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SNES Themed Wii U Pro Controller Coming

Those of you looking for something a little retro-themed for your Wii U may want to take a closer look at this Super Nintendo themed Wii U Pro controller. The peripheral isn’t developed by Nintendo, but is available via a third-party peripheral manufacturer. Australian games retailer EB Games will be stocking the device, which is about $30 less than the estimated price for the official Wii U Pro Controller.

Thanks to those that sent this in.

127 thoughts on “SNES Themed Wii U Pro Controller Coming”

    1. Yes! definitely going to pick this up, though I wish they still stuck to colour coding their buttons (wii mote being the exception)

        1. Please tell me there’s one made of Australim (i know it’s fake but still). That would be so awesome and would give a somewhat good reason for Valve to release TF2 on Wii U

          1. if they sell this in the us, i’ll definately buy it. i love all of the memories i had with the snes, it would be kindof cool to have a controller for a modern system that resembels it lol

      1. Yeah, there’s probably a reason it’s $30 less. You usually get what you pay for. Plus, is sickr saying it’s SNES themed just because it somewhat resembles the color of a SNES controller or is the manufacturer actually making that claim? I ask this because the a, b, x, and y button colors aren’t right.

        1. I got a strong feeling we’ll see a pink and aqua blue wii u pro controller in the future (which is cool my female friends tend to grab the girl colored controller no matter WHAT I’m playing) I’m really hoping for a MH3 ultimate or Injustice GAU version!

            1. Its the motion control Girls like to do active things. That zumba fitness and the “experience” games have a high female fanbase I definitely gotta get Hip Hop Dance experience I’m a b boy at heart!

        2. Don’t care about different colors, although this one looks pretty cool…I’m interested in a gamecube style pro controller, with the clickable pressure triggers and perhaps button layout…I’d buy that in a heartbeat…

        3. Speaking of different colours, wasn’t there initially something said about a skin for the Wii U and Pro controller in the ZombiU bundle? That seems to have been forgotten.

    1. Same. I never got any 3rd party Wiimotes or anything, because I had loads of GC controllers and they are broke in some way or other. Interestingly, the one that broke quickest was a GAME branded one that they charged £15 for.

        1. i work in a special needs school, and blind people can use a computer and internet thanks to a text to braile device. however, since they dont play games, i doubt they would be in this site..

  1. I’m going to stick with the official ones. It looks like the SNES controller was forcefully shoved into the Wii U Pro Controller.

  2. I’m still getting the first party controller. I’ve been burned too many times on third party crap that just doesn’t feel right or work right. So I’m reluctant on this. But it does look nice, if it comes out in North America, and the price is right, I may get it as a second Pro controller.

  3. *_* that is the most epic controller I’ve ever seen. It is a shame that it’s not a first party peripheral. But mannn let that bad boy come to America. I’d definitely pick it up

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  5. Looks very interesting. I would get a white black and the pro controller but it is a third party controller. Which means NO. I am not getting it.

    1. Useless and boring? That’s why Nintendo made a controller EXACTLY like the XBOX 360’s (except for the second stick placement)?

      Oh, but they did it half as good though, because it doesn’t have analogue triggers. So racing games means there’s no variable speeds when pushing down the trigger for gave/movement. You’re either moving full-speed or not, unlike XBOX 360 games where you can press it just a little bit to go forward slowly, or press it down all the way to go fast. Kind of important in racing, as well as many other game types.

      Before you go fanboyishly bashing a company’s controller, maybe you should check your logic ;) You basically just called the Wii U Pro controller useless and boring, as it’s the same as XBOX’s in every way that matters.

      Besides, you have NO clue what Sony or Microsoft is going to do with their next console. All you can do is needlessly and ignorantly bash them, saying “ZOMG THEY’LL MAKE CRAP CONSOLES, NINTENDO FTW! DEEEERRRP!”

      Instead of being such a 1-console fanboy twat, why don’t you try being a REAL gamer and embrace ALL consoles? They each have their own strengths, and to limit yourself to just one is fucking stupid. Period. Unless you’re like a vast majority of NIntendo fanboys and you’re like, 12 years old and don’t have your own money, and your parents can only buy you one console, so you chose the Wii like a div chld.

      (BTW, don’t even bother trying to use the “Oh I *DO* have all the consoles, I just like Nintendo better!” argument; it’s plainly obvious you don’t have them, and that you’re just an idiot fanboy. Being a fanboy for ANY one console is stupid, ESPECIALLY Nintendo).

