PDP Will Be Bringing Out Zero Suit Samus And Toad GameCube Fight Pad Controllers


Looks like we’ve got two stunning new designs from GameCube Fight Pad peripheral manufacturer PDP. GameStop is showcasing two new themes, one is a Zero Suit Samus themed Fight Pad and the second is a Toad themed Fight Pad. You can be purchase the Zero Suit Samus pad here, and the Toad one, here.

Thanks, Marcus


  1. Who gives a fuck u cant play the Wii u VC games with them just the Smash bros fun little kiddie fighting game that nintendo will Ban you for almost fucking anything on lol

    1. again why do you go on this website if you dont like nintendo then dont go to a nintendo site

            1. Oh shit I almost forgot about that
              And put voice chat pls in Samus Eren controller wanna hear her moaning using /this controller

    2. Lol, they aren’t game cube controllers, they are classic controllers, you can play VC games with them

      1. I think you need to rethink this logic youre putting down here, buddy.


        1. I know youre a fag son afterall you like secret if mana the only person i knew liked it was a crack head prostitute….i know your a fag

          1. Interesting :]. I am very happy at the moment. And yes, Secret of Mana is one the best multiplayer rpg games I’ve played. I’m not sorry you have issue’s with that. Have a great day!

      2. “gay fag”? both words have the same meaning you know. oh of course you don’t. you’re still in elementary school you little shit.

    1. The controller by itself is pretty sexy. The nice chrome blue sheen is especially appealing.

  2. I like that the zero suit samus model is being used more, it’s good to see a female character that looks like one without being overly sexualized. But that that blue color is gnarly.

  3. This offensive depiction of woman being used as controllers in unacceptable!

    1. I’ve been pushing that idea since before they started the vote for DLC characters for smash. The move set ups could be so easy.

  4. Wish ZSS actually appeared on the controller. It is just Samus’ symbol and a lightblue background.

    Kind of defeats the purpose of her appeal…

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