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Star Fox Zero Announced For Wii U Coming Holiday 2015

Nintendo has today confirmed that the long-awaited Star Fox for Wii U will be heading to the console this holiday season. The game stars your favourite characters including Fox, Falco, Slippy and the rest of the cast. The GamePad is a fundamental part of play and should prove to be interesting when it’s demoed on the show floor. Miyamoto also says that Thunderbirds inspired him to make a game like Star Fox.

23 thoughts on “Star Fox Zero Announced For Wii U Coming Holiday 2015”

      1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

        Just speaking the Damn truth. They don’t even have anything to fucking show that’s exciting unless they have metroid or something hiding.

  1. Galactus The Planet Devourer

    So they revealed this game first? Is it going on now? That’s a good thing. They always save the best for last. Everyone knows this.

  2. reminds me of the Wii U reveal, This Starfox looks boring. it would have been kick ass if it was a mixture between SF64 and SFAdventures

    1. I only like the second half of the comment. I was hoping for a cross between Star Fox 64 & Adventures myself.

  3. This was the only thing that was minimally interesting this year for nintendo… Amd it looked completely bland… I would give them my confident though… It may be cool amd ill buy it but fuck you miyamoto piece of shit!

  4. Love the hate Nintendo is getting.
    Shows you that the modern gamer only cares about violences and gore instead of actual games that are fun.

    1. i love both kind of games after i play mario parrty 10 for 90 hours with my brother and friends i start witcher 3 and now splatoon :P and i feel sorry for the people who only like violences games they losing the real fun

    2. I’ve like most of the Wii U lineup so far, but this e3 was just weak. As was the presentation of Starfox.

  5. anyone notice that the graphics are like ps3?……is by far not good on graphics and this is like they did a lazy job… well the gameplay could be cool but come on…

  6. same i love nintendo but i knew this e3 will be dissappointment even more because 1 year ago i said: i have to w8 next e3 for more zelda. and next e3 is here and nothing…

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  8. bleemey!!!! why Nintendo have not put more resources on Zelda. I mean we won’t have the game until November 2016, but we will have Starfox which were developed after zelda but arrived on time and even dare to say even head of schedule. Either the game is shit and short or the team was way bigger than zelda’s team which is supposed to be a huge game a la skyrim.

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  10. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

    I liked everything about the Star Fox Zero reveal. I hate how the game looks like it might be yet ANOTHER remake of the original Star Fox, though. Hopefully I’m wrong & they are just pulling a Link Between Worlds on us with some of the locations.

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