      1. I have ps3, wii, vita (about to sell) and 3DS And yes I like Nintendo more. So what there are some of us that feel this way. Get over it! I do agree Ninty went a bit in the way of 360 with the design..but hell where did the 4 button layout and shoulder buttons come from? RIGHT! so lets not go there with who started what! One thing’s for sure the vita/smartglass ain’t gonna fly when you have to buy $250-$400 worth of extra shit HAHA!

          1. Huh? Dude I’m like one of the biggest Nintendo fans but I’m not blind! the Wii U pro controller’s outline shape is that of the 360 sir I know because I’ve had 2 of those sons of bitches blow out on me (no offense I don’t bash) but yeah the GAMECUBE controllers had a unique shape. Are we all looking at the same thing?

      2. The image in the article should prove beyond reasonable doubt that this ‘copied from the 360’ controller is just an evolution of the SNES design (which in itself was an evolution of a variety of things before it), and that the 360 and the PS3 controller are both different evolutions of that same SNES design. The PS3 controller especially, as the very first PS controller created was quite literally a SNES pad, and it evolved from there.

        1. Yes this is true everthing after the SNES pad (for the most part) was just size and 2 more shoulder buttons. I do like how Nintendo kept their. Z buttun idea though it makes them stand out! Theres also the x arcade adaptor that turns any ps2 controller/steering wheel/flightstick into a pro controller Ilk be grabbing one of those in case Mad Cats gets lazy and decides not to give Wii U an appropriate assortment of peripherals.

      3. Which is why the 360 copied the GameCube controller with analog triggers? Also, since when was it confirmed the Wii-U Pro Controller doesn’t have them? You make this so easy VanillaIcy.

        1. So you’re basically saying that Nintendo copied someone who copied themselves? Who’s the fanboy again? It’s fairly obvious you dislike Nintendo, why do you come here? I have yet to see you post ONE positive comment.


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  8. cannot stand 3rd party brittle plastic analog stick dont work pads ,,IF I WANTED A SHIT PAD ID BUY A DUALSHOCK,, also shit like a 3rd party pad in fact i bet the 3rd party dualshocks are better than sonys because there own pads literally stink up gaming like a dead mother
    the most uncomfortable pad in all history and the sloppy sticks i could kill a fool over them

  9. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. It literally looks like a crappy Photoshop job, like the ones we saw of the Wii U GamePad before we knew what it looks like.

    Absolutely terrible.

  10. Controller looks gorgeous in the pic <3 I hope this gets released and hope that the pic is not some Photoshop done by some random person on the internet lol.

  11. A great example of how backwards design has gone. Look at how much extra garbage we have “added” in the last 2 gens. SNES controller was a near perfect design.

    1. Cancer post right here.

      Firstly, it was 3 generations back.
      Second, what the hell are you talking about extra garbage? Its natural progression.
      We NEED analogs to move in 3D environments, thats the entire reason the N64 had an analog stick.

      Complain about the lack of innovation past the ps1 controller. The fact we still use an analog to aim in shooters.

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    1. Aeolus a no life prick

      I’m looking at it right now, you are a piece of shit you low life fuck. Leave the computer once in awhile

        1. Aeolus a no life prick

          This coming from the no life who comments on EVERY FUCKING POST. Go get laid sometime instead of settling for porn. No one probably wants you anyways so it’s no wonder why you’re so pissed :)

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  14. id love a official quality pro pad with the gamecube lay out buttons and sticks i hate the old fashioned diamond shaped button lay out i love the gamecubes layout i expect pro pad and gaqmepad both have sticks of gamecube pad quality anything less is SONY LIKE yuk!!!

  15. Where is Australia anyway...

    lol! Is it just Australia?? If so who even lives there? They should release it in the U.S where people actually live….

      1. Thanks for showing everyone how fucking retarded Americans are…

        America..the country which thinks pizza is a vegetable.

        They also know more about rappers personal lives than the current election.

        Australia>the mole on my left foot>America.

        1. Please don’t lump everyone in there…there are a few intelligent people…a few…though, as hilariously not hilarious as it is, I think most people in America actually fit your description…

  16. I saw this the other day at Amazon, they even have the original with the old purple buttons, you know the American one. I’d jump on this but I know not to trust third-party peripherals, never again ever since I broke my fair share of them on the Gamecube. Still pretty nice.

  17. You know, seeing this reminded me that Nintendo is the only console dev that doesn’t colour code their buttons anymore. I love Ninty, but that shit sucks, man.

  18. got to love playstaion witth the shapes on the buttons LIKE WE ARE 2 YEARS OLD lol at triangle and shit like a babys walker

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