plug in my CCP…it’s not an issue that the WUP controller doesn’t support Wii games

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      35. il be using the wii remote for fps etc WONT I 3RD PARTYS or else i dont buy its that simple pro pad yeah il use that for 2d and gamecube down loads

        il be gamepading and wii remoting my wiiu core games RETRO CLASSIC OUTA DATE PADS i dont want

        that includes you battlefield 4 OR I DONT BUY second stick gaming is OLD

      36. Can’t people just be glad that they have several different controllers?
        Choose whatever you like best or go buy Kinectfailure

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