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Rumour: NX Won’t Be Android-Based But Will Emulate Android Games

You may have read the rumour that’s been circulating the web suggesting that Nintendo is partnering up with Disney and also Amazon. Well, the very same source claims that Nintendo’s next generation video game platform, the NX, won’t be Android-based, but it will allow for the emulation of Android games. This is just a rumour at present, and as I’m sure you are well aware, we won’t be hearing any concrete details about the NX until next year.

  • Nintendo will not create an Android system, but instead will emulate Android games. It’s not something that’s confirmed, but just an interpretation of the conversations. (Think how Blackberry is doing it)
  • When Nintendo announced their mobile games, Amazon was very interested in having the games also be on the Amazon App store.
  • Nintendo games will be on the Amazon store on day one, or shortly after Play Store and App Store.
  • Amazon is asking Nintendo what they need to do to have Amazon App Store games play on Nintendo consoles
  • Amazon got the impression that Nintendo is thinking about emulating Android games.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

56 thoughts on “Rumour: NX Won’t Be Android-Based But Will Emulate Android Games”

      1. The thing is: why Android? Because the only common link I can find between Nintendo and Android is the development of mobile-only games. Maybe those titles will be playable on the NX as well?

        1. Maybe the new Nintendo mobile games will be available on NX too… but to do that, NX will need a touch screen, so maybe we will be able to use WiiU Gamepad as a controller, or yes, NX will be the so rumoured hybrid console we keep hearing about

        2. I take this with salt, but if this is true, touch screen for the NX confirmed, you need touch to play most Android games, not to mention gyro for some. NX Gamepad+ !?

          1. If so, this is a bad move for Nintendo to require another touchscreen controller. Developers and gamers who really spend money are not fond of it. Third party won’t come again because these games don’t require touchscreen. It SHOULD be OPTIONAL.

            1. You do not speak for all developer and gamers who spend money on it. If the next home console do not have the gamepad then I will skip gaming until someone else uses a controller with a screen in it. It has benefitted me greatly.

              1. BlackBerry has made this feature a huge part for them and closed the app gate. Games and apps run better on their phone than some android flagships! Hopefully nintendo can do the same

                1. But is there a demand for such a thing? Because I didn’t even think about it and now that I do I can’t think of any Android app or game that I want on a home console.

                2. Yes, this is also a slight insight to the NX having a updated gamepad. They should partner with Microsoft and Amazon. Microsoft can help bring not just apps, but help with things like media, cloud, online, security, and with windows 10 (which can run android, IOS, web, and others) amazon well be a great partner (IV bin wanting them to merge and this is a good sign)

                  1. Nintendo must like garbage. Wii had shittons of shovelware, Wii U had crappy 3rd party ports and first party games are now just Amiibo party favors with more shovelware in eShop. I see the pattern here.

                          1. It’s always a few people. At the party of someone of hate, at a club they hate, on a site with content they hate, at a restaurant with food they hate, etc. They’re always there.

                          2. If this isnyrue it makes me not want it even more. The wiiu has me worried but this make me worry more because they will be dumping there crap mobile games on the nx with microtransactions, im not one for constent charges.

                          3. That sounds a lot more reasonable than actually being Android-based. If nothing else, we’ll get The Amazing Frog? on eShop!

                          4. Nothing is set in stone, so it would be unfair for anybody to speculate about anything out it at the current time…

                          5. After the first Android hoax i don’t see how we should trust in this. What’s with these Android rumors anyway? We aren’t getting rumors on the console itself

                            1. If it’s already debunked the first time, then how is this rumor even solid when the first rumor wasn’t true? Because you need Android to emulate their GARBAGE apps. Otherwise, no Android (thank god)

                          6. Maybe as a good gesture to those who bought Wii Us, you’ll be able to use the gamepad on NX for additional apps or in-game functions.

                            1. I do think the Gamepad will work on the NX just like the Wii remote works on the Wii U. It just makes sense to let people do that.

                          7. If this is true their no way the NX will be coming next year something like this can be a big hit if done right but they will have to take more long to make it happen which I hope they do as well at less 3 more years the Wii U haven’t became 3 years old yet.

                          8. Another shit Android rumor that’s already debunked when it’s said that NX won’t run Android which is needed to run Android (GARBAGE) apps. Anyone believing this is a moron and anyone liking Android/apps is the biggest moron.

                          9. You know, what, with the NX being a powerhouse to bring in the next gen, we can expect it to even be strong enough to play smartphone games!

                          10. wii u can have android games ported to it ALMOST INSTANTLY pressca button presto ported

                            this was demo’ed when wiiu came out, other games were up and running in days

                            SO WHY EMULATE

                            1. You need to have faith. If anyone can alienate and repel hundreds and thousands of android developers…Nintendo can. Never underestimate them, not for a moment.

                          11. People overreact tbh. If the OS were Linux based, then we could say it is an Android based OS as well, because both have the Linux kernel. Android and Linux share the same kernel lol.

                            I could stretch and say the PS3 OS is kinda Android based because the kernel is Linux.

                            The OS has nothing to do with the games released on the system. The thing is the Google Play Store/App Store, but those are linked to Google and Apple.

                            1. Linux is just the kernel, there is loads more to an OS than that. Android is one implementation of those things, and much of it is running in a virtual machine. Just because you share an ancestor with a monkey, doesn’t mean you are based of a monkey.

                          12. I thought Nintendo already debunked the rumors of the NX using Android in any shape or form? It must’ve been an idea that Nintendo had to been seriously thinking about but just shot it down at the last minute. It just makes the NX more and more mysterious

                            1. Apple hates anyone who isn’t Apple. That is why they didn’t go with Apple because APPLE WOULDN’T ALLOW IT. Apple loves their own crap too much to allow anyone to touch it.

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                          14. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                            >>>Once again the the cattle starts assuming things just because of a rumour, it’s funny how the empire “never learsn” but you never learn either, it’s so amusingly hypocritical>>>

                          15. Yeah that cause that part is cloud based, just look at the partnership with DeNA who is partnered with Google right now. This system with be link bridge/swiss army knife between the current and new platforms.

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                          17. Make the nx as powerful as possible at an affordable price with a normal controller. No weird bs so then third parties will have no excuses. Do this as well as marketing your console and it will sell.

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