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Watch Dogs Now Confirmed For Wii U


Ubisoft has issued a press release which states that Watch Dogs will officially be coming to Wii U when the game launches later this year. Watch Dogs has long been rumoured to be coming to Wii U with multiple online retailers listing the game for release on the format. A leaked poster which was published confirmed that the game is coming this holiday season for all consoles.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.

387 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Now Confirmed For Wii U”

    1. Calm down, man. They are getting versions for both PS3 and PS4. The most important thing is that this game is now confirmed for Wii U. Period.

      But I’m still waiting for Bioshock Infinite.

      1. I’m very happy for this! another excellent game confirmed for Wiiu. PS4 Looks interesting , and i WILL buy one , but i’m 3DS , WIIU man all the wat this gen.

          1. Uploading your clips to the facebook page…fucking usless. who goes to facebook to watch videos? Sony should have made the share button go to youtube not fucking facebook.

              1. Except he’s right. Video sharing is a good idea. Video sharing to facebook is wasted potential.

                Just think of all the “let’s play” videos on youtube, and how this would make that easier, for example.

                1. and nowhere was it mentioned that youtube wouldn’t be a potential option, especially given how both current playstation platforms have it and even certain games support it. alternatively, just take the goddamn video and upload it to YT elsewhere

                  use your head

                    1. They don’t need to say shit for a console that’s launch in the holiday season, they explained the feature. That’s that.

                      Now use your fucking head.

        1. For me the new gameplay demo of Watch Dogs was the highlight of the PS4 reveal. The graphics were great in the other demos but the gameplay itself was boring to watch. Hoping E3 is better.

          1. Look up some gameplay videos on youtube. They are much better than what was shown at the press conference today. Remember that they had limited time to show off Watch Dogs so you might want to find a seven minute long gameplay video.

          2. I know , the PS4’s graphics weren’t THAT impressive. But in one one way they were. For start of console life graphics they were amazing. I expect the Wiiu WHEN MAXED OUT (Zelda Wiiu) to look pretty much as good as them , like the Zelda tech demo for example.

            But once Developers max PS4 out in a 2-3 years it will have better graphics than Wiiu. But wiiu will still have excellent modern DX10/11 graphics albeit probably at a lower resoloution.

            Most Wiiu games will come at 720p native to allow the devs to squeeze more juice out of it.

            1. Watchdogs footage shown was running on a PC again, so we’ve yet to see exactly how it will look on any consoles yet.

              1. I aint dreaming mate. The Wiiu when maxed out will look close to a ps4 I kid you not. The Wiiu will have Zelda tech demo graphics eventually , we aint sen nothing yet.

        2. i agree. this next generation im going to try to be as well rounded. this generation, for the longest time, i just had a wii and a 360. now i also have a beefed up pc, a wiiu, a 3ds and a vita, and seeing ass all ps4 games will be playable via stream to my dusty underplayed vita, im all for it.

    2. Nintendo needs to keep their cards closer to their chest in future. It’s like Sony let’s Nintendo test the waters see how their ideas are received and then tries to improve on the good ones. The vita has been able to asynchronously play games etc all along but they have never plugged this as I key selling point until they see how it was received first. I appreciate they are trying to build on that experience but I don’t understand why they don’t have enough faith in their innovation to be bold and put something out there rather than just try and cover aes of the other consoles. The whole unique feature and selling point of the wii u was the asynchronous play but as they released early it has given the other sony the opportunity to cover this withtheir system. What Sony showed was pretty sweet but I just wanted them to take a whole new direction with something totally innovative and different not just build upon ideas we have already seen in some form. In future Nintendo should let the other two reve
      al their ideas first

      1. Key selling point. Paying £200 extra for the Vita console on top of the £400 you’re paying for the PS3. And it only does SOME too.

        But on the plus side there won’t be the excuse for devs for the Gamepad screen.

      1. I been thinking about something realy wierd if the ps4 is has powerful has we know and developers know it why do i see more support now that the ps4 hasta ben anounced?

            1. Developers already know what the PS4 can do as evidenced by the previews of games in development for it, which has nothing to do with the conference today.

              1. But there is much info about the console vital for purchase that we dont know like if the system is going full digital. Dont know but ps4 leave whit more questions than aswers.

                1. Yeah and Nintendo answered all questions about the Wii U when it was first revealed.

                  By the way it’s “with” not “whit”.

      1. except that would cost like $8,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (i like to exaggerate)

        there’s a reason why people stick with one console…..well, for a while, at least.

        1. Same for me. Wii U for Nintendo games, PS4 for Sony games and third party games and PC for Steam. Screw Microsoft, Xbox isn’t worth getting for me.

