CPSIA Documents Reveal Reproduction Runs For Amiibo

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) was passed to establish consumer product safety standards and other safety requirements for children’s products, and it looks like they’ve released some documentation stating Nintendo’s intent to restock some of the hard to find amiibo figurines. Maybe I can finally pick up my Ness without shelling out my whole paycheck online?

It’s likely that we will hear some official news on the restock during E3 next week. Keep in mind that an additional month of production won’t clue us in to how much additional stock will arrive to stores and shops. Perhaps we will find that out at E3 as well. In the meantime, take a look at the gallery below for some of the documentation on amiibo plans!


  1. What? No sonic amiibo restock so I can’t break them all just to make sega fanboys mad

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      1. You got that one right, “Genesis does what Nintendo don’t,” and that’s after that console generation, Sega went drowned and Nintendo stayed afloat.

        1. Really after genesis beat nintendo Sony wooped nintendo and still does till this very day child

          1. Yet Nintendo is still here, still producing consoles and handhelds.

            Where’s Sega?………………………………………………………………

          2. doesn’t change the fact that sega sucks shit. and the geneshit died in a fire because it deserves it. for giving fanboys cancer

    2. Genesis beat the Snes at least sega had blood in Mortal Kombat and didnt act like a pussy like nintendo

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  2. Why don’t they just make more of them when they first release? Why is that so hard for Nintendo to do? Don’t make reproductions, just make more before they release! It’s fucking simple!

    1. Why? It’s so much better to release a small amount the first time to create high demand then do reproductions of small stock throughout the next few years! *sarcasm* Cuz it’s Nintendo. They do whatever the fuck they please… even if fans hate it.

  3. You make something rare and it becomes desirable. Hence, limited stock translates into frenzy consumer sentiment. Simple marketing strategy.

  4. I’d love to get myself a second Ness so I can open one of them. I got SO lucky just finding the one I have.

  5. Yay! Restocks of about 2 figurines per store! *grinds teeth* Fuck you, Nintendo, & your limited stock to create demand!

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