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Third-Party Nintendo 3DS Direct Airs In A Few Hours

nintendo_3DS_colorsToday, February 21st, Nintendo will be delivering another Nintendo 3DS Direct at 8 p.m. JST – Japan Standard Time. The upcoming online presentation will focus on third-party games for the Nintendo 3DS portable game console. The last Nintendo Direct, which aired on February 14th, focused on games featuring Mario’s twin brother, Luigi, including Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

70 thoughts on “Third-Party Nintendo 3DS Direct Airs In A Few Hours”

    1. Bad thing is I have a test tomorrow that I’m currently studying for. Not only that but the Direct is 6:00 am for me. :( Oh well Nintendo is so worth it! Bring on some surprises!

  1. While this is good, i honestly think Nintendo needs to wait awhile for this direct, still too much ps4 hype going on and it will make this direct mosty overshadowed. Me as a loyal fan will watch it of course

    1. I can definitely see what you mean. I think 3rd party Direct is alright though for 3DS in Japan at least, they are crazy about it there.

      If they had it globally then maybe it wouldn’t be so good. Or if they had it for Wii U. Wii U Direct definitely has to wait some time.

    2. well it’s not meant to be for western people (who mostly care about the “graphics” of the ps4…though they showed pc renderings..) since it is a japanese nintendo direct. the ps4 lost all of my attention anyway, since it is unable to play ps3 games…yeah stream them…for how much $ a month? lol

      1. Ps Vita was good, PS4 will be just as good, I don’t base the quality of consoles/games on sales figures. Talk about being a desperate fanboy lmao.

    1. They will come for sure, but Nintendo probably wants to wait with them a little bit until the Sony hype goes down a little.

  2. This is just nuts. The 3rd is dominating and I can’t wait when a Kirby game comes out. Hal always does something unique with Kirby games even though I love the traditional platformer Kirby titles like return to dreamland or super star etc. Something different like mass attack is crazy fun

    1. Kirby’s Return to Dreamland is my favorite Kirby game yet and is one of my favorite platformers of all time. The inclusion of four player support, back to the style of sucking up enemies for powers, sucking up enemies for super-powers, and extra mini-game content just had me completely sold on the game. It is a pure gem and I feel bad for anyone that missed out on it.

  3. Please don’t just be games for Japan. I’m tired of not having games localized for North America, such as One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP.

      1. Exactly! Although Project X Zone is at least coming out this summer and I think we’ll get Phoenix Wright vs. Professor Layton sometime as well. My hopes were just crushed when I found out that One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP came out in Japan and in Europe, but not North America lol. Oh well, Nintendo did say they were planning to localize more games though.

  4. Man, the 3DS is Getting a lot of Love. It wouldn’t hurt to share some of that with the Wii U Nintendo. E3 is gonna be awesome, I can’t wait to see How the next 3D Mario Looks & Retro’s Game of Course. (;

    1. I’m quite sure they’ll come up with something huge about Wii U within a week or a few at most. They need to steal some of the hype, but they need to wait a little with it until the hype goes down a bit.

    1. Yeah, I’m wondering the same thing. Nintendo hasn’t said anything about this on Facebook or anything. Anybody know?

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  6. Cool, but after Nintendo needs to start pulling together some of their secrets in retaliation to the PS4 reveal. Yes, keep a big show at E3 but show something that’ll make people want to buy the system

  7. A lot of news reports in uk classing the ps4 as the first of the next gen consoles. What’s all that about sickr or alba?

      1. Mm really out did themselves with this.

        I found LBP to be a little cumbersome and draw out, but this looks simple and limitless, very excited.

      2. And just in case this was a troll post, should clairfy that all of those models in the game are creatived ENTIRELY by the user using the creative tools.

          1. Yeah. I mean, i get it, the video is very reminisant of the Wii Music at E3 *shudder* but that wasnt the focus point of the demo

  8. hahaha ps4 announcement… what a joke
    no console, no pricing…the only 2 of 3 things everyone was actually interested in

    fucking retarded game trailers, such a bad presentation
    “future of gaming” my ass lol

    but yea, look forward to social sharing social sharing social networks uploading your videos and cloud-gaming rofl
    but if you actually want to play games, you shouldn’t get that crap ps4 xD
    so pitiful, same with microsoft

    but at least you can share ur pathetic achievements… like beating belial on inferno @facebook
    haha fking nerds, this is too good… all the sony fanboys were expecting something great and they got such fucking shit thrown at them

    what’s with that off-tv-play (nice copying nintendo btw)
    via vita? AHAHAHAHA… nobody got a fucking vita, and nobody will bother

    and that controller with that tiny screen? wtf was that
    rofl, nice one sony – made me laugh at least!

    this is just too good :D

    1. btw blizzard… i once loved you, you released the 3 best pc games of all time
      #1 Warcraft 3 + TFT
      #2 Diablo 2 + LoD
      #3 SC + BW

      but now?
      wow, sc2…. +d3?! +d3 on ps4 imao
      you just suck lol
      crapgames on crappy console, gj

    2. What a fucking idiot.

      “no console, no pricing”

      Sound kinda fucking familiar.

      People like you make me sick, go stick a Wii remote, mouse, 360 controller, i dont care, up your ass.

      1. kk you retarded virgin sony fanboy
        fkin 12yo, go play your shitty CoD, that’s all your console is good for

        oh and diablo 3 AHAHAHAHAHAHA
        fking trash retard

        1. > Calls me 12 and a retard.
          > Can’t even make a cohesive sentence.

          I happen to find COD boring, as its been since MW2.

          Typical a bunch of you damage controlling assholes came out after the PS4 announcement. Your “opinion”, which is wrong, yes people can have wrong opinions, is yours alone, and the simple fact is, Sony did a fantastic job with the PS4 press event. As someone who’s used Playstation for 16 years, i’m excited not only for the brand, but for them FINALLY stepping up, going no nonsense, and proving why they’re the best.

          Nintendo makes amazing software, has intuitive and innovative ideas, and pushes the industry to new levels when others wouldnt.
          But Sony makes better hardware, better online structure, Nintendo once again taking the backseat as the “second console”, for it’s exclusives, and while i think thats actually a good idea in the crowded market right now, its still Nintendo being Nintendo, while Sony has 1 goal. To win.

          Sony smashed the ball out of the park and you have to be a fanboy to deny that.

    3. 1) Learn to spell.
      2) Your fanboyism is embarrassing.

      Also copying? Oh lawdy, Ninty fanboys are in damage control once again!

  9. I can’t wait to see what Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft bring to the table at E3 2013! They’re all good companies, each with their own charm! I’m Counting the days!

  10. According to the posts that followed this one, there sure must not have been very many game announcements on this third-party Nintendo Direct. I didn’t see a single exciting thing. But that’s what I expected with a third-party Nintendo Direct. NOTHING.

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