  1. Was nice to see some more gameplay footage too.

    Running on PC again, but still.

    Will be interesting to see how all the versions stack up. I’ll either be getting it on Wii U or PC.

    1. That’s debatable.
      PS4 = big tech display with a few gameplay teasers and a few new games.
      And a social focus that Nintendo is doing too, albeit differently.
      Nothing big on the innovation front in terms of gameplay.
      If they want my money, they’d better bring a TON of gameplay reasons to show off.

      1. Killzone for me was the weakes game show not graphicaly but in gameplay but that platformer looked great and it had some nice gameplay ideas.

      2. The “share” button is what sold me on this console that looks poised to deliver the same thing we have seen for years from Sony…Sony is such a copycat company its ridiculous! Ill get one in about # years when it has a reasonable price.

        1. You’re such a fanboy it is ridiculous. If you’re thinking NIntendo invented the idea of sharing, then you really need a reality check. Miiverse isn’t exactly “innovative”/ Social networks have been around FOR YEARS.

    1. Few complaints and concerns, mainly the facts that they didn’t actually show the system and didn’t talk about any physical media.

      Otherwise, I thought it was amazing. 2013 will be another great year for gamers.

        1. I was gone for like only five minutes when SE’s thing was on; I didn’t even know they were going to be there. That had to have been a really short segment if they were gone in only five minutes. Geez.

          1. Lol, I did the same thing. I walked in as the Square Enix logo showed up at the end. Go watch it on YouTube if you haven’t seen it yet.

      1. Remember this was just the initial reveal. There’s still GDC and E3.

        Plus they showed a LOT more than just specs and polygon counts. They talked about a ton of other stuff.

      2. yeah man, when I play my games, I’m always staring at a black box laying on my shelf.

        lmao “Screwed up priorities”, makes me wonder what the hell are yours

        1. So, would you want a giant pink box, half the size of your TV sitting there? Either way, the appearence of your console matters in keeping your playing room looking nice.

        2. That was referring to the polygon count and specs talk. Yet again, the irony of someone who mocks other people for their reading comprehension skills

    2. It was decent, but they didn’t show much gameplay and what they did show can be done, graphically at least, on the Wii U imo.

                1. just because it looks like chocolate doesn’t mean it tastes like it.It’s a metaphor if you didn’t know. what i’m talking about is just because it has good graphics doesn’t mean its a good game i’m pretty sure haze was the worst game i ever played and it was on ps3 and had pretty good graphics for the time

            1. Project CARS nuff said. You do realize that all the graphics engines shown for PS4 yesterday are about the same level as Unreal 4, and the Wii U is capable of running them, right? HERP DERP

              1. which is not a wii u game, it’s a multiplatform game across numerous platforms


                epic recommends UE3 on the Wii U, not UE4, there is not a single UE4 Wii U tech demo on Wii U, while there is one for the PS4

                simple math, now find the answer why is that the case :)

                1. You asked for a game, that’s on Wii U, that looks that good. You didn’t say exclusive Wii U. Epic said it’s a good fit for the console, that’s not recommending it. They said developers can use Unreal 4 if they choose to. Maybe developers were waiting for the PS4 announcement to showcase Unreal 4 games. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any on Wii U. Need I mention all the other engines that are nearly on par with Unreal 4 that are available for Wii U? Frostbite 2, Cry Engine 3, Unity 4, etc. You have no idea why an Unreal 4 game hasn’t been shown on Wii U, but your trolling nature leads you to believe it can’t handle it. That monolith software game, in early form, using something other than Unreal 4, looks pretty damn good, you can’t say that it doesn’t.

                  1. I asked for a /Wii U game/, not a PC port

                    you did not present any, so I don’t give a fuck else what you listed if it is not an exclusive built from the ground up

              2. UE4 is highly scalable. A phone can run UE4. Just because the Wii U can run it, doesn’t mean it is on the same level. Like PC would be able to harness it’s full potential, the PS4 can get a lot out of it, but nothing like the PC can.

                1. Unreal 3 is on smartphones too, but does that take away from the amazing graphics it puts out on consoles? Or are you saying that the Wii U will only run Unreal 4 at the same level as a smart phone? No doubt the PS4 will run it better, but you seriously believe it’s going to be the same difference between PS3 and Wii? Crytek says the Wii U runs Cry Engine 3 like butter, and look at how amazing Crysis 3 looks. Some would argue it looks better than that Killzone demo. “Oh, it’s scalable down to smartphones, so the Wii U’s going to be running smartphone level Unreal 4”. Yeah, OK.

