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Mutant Mudds – Free Update Release Date, Trailer

Mutant Mudds receives 20 brand-new levels this week, via an update. The update is completely free and becomes available on October 18th in Europe and October 25th in North America. To view the trailer above in glasses-free 3D, head on over to the Nintendo eShop from your Nintendo 3DS.

13 thoughts on “Mutant Mudds – Free Update Release Date, Trailer”

  1. Mutant Mudds is Awesome! i would have happily paid for this extra content. it does get tough, but even my 9 year old daughter played it for hours on end. she needed some help with a few bits, and has some levels still to clear. it is the sort of game you keep going back to, even tho its tough, its very different to mario or sonic, but every bit as addictive 9/10 for me!

    GET IT!

  2. Cant wait!! love the original more than any game on the 3DS .These new levels look grueling and awesome. playing as the grandma is nice touch, and new vertical jumps is sick as hell.

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