Super Smash Bros. To Introduce New Mii Fighter Costumes Including Virtua Fighter And Animal Crossing

The Super Smash Bros. Nintendo 3DS/Wii U Presentation has announced a bunch of new Mii Fighter costumes that will be available, including Mega Man suits, Virtua Fighter and an Isabelle costume from Animal Crossing, so you can battle in cuteness! Are you excited for the new suits?


  1. Ryu, & Virtua Fighter costumes? Please, Capcom, SEGA, release a current Street Fighter & new Virtua Fighter on Wii U. I enjoyed Super SF IV 3D Edition, & haven’t played a VF since 2 on Saturn. Smash ain’t my bag, but a solid 1-on-1 Fighter (preferably w/ out online unlock parity) is what I want. That’s would be the kinda 3rd-party strengthening I wanna see from Nintendo; more iconic &/or Japanese titles on Wii U.

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