                  Here’s a possible scenario.
                  PC=100% of Unreal 4
                  PS4=75% – 80% of Unreal 4
                  Wii U = 55% – 60% of Unreal 4
                  That’s hardly PS3 vs Wii which was this..
                  PS3= 90% – 100% Unreal 3
                  Wii = 0% Unreal 3. (technically, it could have, once they put it on smart phones, but was pointless by then)

                  Get it?

                    1. You don’t know what the Wiiu GPU is. 30% of the logic is still unknown and believed to be a load of fixed function shaders. Digital foundry are just a bunch of sensationalist hit seekers. Nothing more , Nothing less.

                      Even though NFSMW will DESTROY the 360 version , they will still probably find one way the 360 version is better – aka – ”WIth the Wiiu version dropping as low as 20FPS” – yeah for one fucking second out 5 minutes.

                    2. everyone knows the fucking ballpark the wii u gpu is now, the entire die is being analyzed to hell and back and it is definitely not above the peak performance I listed. it’s a joke, stop sucking nintendo cock and accept it already

                      only really nfs mw even looks better is more ram and modern shaders, DriveClub is a LAUNCH game and it slaps that shit around the floor.


                      i dont care about a polished port because that game is still the same one I played months ago

            2. Killzone 3 looks like what I expect from the Wiiu when it’s maxed out , that level of fidelity but at 720p , 30FPS . When he’s shooting that gun , it looks like a glorified PS3 game or a PC game , Nice for sure , but no better than Crysis 3 on a high end pc.

              1. The game is 1080p and 30 fps, not 720p. Dumbass.

                The leap is almost fucking night and day compared to any other console shooter, you have to be visually impaired, or pretending not to notice. And chances are it’s the latter, therefore nobody should (not like anyone ever did) take you seriously in any discussion about graphics.

                1. Can you read ? It is VERY impressive PS4 launch graphics to be sure. Instead of the powerfull Ps3 being able to do that at 1080p 30/60FPS , I expect Metroid prime Wiiu for example to look graphically very similar to that Killzone footage but 720p 30/60FPS.

                  The PS4 looks ace and there is a noticable little leap. It’s not the huge leap everyone was hoping for not at all. And it’s pretty much impossible for it to leave the Wiiu in the dust , sure it will look a lot better , but only nerdy gamers will pick up on it.

        1. I’m not too excited for the next Killzone because I’m not that interested in first-person shooters. The game does look really nice, but I pretty much knew this game was going to show off high quality graphics.

            1. What’s that supposed to mean? The mere fact that Wii U can produce something that looks better that the Killzone footage, on supposedly weaker hardware, makes the Wii u more impressive than the PS4 in that regard.

              1. What do you mean by better? People have preferences on how things look. Opinions are not right or wrong. In the hardware sense, Wii U is still inferior, at least that’s how I look at it.

                1. That’s what I was saying. If the Wii U has inferior hardware than the PS4, but is still capable of creating games that look better than games on the PS4, that shows that the gap between the 2 is not as big as we think.

                  We may have a gen where all 3 platforms are capable of running all multiplats and exclusives will determine who is the best. If that turns out to be the case, then Nintendo will win imo.

                1. Looks better, but i wouldnt say way better. Although with the vast locale of the killzone demo vs the inclosed environment of the zelda demo i think it could be way better. I dont care about comparisons anyways because im a fan of both so i win regardless.

                  1. I’m a fan of both too. But I’m not a fan of people making up crap to suit there liking. Killzone demo is better than the Zelda demo. That’s what I was getting at :P Kudo’s to you though, we need more people like you on this site, sensible and liking all companies.

                2. That Zelda demo was 720p, 30fps, had no AA whatsoever

                  looked very, very current gen. It’s a pity they’re being this idiotic.

                3. Apples and oranges comparison. Killzone 3 gameplay (firing the gun) looked like a glorified PS3 game. that’s it. Zelda tech demo the character model , artstyle is Jaw dropping .
                  Obviously link isn’t flying through a big city in realtime gameplay lol.

                  Apples and oranges. PS4 is more powerfull than Wiiu no doubt. But Nintendo will create BEAUTIFULL games for Wiiu that make people say ”hang on a second that looks as good if not better than some of these 720 and ps4 games” Mark my Words.

                  I’m confident in saying that after seeing Killzone PS3.5 gameplay :)

              1. lol dude go on any forum and spout your bullshit claiming wii u has games on par with the demos shown, you’ll be laughed off the fucking site

                don’t even kid yourself, it’s embarrassing you guys even try to pull that horseshit.

