Blast Ball For Nintendo 3DS Announced At Nintendo World Championships

Following Stage 1 of Splatoon at Nintendo World Championships 2015, contestants were told they would be playing a brand new game in Stage 2: Blast Ball. Blast Ball, a Nintendo 3DS exclusive, seems to be a PvP-based mech game that merges robots and soccer. The mechs use their blasters to try to push the “blast ball” into the opposite players’ goal in 3v3 competitions.

  • An FPS mutiplayer Arena team shooter
  • When you score a goal, the goal gets smaller
  • 3vs 3 played on NWC
  • First team to 3 goals wins
  • Use your laser to hit the ball back
  • Cannot shoot laser constantly, have to manage your laser energy (power management)
  • There are physics on the ball
  • Arenas also have verticality
  • Your mech can be disabled and you are removed from the map
  • Multiple mechs can be down at a time
  • Blasting a ball at another player means you take damage
  • Powerups can be collected on the map
  • There is a jet power-up which forces jets to eject players and stuns them for a while
  • Hold A button to do a stronger blast
  • Balls drop from top of the arena at start of game
  • You can score own goals accidentally

Check out the screenshots below:


      1. I love Nintendo too man.. but if you think Uncharted is shit your an idiot. All that is jealousy because its not on your console of choice, grow up.

  1. What are Nintendo actually going to announce on Tuesday – we’ve already had many 3ds announcements Last week. Smash bros dlc today. 2 new games tonight …

  2. Serious constructive feedback-type question: does MyNintendoNews have an editor or *any* sort of proof-reading system in place? I just bookmarked this site a few weeks back and am consistently finding errors—both grammatical and typographical, or outright missing info/words/phrases—in just about every article posted. I enjoy another source of 3DS news, but the lack of polish and inattention to detail is really turning me off as a reader.

    1. We look to be the first-to-print regarding news (and we succeed more often than you can imagine) — we deliver as much polish as time allows, however people normally follow us for the speed.

      We try our best to make sure everything is polished after, when news slows down.

      Is there anything particular about this article I can change for ya?

      1. Hey, thanks for the quick reply. There are a few truncated thoughts or examples of poor grammar within this article, as well as some overall awkward phrasing:
        * Blast Ball, a Nintendo 3DS, seems to be… (missing word)
        * First team to 3 goals (incomplete thought)
        * Arena also have verticality (“Arena” should be plural)

        And another incomplete thought within a recent article:
        * Mother has only previous in Japan…

        I know there were a few other instances within the past week or so as well that would take a while to go back and find. Perhaps the errors seem small individually, but added up they give the impression that the site just wants to get info out as quickly as possible without QCing it. Words are how you interact with your readers: I’d just like to see more care in how they are presented.

        Thanks for taking the time to listen.

        1. Thanks for getting back to us — the last one I changed in my clean up, but I fixed some of the writing on your suggestion.

          These posts have been more collaborative as many people on the team are adding as info rolls in (possibly adding to the disjointed and incomplete nature of the E3 posts). But I will personally make sure to read through my own work again — thanks for your continued readership.

            1. Thanks Tess! We always strive to bring the best product we can to our readers. We appreciate the compliments and the criticism :)

  3. Nothing’s been too interesting so far as far as all Nintendo has revealed today, but I’m sure that’s because they’re getting out the little stuff for the big announcements Tuesday!

    1. No, its gears of War. With out the brolic men, or the rifles, or the steroid, or the detailed maps, or the yelling and grunting of grown men, or the ridiculous armor, or the bull running . other than that, its Gears of War on a 3DS.

  4. Anyone remember Metriod Prime Hunters? A new multiplayer version of that would be gnarly. Had some good times shooting it out with random peeps.

    1. Yeah I remember it, it was terrible and because of Nintendo at the time constantly milking the hell out of the Prime series we main series fans didn’t receive our 2d Metroid Fusion sequel. We haven’t had a real Metroid in 11 years and we haven’t had a continuation in 13 years. If this is Metroid Prime Hunters 2 and we don’t receive a Metroid 5, I’m finished with Nintendo.

      1. Whoa dude nooooo! The PvP was hella fun and you flippin know it. Don’t be gettin all salty over it not being here anymore : ).

        1. I will continue to be salty until I get a god damn 2d Metroid. I mean how hard is it to make a god damn 2d Metroid; if they want to make a prime with mp so much keep that garbage on wii u and stop forcing it down classic Metroid fans throats who just want a sequel to Metroid Fusion and an official Metroid 2 remake.

            1. Pulling back on my salt it seems word is coming out that this game may have been a prototype for a hunters sequel. So in other words Metroid Prime Hunters 2 got canned and replace with this thank god, now give us Metroid 5 Nintendo and all will be forgiven

  5. i saw it on nintendo world championship 2015 on disney xd because its like lazer tag join soccer in the field of the video game i like it its better than super smash bros and starfox welcome blast ball

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