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Blindfolded Guy Beats Super Mario World In 23 Minutes

Yes, you read that correctly. Twitch streamer PangaeaPanga has done the unthinkable and beaten the beloved Super Mario World in twenty-three minutes wearing a blindfold. Yup, a blindfold. PangaeaPanga only died four times in his attempt which is a miracle by itself. He has described himself as a Super Mario Hacker and tool-asssisted speed runner and he currently holds world records at the game. Be sure to check out his speedy run in the video embedded below.

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26 thoughts on “Blindfolded Guy Beats Super Mario World In 23 Minutes”

  1. The IGN commentors basically debunked this. There’s no way that he was legitimately playing it. He was probably just using a computer program or had someone else actually playing the game. There are so many ways that this could have been faked.

      1. I just don’t buy it for a second. If true, then it’s extremely impressive and one of the best video game feats ever, but there are too many ways that this can be faked. If he did it in front of a large amount of people at a public event with no chance to cheat, then I’d be willing to accept it.

        1. The fact that he is consistently looking at a specific area(bottom right as you see it) throughout the video, means that that’s where the center of the screen is. But If you’re blindfolded, you wouldn’t have to be looking bottom right consistently for half an hour, would you? People who do these things usually have their back turn and change directions frequently as well. This is super fake.

          1. Agreed, it’s definitely fake. Turning a few times or moving his head around would have helped. Personally, I would have liked more of a zoomed out camera angle to also see if he’s really the one who was playing.

        2. I don’t think the number of ways he could have faked it means he most likely did. With video editing and photoshop, anything can be. Even if he did this at a public event, someone behind stage could be piloting the game. I guess he just can’t win this one.

          1. Yes, but it’s much harder at a public event where someone would inspect the blind fold and he would be given a fresh copy of the game so that it wouldn’t have been tampered with.

  2. Geez, this guy is getting all the credit for doing it in 23 minutes! I can do it less than half of his time while blindfolded and using only one hand. I do not want to brag though so I will be humble about my feat.

  3. I think you guys a pretty quick to dismiss this guy. He is a speedrunner for the game so he obviously has the game memorized like the back of his hand. He also uses the music as a reference point, that’s why he pauses during certain points.

    Idk maybe I’m just not as much of a cynic.

    1. He didn’t put any effort into making it believable at all, no audience, no position changing, his head is in the same place and in the same direction the whole time. It’s fishy.

  4. I admit, If this is fake, I was dupped. But hey, I’ve been a sucker for over 20 years, so nothing new for me.

  5. Blindfolded Mario World. This time this little plumber can’t see shit.

    Personally I don’t buy it either. There are uber easy ways to go about providing proof of these type’s of “accomplishments” online these day’s. If you’re going to do something, go all out. If I was even going to bother with doing something so time wasting, I would at least make an event out of it, invite friends, do a BBQ, make something from it.. damn.

    Halo party this Saturday! !! Yellow for life!

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