                  1. also “shit compared to pc”

                    shit compared to $800-$1,000 rigs *built from the ground up*, maybe. you will not get a pc that performs on the same level at whatever price this console launches at without upgrading an existing build

                    8GB GDDR5 with 176GB/s bandwidth

                    i’ll let that sink in for you

                    1. The thing is though imo, for $800-$1000 you’re getting much more than a gaming rig. Ex: Getting a PS4 for $350(approx) and a PC for around $600. If you get a gaming rig instead you’ll get a PC that is both better than PS4 (specs wise) and your $600 PC for about the same price as those put together($950). The thing people seem to forget is that an expensive gaming rig is just not for gaming but more than that.

        2. Prediction 60 dollar difference on multiplats between the u and the others regardless what that means is I would only pay 60 bucks for the difference the u is more 8 th gen than the others imo wait for the Nintendo family the 8th gen is the best already I think every gamer will be satisfied this gen

    3. Very impressed. Only negatives were:

      No info on RRD and if physical distribution was still a thing.
      Price would’ve been nice but not necessary, yet.
      No Metal Gear, Final Fantasy or The Last Guardian :(

      1. physical distribution isn’t going anywhere, that 6x bluray drive revealed in press release specs isn’t there for show

    1. Well, the obvious plan would be to put a map on the middle of the gamepad screen with some hotkeys down the sides for quick access to some of the phone hacking functions.

      Which I think would work really really well.

      We’ll have to see what they do though.

      1. Yeah, I’m really hoping it’s a little more than that, because that can get pretty old if every game features the same thing – inventory/menu/map.

        *Here’s hoping* Depending on what they do with the gamepad, I may get the game for Wii U. If it’s nothing too good, after seeing the PS4 gameplay and features, I might go with that version.

        1. Yea, I am a bit worried that every game (especially multi platform ones) will relegate the gamepad screen to map/inventory. But sometimes that’s going to be the best use for it.

          In a game like this, I think having hotkeys for the phones hacking functions will be much better than bringing up a radial menu as shown in the videos so far.

          Maybe you could use it to hack cctv or something? So if you’re trying to sneak into a building, you can hack the cctv cameras inside, and see what the cctv sees displayed on the gamepad screen, while you have your normal view on the tv, and you can work with both of them together to avoid the cameras. That could be one cool use.

    2. Yeah me too. When they first announced this at E3 last year I thought it would be a perfect fit for the Wii U. It wouldn’t have to contain (dare I even use the overused word) “gimmicks” just controls that would feel natural on Wii U which would be a lot for a game such as Watch Dogs. Hopefully Ubisoft does not do a lazy port with this game.

    1. Yup. 360, PS3. And the Next Gen consoles, PS4 and Wii U. The next Microsoft console is most likely getting it as well.

    1. That dualshock 4 will still feel like a ps1 use the move station fans it’s hd control looks like the u will be the tvless triple threat controller system ps4 and the box 3 will only make the u look better imo it’s just more advanced

            1. Killzone looked in amazing in every aspect. Bungie seems to have gone into partnership with Sony just like Ubisoft did with extra content. Blizzard is starting to move to consoles now, and so much more! And this was just the initial announcement! And the strong inclusion of Gakai was pretty cool too! :D

              1. Meh, Killzone was fine, the whole pulling the gun forward to make a sniper was awesome, but wasnt really amazing, just flashy. I have faith in Guerrilla, Killzone is a great FPS game, very forward thinking and great controls, movement, game feel, the demo just didnt blow me away, didnt look THAT much better than 3 either, definitely larger, but not insanely better, i was more impressed few seconds of Destiny footage.

                1. Remember, KZ 3 came 5 years into the PS3’s life. Shadow Fall showed pre-alpha footage and is a launch title for the system. I think that bodes well for its potential graphically over the years. I thought the gameplay graphics looked pretty good.

                  Still, I’m looking forward to E3 for a more in-depth look at the system and its games.

            2. I agree I saw it and the animation was kinda glitchy and jittery. When the guy welcomes you his walk is weird. I saw the explosion and then said OK another shooter with pretty graphics. But I guess that’s supposed to be what shooters do. I am waiting for the next 3d mario because I want to see how Nintendo does 3d games in HD.

          1. Honestly, that conference was boring…
            Social this, social that… Killzone Shadowfall, Destiny, and Watchdogs stood out though
            They didn’t even show the console lol

                    1. You must not have seen the huge porn explosion by the X-Bots and Sonydrones over on Gaia a few days back.
                      Made this place look tame by comparison, and all of the innuendo was pointed right at the Wii U.
                      Scary part is, it was all a carry-over from a comment made, from what I can tell, by one of the anti-Nintendo trolls on this site.
                      Thread got shut down and deleted after about 50 replies so it didn’t last long, but it was bad, man. REAL bad.

