Mother AKA “Earthbound Beginnings To Be Released On Virtual Console

Debuted to cheers from the audience, Nintendo just announced that the FamiCom version of Mother, fully translated, will be released for Virtual Console under a new title: Earthbound Beginnings.

Why the cheers and excitement? Mother has only previous been officially sold in Japan on Nintendo’s Family Computer and Game Boy Advance, with no release in the West (besides ROMS and emulators).

The game will be released exclusively on Wii U, starting tonight at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET / 2 AM BT.


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    1. I don’t trust or believe in emulators. Which is why I collect physical games instead of digital.

  1. Good news! Also, I’m confident that Nintendo will finally announce Mother 3 for the eshop during the Direct.

  2. It’s over, Nintendo has just won E3 with that one announcement plus the Smash news today. Drop the Bob-omb Nintendo!

      1. Yet so many people are saying good things about Earthbound Beginnings finally coming to the US and the Smash DLC that’s out now. Guess the fact the E-Shop was overwhelmed by people going to purchase the Smash DLC speaks that the reveal was positive. This was just the opening volley from Nintendo. Monday will be the silence before the storm, then all hell breaks loose Tuesday.

      2. @Nergal,
        You obviously don’t know how many people have been BEGGING for Nintendo to bring the whole Mother trilogy to North America.

  3. Damn the day keeps getting better and better!!

    Maybe we’ll get Mother 3 at E3 too………. please Nintendo!!!

  4. Yoyoyoyoyo what about any slight changes to gameplay? I’m sure there’s things that were changed for us Westerners.. or even things updated since the original release (slow ass battles)?

    1. Mother was made for U.S release on N.E.S but never came out because they didn’t think it would sell well enough.So they don’t have to do anything to it but put it out.Mother 3 is a whole nother story.It would require a lot more work and money.That said I played the fan translation on my gba and its great people sell it on Amazon for like $40 and its worth it.And if Nintendo ever releases it in the the states I will buy it again to suport them for doing so.Just like how I will be buying this even though I have had a copy for years now.

  5. so there is already earthbound on Wii U VC, where does this “Mother”one belong to, is it a prior version or one after earthbound?

    1. okay googled it. This “Mother” is the first installment and “earthbound” the second.

    2. Earthbound was actually Mother 2 whilst Beginning is actually a prequel as it’s Mother 1

  6. Are any of you watching the NWC on YouTube? Dont know why they haven’t made an article about it being on right now…

    Anyway they have this little five year old kid as one of the announcers… Omg it’s the most annoying thing I have ever seen in my life..

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  7. So I guess this makes the GBA game Earthbound 2. Hopefully they localize it so we can call it that instead of Mother 3.

  8. Honestly, I’m not just saying this because I don’t own a Wii u but I think the game would also be fitting on 3DS. I mean, the 8-bit graphics remind me of a gameboy game… maybe mother 3 will be 3DS exclusive…

  9. After the lackluster localization that was Murasame Castle, had zero hope in Nintendo bringing any text heavy Japanese-exclusive Famicom game to the West. But with Mother heading our way, I hope they consider doing Famicom Tantei Club 2 in the future since it’s a masterpiece that predates Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

      1. I know, I’ve played the original ROM since grade school.

        But I still hope Nintendo still think about working hard on proper English translations to bring the other text heavy Famicom games to the West.

        1. At this point, I’m pretty sure the fans would even take the fan translation. I hear it’s a pretty solid translation as well.

  10. Cool but there’s no reason it can’t stay as Mother. Does that mean Mother 3 is Earthbound Sequel or Earthbound 2?

    1. It would have been better to start with Mother 3 as Lucas just returned in Smash 4 it could have been perfect marketing. Maybe i’ll download this sometime but not today after all that DLC

    2. The series is internationally called the Earthbound series, so they have to stay consistent.

      1. I know but i’m sure at this point fans are aware of the series origins and would be fine with the original titles

            1. The game was named Mother after a John Lennon song, as the creator was a big fan of the Beatles. That also might explain why a yellow submarine appears in Earthbound/Mother 2.

              1. >>>And is also a reason to why it was never released in the west back then because of copyright issues or whatever>>>

                1. I’ll admit, I played a little bit of it on an emulator but I never got far, but I think Earthbound/Mother 2 had WAY more cultural references than Mother 1. The hippie battle music is clearly sampled from a song called Johnny B. Goode.

                  1. >>>Indeed, well that’s NA, they were the reason to why Earthbound was never released in the west>>>


      1. Oh how fucken ironic. How can you call him a cheapskate when your stupid ass just told someone else (in this same post) to emulate the game. How fucken stupid are you?

  12. OMG! I can finally stop bitching about Nintendo not bringing Mother to North America. This news is celebration worthy. I feel like going out and celebrating. I’ve been wanting this for SO long. And I know many others have too. The only thing better than this would have been a physical disc Wii U Mother trilogy sold at retail. But I’ll take it in any way I can.

    I already had the Earthbound Zero reproduction cartridge of this. But never played it, aside from the first few parts. Now I’m glad I didn’t. Now I can play the official version translated by Nintendo themselves. I know it’s only a matter of time before Mother 3 is here as well.

    1. The rom in english has been in usa fir emulators for over 20 fucking years so why the fuck are you celebrating dipshit lol

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  13. They’re sure starting gaming’s biggest week strong, aren’t they? First more Smash DLC, now an officially-released Mother 1 in the States?

    Is this a foreshadowing of Mother 3 coming to the west as well?

  14. So is this just going to be an official release of the original official translation they originally did in English that people have been playing for years on emulators and repro carts that they never released or is it going to be a completely redone translation?

    If its just the old translation they did then I am not so much happy with them as more I am thinking that its about fucking damn time they released it. They could have thrown that on their VC anytime, in fact years ago when the translation was found there was a petition to get Nintendo to port it to the GameBoy Color.

    As cool as it is that Nintendo themselves are finally getting around to release this, I still would have preferred they save it for an actual legit Mother trilogy collection for 3DS or something.

    Alright Nintendo, now get around to releasing StarFox 2 finally.

  15. I’m confused. I thought that the RUN feature (being able to run fast) was something that was just added to the unofficial Earthbound Zero cartridge? But you can still run fast in Earthbound Beginnings. I was shocked when I discovered that.

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