Rumour: Next Level Games Apparently Has Wii U Game In Development, Could Be Moved To NX

According to Twitter user ‘Tamaki’– Liam Robertson– from Unseen 64, Next Level Games are working on another project which is apparently for the Wii U! Pretty exciting news. However, since it wasn’t mentioned at their E3 conference, it could be possible that it’s being moved to the NX. Now remember, Unseen64 are usually pretty spot on. What would you like the new project to be?


  1. I seriously hope we’re getting a Direct soon with Wii U games arriving through 2016. I’m happy with the games the system already has, but a bunch more wouldn’t hurt.

      1. I’m not going to argue with that. Five titles I like and another 5 I enjoy is enough for me to get a new console, and I’m not picky when it comes to the genre of the games. Wii U has that, but it’s very sad not to see the wasted potential.

    1. this is what I’ve been saying all along and Nintendo’s extremely poor E3 showing just confirms it. This is also why we just mostly saw stuff for the 3DS. The NX is coming and it’s coming fast and it’s replacing the WiiU. My bet would be holiday 2016 and Nintendo knows it needs to be strong coming out the gate with NX which is why they are moving all their big games over to NX. Nintendo knew they had to bite the bullet this year so that they can have a successful launch for the NX.

      1. They should accept the fact that they:
        – Will lose fans if they don’t do something like an ambassador program for Wii U owners or have a free NX console
        – The system must be sold at a loss
        – NX should be backwards compatible to Wii U but will no longer require another screen because developers are too fucking lazy to create games with second screen
        – Need to make the new platform easy to develop and engines such as Unreal 4 should work
        – Need to make “AAA” FPS and open world games that are repetitive but have high-end graphics to encourage “hardcore” gamers that their system is not for babies
        – Succumb to the Evil Big Three: EA, Activision and Ubisoft and let them rule over NX

        1. – Good Idea
          – Microsoft have been doing that for years
          – Doubt it, it’d probably be left until much later down the systems life time.
          – Agreed
          – No… just no… people might buy into those games but if Nintendo started doing that then their magic is gone and they’ll just end up like Sony and Microsoft, heavily relient on Third party games.
          – No, give them freedom but not rule over the system.

        2. I think they’re willing to accept that their next console will be sold at a loss, that’s why they’re making another system so quickly. I think an ambassador program is a wonderful idea for Wii U owners, I don’t think giving the console away for free to current Wii U owners is a good idea, but some sort of reward is a good one. Nintendo’s consoles are usually always backwards compatible so that’s a pretty safe bet, but I don’t think I’d go around calling developers lazy. those guys work way to hard just for people to complain about what they make. And I seriously hope that was a joke about the repetitive FPS games. What’s even the point of Nintendo if they’re going to make games just like everybody else? Isn’t that the reason behind Nintendo’s success anyway, they don’t make games you can find anywhere else. Other than that, I think you have some solid ideas.

    2. The rumours of NX coming in 2016 and it being the PORTABLE NX sort of points to why it will be close to ps4 power SIMPLE and that’s why wiiu will still be the main console in 2016 until NX Home comes out in 2017…..then the specs of that will leak and will be more powerful then ps4….

    1. for a system that’s doing this bad in the sales department, it’s commendable that Nintendo stuck with it this long. but a replacement had to be done. the WiiU has been bleeding Nintendo for almost 3 years now. they tried their best to turn it around.

      1. “the WiiU has been bleeding Nintendo for almost 3 years now”
        Where did you take that from? They actually managed to make a profit out of the damn thing. The attach rate is higher than the competition’s too.

        1. believe or not, gaming companies that makes hardware like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo makes the bulk of their money from software sales from first and third parties. Nintendo is an exception to some extent because they tend to sell their hardware at a profit. now even though the WiiU sells for a profit, Nintendo has only managed to sell about 12 million in over 2.5 years. coupled that with the fact that they are almost making no money from third party software sales (because the system almost has no third party support) and all the operating cost and marketing cost around the system and this is why the WiiU has been bleeding money and Nintendo has posting major losses for the past 3 years. Nintendo only recently came back to profits because of the strong performance of the 3DS and things like Amibo. you should first do some research and understand the business before you go off.

          1. That makes sense, actually, the revenue made by the Wii U and software not being able to cover the costs of the services it offers. Honestly, worst case scenario, I can see Nintendo going full mobile instead of dropping the market.

  2. >>>Stop making things worse with speculations Ambassador Jackyanne, the empire is already annoyed to the max>>>

      1. >>>Someone remove this outdated filth, it’s making me even more bored than the Digital Event>>>

        1. “Someone remove this old ass computer from our midst, it’s not very reliable”

          I can do that too.

  3. “could be moved to the NX”.

    I’d say it’s extremely likely. I expect Nintendo to start slowly killing off the Wii U (and judging by this year’s E3, they’ve already begun to do that) so that the NX can get a strong head start.