                    2. I don’t really search many sites/forums. I’m only really on here, ign and joystiq. That’s it.

    1. I think Ubisoft is trying to make us cool down after the legends announcement. Their eshop sale, exclusive demo, now this game. I think Ubisoft is nice, i may get zombiU or AC3 during the eshop sale :D

      1. I own both and they are great. Of the two, AC3 is better, imo. Single player is huge and satisfying. Only issue is that people are rarely online to play multiplayer with. I would recommend both if you can afford it.

  2. I don’t care if this game looks better on the PS4. it was meant be played on the Wii U. I’m not even saying this as a fanboy, Sony impressed me tonight.

    1. I think your expectations were very unrealistic. No major website was even hyping it that hard, and they were certainly hyping it well anyway.

  3. Yea too bad they didn’t even show it. I guess at E3 they will. I’m sorry but Sony didn’t bring next gen to me (Besides Graphics, even though I don’t care too much about it) in this conference (Besides Graphics, even though I don’t care too much about it)…
    Their conference was soooo overhyped… these are only better looking games, these games aren’t better that way, its still the same mechanics… The Only Game I was Really interested in was Infamous: Second Sun(I love infamous & Sucker Punch in general), It Looks Like They won’t dissappoint that game. Killzone,However, was Pretty much the Exact same thing Except Better Graphics. Nothing New, Just more Random Shooting Violence Which I personally am not Fond of. I hope they Show better at E3 Though. :/

    1. What about the social interactions? Sharing, video chat, watching others play, those seem like pretty nice things to me.

  4. OK, I have to comment on the PS4.
    Yay for Sony, sinking their last dollar into a console with kick-ass horse-power, but when I saw the new remote… Lmao, it’s sooooo funny, it’s like a 1/3 WiiU controller.

    No longer worried about:
    A.) They will not be able to compete with Miiverse.
    B.) The WiiU controller is vastly superior.

    However, as expected, they’ve got a fucking big engine under the hood. So that will be the big selling point. It’s on-par with TODAY’s PC’s, so The PC will out run it in 1-2 years, but WiiU will be like the Hero of Punch-Out. Small, hometown hero.

    1. While i like what i saw of the ps4 nothing show has changed mi mind of not getting a wiiu and the reason is that what i saw was a new paint job.

    2. I definitely got a Wii U vibe from the conference. Of course the graphics will be one day much more powerful than the Wii U’s (it takes a while for devs to get used to the power of the machine) but I think Sony did not really innovate too much with the PS4. It has some great features but just not what I’m looking for right now. What I’m worried about is if Wii U is going to be left out again by third party developers. Reggie promise that wouldn’t happen but I’m beginning to wonder…..

  5. Gameplay- especially the parkour part, reminded me a lot of Mirror’s Edge, so that was awesome. Might get the game.

    Also, Ubisoft’s PR might be VERY stupid, but I think I’ll have to forgive them for the Rayman Legends delay. Afterall, it wasn’t the developer’s fault, and not buying the game wouldn’t be fair for them.
    With that said, I’ll probably buy Rayman Legends along with GTA V and Windwaker HD by Fall. …I should probably get a job first.

  6. Don’t know how anyone is impressed. All the Ps4 is, is a more powerful Ps3, with stolen ideas from other companies. No real innovations as usual. The conference was so boring had to turn it off after 30 or so minutes. Oh wow they made it more powerful. It will have better graphics, so what. You people are what’s wrong with gaming these days. All about graphics. How sad.

    1. Except it really isnt, you dumb fuck.

      The gaming social integration can be seen as “stolen” from WiiU, but nothing else is at all, and party chat, which is already on the Vita.

      Ps3 has been doing off screen play since the Vita release, no company has the share system, or live stream and community followings as deep, or turned off downloads, automatic downloads for games you probably want that it downloads for you, and its upto you to unlock it and buy it, cloud gaming trials, mid download play so you dont have to wait for it to fully download. And then on top of that, you have the fastest network speed on any gaming system, a console designed solely around and by and for developers for them to be creative.

      Bit more than just “fancy graphics”.

          1. IF wiiU can be like the next Wii, Nintendo can consider themselves lucky, and Be sure their next console has the horsepower to drive their competition back.

            As it stands, Nintendo will be luck to have WiiU be the next Wii.

            I am a Nintendo Fanboy all the way, and If I can count on nintendo HD exclusives, I’ll be happy.

            Maybe they won’t include “Wii” in the bext console’s launch….

            1. Just a note, I didn’t actually mean what I said, I was just being a prick to the guy above me. Nintendo really do need to start rolling out the big guns though. They need Smash bros stat.

