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Nintendo Says It Would Be Difficult To Develop A ‘Zelda Maker’ Game

Don’t hold your breath if you’re hoping Nintendo will make a Super Mario Maker-type game for The Legend of Zelda. Developing ‘Zelda Maker’ would most likely be more difficult than creating Super Mario Maker, according to Nintendo producer Takashi Tezuka. Super Mario Maker allows players to use the Wii U GamePad to create levels and share them with others. The game is set to launch worldwide on September 11.

“Zelda Maker might be a challenge to make I think,” Tezuka said. “Personally, making Super Mario Maker that was a challenge in itself, and we hope that it’s a success, so thank you for saying that, but I think that might be a difficult task.”

48 thoughts on “Nintendo Says It Would Be Difficult To Develop A ‘Zelda Maker’ Game”

  1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

    Duh because mario is nothing but a bunch of fucking pixels thrown together <- that word looks fucking wrong

    1. Dark Side Games Inc

      He said that it was difficult to even make Super Mario Maker if you read the interviews.
      However, he didn’t say it was impossible.

    2. but not impossible, I wouldn’t count this out of them saying they aren’t going to do it, it’ll just take a bunch of time

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>They will once they see how successful Mario Maker will be in a matter of weeks>>>

          1. Nintendo Dark Jester Kooweek

            And then they’ll get their butts to a Zelda Maker (or another maker of some sorts, like, you know, the “track editor” they mentionned somewhere in MK8)

                    1. Nintendo Dark Jester Kooweek

                      //Then again they could use the Mario Maker Series (Because I remind that Miyamoto would make it a series) for a Track Editor, more likely based on Super Mario Kart

                      1. Dark Side Games Inc

                        Well it could be possible if you look at game engines like RPG Maker, but I can see what they’re on about.

                        1. But it can’t he done like mario maker because people woll cry if they can’t make ocarina of time using third person view.

                      2. I hope they make Metroid Maker. Let’s SEE how much better you whiners are at making Metroid games than Nintendo is!

                            1. IDK WTF Neo-whatever is and sounds like you’re just some tight fanboy eager to jump in front of Nintendo for defense no matter how obvious or how much they screw you on several accounts by not offering what everyone else wants.

                            2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                              >>>There isn’t even a debate nor argument about it, if a Metroid Maker would be created which I hope doesn’t because that would destroy Metroid almost as much as that Chibi nonsense, at least the Metroid Maker would automatically feature 2D Metroid gameplay>>>

                            1. There’s a difference between difficulty in producing something and not being able to produce it. It’s not an excuse. If anything, he basically confirmed that they could do it by putting it on the same difficulty level as Super Mario Maker.

                              And what are you referring to to the “same old argument” years ago?

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                          2. I guess Nintendo is not aware of Zelda Classic for PC.
                            It pretty much does what a Zelda Maker would do.. only probably better and less half assed than like Mario Maker has turned out .. mario maker is half assed cause you’re just making challenge courses.. not a full fledged 2D mario adventure..

                            And BTW Zelda Classic has been around for YEARS now.
                            So a Zelda Maker is not impossible.. Nintendo is just bad about not knowing how to go about making such software.

                            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                              >>>Besides the “story scenes” in the 2D Mario games, what’s the difference? They are still just courses that you play through one by one and you can do a sequence of course in Mario Maker>>>

                              1. Well here’s the thing though. You can’t connect them if you like to create worlds and then link worlds together of your own creation and call it your own adventure.
                                Forget story. With a 2D mario game story matters very little.. But the idea that you’re stuck making 1 level and uploading one at a time, with no way to connect them.. is rather frustrating.

                                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                  >>>Well they might reveal something more in a ND before the game releases, as far as I know, you can atleast follow your favourite creators and so can play their continuiton of their own “worlds”>>>

                                  1. Well, i guess that’s at least something.
                                    And Nintendo has said they have more to reveal over time before it launches.
                                    So we’ll see.

                                2. Well, I’ll just say that Mario Maker is more complex because literally anything can interact with anything and the fact that each style brings those physics with them. Now people have been making mario maker games for years…but all they’ve been is just a level editor honestly and all they were missing was all the combinations you could make. For a Zelda Maker, if you stick with 2D Zelda you’re fine. To do something like that would be taking the Mario Maker engine, modifying it so the player can move in 4 different directions, modify the enemies, and well the sprites in general but bam you already have the basics there. Everything else is already in place to make a Zelda game. You have the warp pipes which you can use to take you to different dungeons (of course the warp pips would be modified). There obviously would be some things to add and then all the text players would have to write to make a story for the game (or not if they chose not to include a feature like that). But honestly they already have the foundation for it.

                                  1. They are pretty good when you pay attention to the game design and the context of those days. Been playing the first one and it’s much more interesting than it looks.

                                3. “RPG Maker” for PS1 was pretty sweet. I would love Zelda-maker, but I’m happy to be getting “Super Mario Maker”.

                                  Just getting a new console Zelda game will be a big deal.

                                4. Pretty soon, we’ll be making the games for the system’s and getting ripped off that way as well. I say end the shit before we’re making the games for them, and doing the promotional work.

                                5. pink0crystal0midbus

                                  I don’t exactly get what people would want out of a “Zelda Maker.” Zelda isn’t known for being 2D and 3D create your own levels are always too shallow to be considered good.

                                  Unless they only stick with the top down version of the old Zelda games, then it wouldn’t work, but even if they did that, it would be terribly boring, because the old Zelda games aren’t even the best ones. Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, Skyward Sword…. they are all 3D.

                                  It IS too big of a challenge to make a Zelda maker. I agree with Nintendo.


                                  Now, if they were to make a Metroid Maker, THAT would be doable and would be pretty cool. Too bad Nintendo doesn’t like to do Metroid justice. :/

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