    1. yep this guy gets it. i love my WiiU and it’s sad to see it not live up to it’s potential but the writing is on the wall. i knew it ever since Nintendo delayed Zelda WiiU and pulled it from E3 2015 even though it’s further along than it was in 2014 when they showed it off. this year’s extremely poor E3 showing just confirms it

  4. It’s like one gut punch after another for us early Wii U adopters like myself hoping for more Nintendo series titles. I’ll end up waiting a couple of years atleast if at all to see if NX is any different at this rate.

  5. lol, I was about to make a video saying that I believe Nintendo is moving all their big projects to NX, people, Nintendo isn’t going to announce a new system without games for it, they saw what happened at the wiiu launch, also, as much fun that wiiu games are, the system is still a financial failure, they aren’t selling and Nintendo is still a company, and it’s also hurting the quality of game because it’s forcing Nintendo to force some out just so we don’t go a whole year without a game, as well as the fact that the wiiu has been out for a while now, it doesn’t feel like it because the wii had a long life and there hasn’t been too many games, but it’s getting around the time Nintendo usually replaces a system

  6. I think what we might see, is crossplatforming, such as in the case of Zelda U, it might also be made available for NX since things are moving in that direction

    1. That might be even worse for Nintendo. The Wii U adopters won’t buy the NX, and the NX’s versions of the games won’t look as different from the ones in the Wii U. Without the system having a significant jump in terms of power, the regular consumer won’t buy it. Nor will the alienated Wii U instalbase. It’d be a New 3DS situation.

      1. Let’s say the new Zelda for Wii U was pretty much on the home stretch, but the NX they could pump it up to an extraordinary place… I think it could work if the NX versions were that much better… It wouldn’t be a perfect transition, but it could be OK. If they hit it out of the park with the next system, some of this stuff won’t matter.

        1. That would mitigate it somewhat, yes. They wouldn’t release both versions simultaneously, though, I don’t think they have the resources to develop a game of that magnitude for the NX yet, as if it was a dedicated exclusive. It made more sense with Twilight Princess, really, they could get away with releasing almost the same game in both systems. Not this time, though.
          However, if they actually do it and plan to do a simultaneous release, be sure to grab a Wii U copy. They’re going to be sparse.

          1. Yeah we’ll see… Still want some of these games, but I was a bit disappointed with the announcements and lack of the Zelda title which will be held back

  7. Next Level Games, PLEASE give us a new Mario Strikers in the future. If not, feel free to make a new Punch Out title.

  8. I think the the last WiiU title for me was Splatoon. The more I get to thinking about it, the more angry/disappointed I get. (day 1 WiiU buyer here)

    I was always a Zelda/Metroid Ninty fan. Not so much with Mario. What did the WiiU get for those games?

    Fuck Zelda U at this point. Guess i’ll be going back PS. (havn’t owned one since PS2)

    1. Same, I will have a ps4 by the end of the july, and I’m serious thinking on not buying nint products for a long time by now, I’m so upset with wiiu, I’ve spnt a lot of money on it, it was fun, but seeing this e3 it’s more clear it’s dead…

    2. Despite the disappointing E3, I’ll still get any games that look fun (like Woolly World, Star Fox, Chronicles X and Zelda).

  9. Where can we write Nintendo, so they can future proof the NX. BY that I mean it should be 128 GIGs of brutal power, with two resistive touch pads, and pro controller added in. at @ $400. We shall buy that with Mario Kart 10 ready to go.


  10. It’s too early to talk about NX -_- WHY Nintendo… why are you doing this?

    I hope you know I WON’T be buying your next home console until a big price drop hits the store shelves. You aren’t getting full prices out of me anymore.

  11. I’ll not buy NX, I’ve spent a lot of money on my wiiu, even Nintendo not supporting my country. And now this, nintendo killing wiiu.

  12. I miss the early nes/snes days, all those games… great third-party support… close to no competition, I mean I love ubisoft and activision, but bring back konami with new games and get Capcom back on those Disney platforming licences. kingdom hearts was awesome but it never came close to the fun I had playing ducktales, chip n dale, darkwing duck, Aladdin, and mickey mouse games. Even squaresoft, what happened with them, the games used to have substance, vibrant character-driven stories. Even the virtual console is missing on some serious love and where the heck is Contra… sigh, if I get my hands on a time machine, i’m gonna go back in the 90’s and bitch slap miyamoto and iwata for letting this happen.

    1. With the way companies are milking people, while not really advancing gameplay and given the discoverability problem, I wouldn’t be surprised.

      1. To be clear, the way Nintendo has started locking gameplay -content behind an Amiibo paywall is one of the forms of milking.

  13. I wouldn’t care what it is if they’re not going to finish it on the Wii U. Lack of continued support for the U will mean I wait until the NX is $100 to jump in. Nintendo is soiling their trust with consumers.

  14. Hmm, I guess it makes sense if it’s only a year away.

    I’ll likely be skipping out on the NX, and sticking to my N3DS as long as I can. Unless the NX is some portable hybrid and I’ll jump on board early on.

  15. Or that it is nowhere near a 2015 game, like Reggie said.
    Movd to NX, even though we know nothing about it?? You guys and your imagination.

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