        1. No, it’s not you stupid cunt, fuck off to fanboy land.
          “Oh Nintendo is perfect, everyone else sucks, who needs graphics”
          You’re retarded

            1. It’s just fucking ridiculous.

              I’d be lying if i said Nintendo didnt make my favourite games ever, the only game i feel trumps Zelda, Mario and Metroid is Shadow of the Colossus, but i’m thankful that i own Nintendo and Sony products. Microsoft dont have anything special, Halo and the rest are just old, and boring, nothing new and outstanding, its stupid that people argue about consoles but its just pityful that they let their stupid ideals get in the way of them playing all the games Sony offers, and multiplats…

              1. I wish for a world where everyone respected each console manufacturer. I like all, but fanboys in general give me the shits.

                1. While you wish for a world that repect console manufacturers i prefer 1 that repect the opinions of people on there own turf.

              2. agreed. except shadow man. beautiful, great game and it’s deffinitly opinion and i respect that. but zelda will always be my favorite what they did with what they had is incredible from fishing to dungeons. i have no doubt the next big zelda will trump this graphics fight. from what i hear this hd zelda is gonna be massive, i hear hyrule field is the size of one dungeon.totally respect your opinion though man.

            2. Minus the swearing though, you can make a devastatingly powerful point in a very succinct way without resorting to using a plethora of profanities.

          1. dude ps4 graphics aren’t that great. again i say if you want graphics go pc. sorry man the ps4 is still underpowered compared to a pc. so compare graphics to that, you’ll always lose. gameplay is what matters. you can have the best graphics ever but if the game sucks no one will buy did we ever survive without graphics ? oh wait some of the best games ever are still medicore to poor graphics i promise you

        1. Except the way Sony is using it is ingenious.
          Cloud streaming demos is amazing, dont have to download trials and demos, and waiting for them, to find i wont enjoy them and just delete it straight after, cloud demos and playing the game as its downloading is great.
          Im fully against fully cloud gaming, its not good for the consumer, but demos? Hell yeah

      1. Wow, only need to spend $250 on top of $400 (or more, I doubt the PS4 will cost that) to do what the Wii U can do for $300, and the Wii U can run the same graphics engines (like Unreal 4) shown for use on those PS4 games. And the Sony fanboys said the Gamepad was an expensive controller…

        1. Wii U running UE4 will not be on the same level as the PS4. PS4 will be better easily in that regards. Gaming is an expensive hobby, I thought everyone knew that already?

    2. Graphics actually allow different aspects of gameplay to emerge, like reading character’s more detailed faces to read emotion, or the physics of a blown boulder.

      1. New controllers enhance the games just as much as graphics do and the u provides both every controller type and beautiful visuals it should be a great war

    3. There isn’t anything wrong with having good graphics, it enhances the experience. But you are right about it not being the only thing that matters.

    4. Stop.
      Just, stop.
      I may not have been impressed with the system’s focus on tech, either, but not even I go so far as to unjustly downplay it like you’re doing.
      Innovation in gameplay is the realm of Nintendo and specific third parties, while Sony’s is the realm of tech leaps. We’ve seen this play out and we know what to expect.
      You shouldn’t be turning Sony supporters into targets for your insults over this.
      If graphics is what they like, if that’s what impresses them, let them celebrate.
      Don’t descend to the level of the trolls that signed up to this site to bash fans of the Wii U when IT released.[You know who you are]
      Be above that.

  7. Sony conference demo totally changed by mind on Watch Dogs, looks awesome.
    Its almost like you’re a hacker/vigilante, which is awesome.

          1. Ah right, yeah, it’s alright that some people aren’t fans (they’re the ones who usually justify why) But yes, damage control will be strong over the next few days from the fanboys.

              1. There is plenty of damage control. You seem to be one of few that actually expresses concern maturely and not fanboyish like. kudos to you good sir!

            1. I know -.-

              I just hope my brother doesnt buy a 720, he had a 360 this gen, would prefer if he got a ps4 for multiplayer and stuff.

                1. Why would that be worth anything? Oh an Xbox thats designed the way it shouldve been in the first place. PS4 is going to have the fastest online speeds ever done on a console, and party chat, and PS+…where does MS because relevant?

              1. The hardcore fanboys on here continually said PS4 will never exist, the graphical leap will be minute, and that the Wii U will basically be superior. Now they have been proven wrong, the true fanboys are coming out and starting to say “OMG Sony copied this” etc etc etc

                Are you by any chance that same loser who thinks I’m simple minded because I was impressed by the PS4 announcement? If you are, you’re the only moron buddy, If not, Sorry.

