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Angry Birds Sonic Dash Epic Is A Thing


Sonic fans have had quite a few surprises over the last few days and here’s one more to add to the table. Sonic and Sega have collaborated with the Angry Birds franchise and the results are Angry Birds Sonic Dash Epic. We already found out that Sonic Dash has been immensely popular with smartphone gamers as it has had 100 million downloads. This new entry will probably increase this tenfold.


44 thoughts on “Angry Birds Sonic Dash Epic Is A Thing”

    1. What have they done with him is more what im asking i mean he is supposed to be an iconic character. They are kind of killing him this way.

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        Iconic doesn’t have anything to do with “quality.” If anything, Sonic is becoming MORE iconic. The more well-known you are the more iconic. That is the only correlation.

        Perhaps Sega is looking to increase Sonic’s status and then when they release a new Sonic game on an actual console, the fans will be more inclined to buy the game and the console to play Sonic.

        1. Run it by me again how a character like Sonic the Hedgehog needs Angry Birds to be better known? How is Angry Birds going to make people want to play Sonic?

          You do know Sonic is known for his 2D platforming games, right? Angry birds is nothing like that. If anything, this is definitely killing off Sonic’s reputation.

          1. pink0crystal0midbus

            Because people who play Angry Birds are not video game savvy. These are your 4-13 year olds who play on smart phones and don’t do console gaming who will grow up with smartphone characters. These are also people in general who are not into hardcore gaming and they will be able to recognize Sonic so that when they have kids later in life, they will be more likely to buy their kids a Sonic game because they recognize the character.

            If Sonic doesn’t team up with Angry Birds, then ALL of these people won’t know who he is. Sonic is a very well known video game character inside the gaming community, but not so well known outside the community. Especially among the younger generation (who these companies [Like Sega] want to capture).

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      Sonic is, like, linked to Nintendo more than any other company aside from Sega. A lot of Sonic fans overlap as Nintendo fans. Same goes for Megaman. That is why Sonic and Megaman news ends up here a lot.

      1. This is no defense. I had some other crap typed up, but there’s no excuse for it even if you make one.

        1. pink0crystal0midbus

          Does it matter if it’s rectified or not? It’s Sickr’s website. He can call it mynintendonews and talk all about the Xbox One if he freaking wants.

          Freedom of speech, my friend.

          If you care so much you can make your own blog site called OnlyNintendoNews and literally only post relevant Nintendo articles.

  1. So, instead of using their money to get themselves together they waste it on Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice AND THIS? WHY IS SEGA SO STUPID?

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      They are going to make money with both games. They are making decisions that will keep the company alive. A company’s blood is its cash. When it runs out of money, it bleeds out and dies. As long as a company is making money, then it lives.

      Companies will do anything and everything to survive. That means turning their flagship franchise into an iOS game for quick and easy bucks. It includes making cheap games on handhelds so the rate of turnover is enough to make a profit.

      This is what Sega HAS to do in order to keep from bleeding out. I don’t think they really even have the funds to make a quality Sonic game. If they do, then it is from years of saving up money so that they can bust out a single good Sonic game among a sea of bad ones. That keeps the brand name up so they can keep making money off of the cheaply-made ones.

      Sega will continue doing this until either a) the situation improves and they bounce back or b) the strategy slowly wares off and the company is forced to close and sell its final assets.

  2. Coming to Wii U tomorrow 6 pm CST 6/12/15. Alongside Call of Duty: Black Ops 3!!! Get your gaming onc Wii U owners!!!

  3. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

    Its official, Sonic is dead and so is Sega, its time to move on folks, theres no hope for a company that only cares about investors, mobiles, cheap shovelware etc.

    I just wish that Sega would bankcrupt soon, so they can be put out of their misery and that their Ip´s would find a new home with better publishers/developers, Nintendo could buy Sonic, Sony would get Yakuza and Microsoft would get Shenmue, Activision would buy HouseOfTheDead and make it Zombie FPS game, Platinum would get Bayonetta which belongs to them etc. It would be better that way, games would be great again, but as much as Sega keeps making money for selling shit then its not gonna happen and all i can ask is why the fuck people waste their money and support the crap Sega makes these days? Huh? Do people enjoy the crap that they make? Do people wanna Sonic and AngryTurd instead of Sonic Adventure3, WTF? Consumers who support Sega´s shit are part to blame for their downfall, i mean why to see effort to make good games when half assed shit like Sonic06, Aliens:CM and Boom sell anyways? Fuck off Sega, you have tarnished your name.

  4. Oh god why. Luckily I don’t game on mobile. I mean who the hell does except children and middle aged women. Jesus. Just leave Sonic alone Sega. Hasn’t he suffered enough?

  5. How is this a Nintendo news? I like Sonic, but this is about a mobile game collaboration and both franchise are not related to Nintendo other than having their games published on the consoles.

    If this Is Mario and Angry Birds collaboration, then it’s justified and Is worth a look anytime.

  6. Man why the FUCK can’t Sega just get Sonic Team to work on a Sonic Adventure 3 game for fuck sake, we have been asking for that since we were children.

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  8. Sega would chop Sonic up into little bits and sell him to Russia for a profit. Sega would whore Sonic out on the corner and sell his blue ass for a profit. There is nothing Sega won’t do with Sonic to make a buc.

    Sega has a very stupid CEO. He or she needs to be bitch slapped, and fired..

  9. Both of the most overrated mobile garbage together as one. Barf. I only have Dash to unlock the characters without dropping a dime for Microtransactions like a moron.

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