                1. I’m still of the opinion that the graphical “leap” isn’t as large as people made it out to be.
                  That old man was still very “uncanny valley” to me.
                  My concern is whether or not this emphasis on tech is going to drive up development costs and, as a consequence, push the hobby of video games into rich man territory for the average consumer.
                  It’s already pretty stressful on my wallet to shell out nearly 70 bucks for a single new game, but if the PS4 takes out used games, goes all digital, or makes its price tag for stuff higher due to dev costs, I won’t be able to justify getting one any more.
                  Which would be a huge shame, since I want to play that new Infamous.

                    1. Speak for yourself, Rey Hardy. Their are plenty of mature gamers, of course you will never be one of them.

                    2. he does raise great points i would love a ps4 for games like infamous : second son and posible uncharted 4 but price is important i have too many bills to pay a ton like i did for a launch 60 gig ps3 and mgs4 for 460? i deffintly got ripped off looking back on it. they need a good price point and more games. uncanny valley is a huge problem its a very big turn off to the eyes.I say they make a fair price, focus on gameplay not just graphics,sell games at the price they are now and i will probably buy one.

            2. Absolutely nothing required for “damage control” from Nintendo fans anyways we will see what the next xbox brings. WiiU can handle any of those games shown easily. The ps4 controller looks very awkward and “last gen”(not looking forward to it). Imo: it will be the Sony fanboys that will need to do some “damage control”. I will buy one regardless of the controller but cmon that thing looks ugly as sin.

                1. Sony is perceived as copy cats by many, this “ripping off Miiverse” thing(true or not) is just ammo they use to attack Sony fanboys in this unending fanboy battle royal, that’s all it is and has nothing to do with damage control.

                  1. Well if sony copied Miiverse, Miiverse copied facebook and twitter, and every other social netwrking site that existed before it, heck even playstation had it’s own blog site. NINTENDO DIDN’T INVENT OR INNOVATE ANY GOD DAMN SOCIAL NETWORK.

          2. How cute, you just assume I’m a Nintendo Fanboy. I don’t even own a Wii U, so there. Jesus, some of you are just so retarded.

            1. You’re a Anon, guess what? I have no fucking idea who you are, so how i pre judge you?

              The simple fact is, no sane person watched that conference and though, “DUH, JUSST GRAFFIX” thats retarded.

              1. Seriously even the graphics aren’t that much of a big leap .. But more interesting is that game engine from capcom … And I really advice anyone bashing the controller to try it before judging .. Also the share button looks like a pretty good idea

    1. The Sony Conference was amazing. Can’t wait for E3 now. Big guns from Sony, Nintendo and more than likely Microsoft. This year for gaming will be amazing.

    2. toor far too fast. wouldn’t go that far.wait a couple years but you are probably offense but so far they have games and controller but no system. its to early to say this is the best console

  8. Obviously, I would be better off talking to a brick wall. It would have the same knowledge and understanding as you seem to have.

  9. Remember when Nintendo talked about a possible 3rd platform?. Or when they showcased that holographic technology or even how the gamepad features NFC?. What I think is that maybe they’re planning something big for E3 that has to do with these. Think about it..and on top of that, there’s that special connector on the Wii U gamepad. Anyways, If I’m not correct, I have a couple new concepts for Nintendo.

    1. Yes, it is fantastic news. Watchdogs announced for WiiU kinda lessons the blow to WiiU gamers thinking about GTA V possibly not coming to thier console.

  10. So all in all…. E3 is gonna tear shit up this year. Wii U/PS4 with the games and Next Xbox with the unveiling. This will truly be an interesting generation indeed

    This is a comment from a user named King.K.Rool. I’m posting it because it’s a great comment

    “In the end Graphics are always outdated, no matter what.

    I’ll have every console. “Just played some Fallout 3 on ps3 earlier today”.

    But I stick with Nintendo if I just want fun, that is not dedicated to Graphics and become stale later.

    Not bashing consoles, but when a company puts graphics and “whoa look at this” before just pure fun, it does not thrive.

    Look at Smash bros Brawl, and even Melee. Pure hardcore fun, that even casual can enjoy.

    In 4-5 years even the Ps4 will look dated to computers.

    Hell, I still play Banjo-Kazooie every now and then since there is no game like it.

    Or Conkers Bad Fur Day. I adore Final Fantasy 7 to this day.

    Downvote me fanboy’s, but you need creative direction, not just a power house.”

  11. I have just read the ps4 specs and I was like … Wow .. Does this mean the wii u gonna be treated the same as the wii ?? I mean seriously .. The ps4 specs are way ahead of the wii u , I just can’t afford two consoles ,, I really like nintendo exclusives but on this rate in the future the ps4 will get a lot of games while the wii u will get few ,, what the hell should I chooses ????

    1. Smash Bros and the rest of Nintendos games finally going HD or slightly improved graphics from same old same old like Killzone…yah tough choice.

      Smash Bros Universe and Retro Studios game will be the 2 best games in the 8th generation PERIOD.

    2. It sucks you can only buy one, but if I had to choose for you, I would definitely go with PS4. Then maybe you could buy Wii U later in it’s life when it gets a price drop.

    3. Dude, just no. It’s NOT like PS3 vs Wii all over again. Good lord.

      The Wii U can run all the graphics engines that were shown on PS4, INCLUDING Unreal Engine 4. That engine from Capcom, is just like the FOX engine from Konami. The Wii U is fully capable of running all the newest graphics engines, yes, the same ones used in the PS4 game demos. No Wii U game yet, has used them, most Wii u games so far have been ports of Unreal 3 graphics level games, or straight 360 ports.

      Killzone 4 could be done on the Wii U, because it can run the graphic engine used to make that. Gears of war couldn’t be done on Wii, because Wii couldn’t run Unreal Engine 3. It’s not “way ahead” it’s got more ram and a different architecture, which means developers will have more to work with, but that doesn’t put it in a whole different league as the Wii U. Stop panicking. You’ll see similar graphics coming out of the Wii U at E3

      1. so show us videos of the Wii U running UE4 at those settings then

        show us the Luminous engine from square enix

        show me proof the Wii U can run KZ:SF

        no at all of these? okay then

        wii u is absolute garbage spec-wise in comparison, it’s not even funny

        1. As for u aeolus fuck u . As for the other guy , I am not worrying about the specs I just worry about the third party support for the wii u because they might abandon the wii u because of the difference in horse power, I could care less about graphics

        2. Show us proof the Wii can’t run UE4 close to those settings
          Show me Luminous Engine not able to run on Wii U
          Show me proof Wii U can’t run KZ:SF
          No to all of these?

          Nobody said it could run that stuff as well as PS4. The fact that it can, means it’s in the same class as PS4, where the Wii couldn’t run UE3, and PS3/360 used it as a staple. UE3 at max vs medium – high settings isn’t a HUGE difference. Ditto with UE4.

          It’s CPU/GPGPU structure isn’t as shitty as you are making it out to be. Get off Sony’s tit.

          1. I don’t have to show you shit when none of it exists to begin with. There’s a very good reason for that if you have the ability to put your brain to use, but it seems to corroded for you to do that.

            I don’t care if it can “run” the fucking engines, if it looks like shit it doesn’t mean JACK SHIT.

            good day

    1. After that Sony conference, I’m inclined to agree. If MS’s is even half as good, Nintendo is in deep, deep trouble. Because song has what counts: horsepower and tons of good third-party games and first party games as well.

      If MS does the same, Nintendo’s console is doomed (from a core gamer standpoint anyway; it’ll limp along via Nintendo fanboys like the Wii did, but won’t have the casual audience help that the Wii did).

      1. PC + Real Next-Gen Consoles = Dead Wii U

        I will be very surprised if Wii U ever surpass 20 million sold. The Wii U lacks many features of 7th gen consoles (seriously having to pause the game to see if a friend comes online -_-)
        not to mention the upcoming consoles from MS and Sony . The game lineup is a joke. No third-party support and the only good exclusive I’ve senn thus far is “X” and that game won’t be out for a while.

        1. You are both wrong. Seriously, you all see a small handful of next gen games, and so far have only seen lazy ports of 360 games (NFS MW withstanding) on the Wii U and you seriously think the graphics gap is the same now, as was with PS3 vs Wii? Unreal 4 announced for PS4. Probably the most powerful graphics engine out there. The Wii U is capable of running it. Along with Cry Engine 3, Frostbite 2, Unity 4, FOX Engine, the new one from Capcom…. they are all about on par with eachother, and will be the standard for graphics on PS4/720 and yes, the Wii U. Ya, Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, Watch Dogs, Project CARS, Smash Bros, Zelda, whatever Retro is working on, and all the other games that Nintendo is saving for E3 to announce, are jokes. You guys are so far off, it’s almost funny.

          1. wii u buyer’s remorse and obviously an idiot

            nobody gives a fuck about the wii u anymore. simple truth, the industry is hyped for PS4/720, not fucking Wii U

            1. Wow, so now you know me? Buyer’s remorse and an idiot? Don’t you have a job? Plenty of people are excited about Wii U, but since you hate it, for no good reason whatsoever, except some stupid bias and how it’s so “weak” and “childish” yet, I’m sure you’re hyped for LBP 3 or whatever. Nobody gives a fuck about you and your pathetic life. I’ll be playing all 3 new consoles and on PC, but you’ll have to beg your mom to buy you the PS4 and Vita, spending probably $800 to copy the Wii U experience with a little higher settings on your Unreal 4 games.