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Sakurai Considered Dropping Pac-Man From Smash If Couldn’t Use Old-School Design

Pac-man is an iconic video gaming character, but Super Smash Bros producer Masahiro Sakurai was seriously considering dropping him from the game unless Namco let him use the old-school design for the character. Presumably Bandai Namco initially wanted Sakurai to use their updated 3D design from Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, but he wasn’t interested in using that.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6 and Takamaru64

81 thoughts on “Sakurai Considered Dropping Pac-Man From Smash If Couldn’t Use Old-School Design”

    1. Nintendo Dark Jester Kooweek

      //Ghostly Adventures sucks beyond belief, I understand his move, what a nice way to force Namco to remember the good one

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>I never played that one, too busy waging war as a warrior only back in the Ancient War between the empire and the Segans>>>

                1. Dark Side Games Inc

                  I don’t know, the new design is pretty good in its own way to be honest.
                  I think he should have just made it an alt costume for Pac-Man.

                  1. I wouldn’t want that shit alt. in my game. Reminds me too painfully of how much the games and cartoons sucked. I wasted money on the first game only to realize it’s a repetitive POS and worst, there’s no usual Namco Museum arcade games in it.

                    1. I hate everybody thinking Pac Man’s new design was first in Ghostly Adventures. It was in a Pac Man Anniversary title for the original Wii and DS. Every character has a modern design. Mario, Sonic, Link. and Pac Man’s modern design matches up perfectly
                      I agree with this guy. refusing a icon such as pac man over his modern design is idiotic. They didn’t do that sh*t with Sonic.

                    2. Good thing they didn’t use his newer design. Good ol classic Pac-Man ftw

                      And If I were Sakurai, I would drop Pac-Man if he didn’t have a Ms. Pac-Man attire as an alt.

                        1. You’re just as bas as Sakurai, wanting to put even more clones in the game just because the character has a different name.We already have 7 clones in the game who don’t play significantly different than the original.GTFO

                          1. “who don’t play significantly different than the original” Wow, I can tell you haven’t tried playing as them as only about two are very little different. Luigi is much different than Mario, Roy much more than Marth, and even Toon Link than Link.

                            1. Agreed. I hate when people don’t know the difference between clones and semi-clones and lump them all together.

                          2. Albert "The Erection King" Einstein

                            “Hey, I know you’re making this game and all Namco, but I’m considering of dropping PacMan”

                                1. Mario still mostly looks like he’s looked for years.
                                  Sonic now days is less appealing, to me anyhow.
                                  Pacman did not need a new design.. at all.
                                  It looks god aweful to me.

                                    1. Nintendo Dark Jester Kooweek

                                      //The “Retro” Design Sakurai talked about was going back to Pac-Man World/Land, the time he had legs ‘n arms

                                  1. No offense to Super Smash, but the game would have lost at least 50% of its replay value without the classic Pac design. Sakurai did a good job of pressuring Namco into bringing the old school look as it is the definitive version of Pac-Man. Watch an episode of the Ghostly Adventures and you’ll see what I mean!

                                  2. Ghostly Adventure design isn’t too bad, it’s just the god awful voice that character has, in fact we can all see the similarities between the design. Nice job Sakurai.

                                  3. Good Call.

                                    That bottom pic looks ugly. I’d Never want to play as that Pac Man. Something about that thin outer shell raised over the eyes, and making it look like all but the thin outer shell is nothing but black mouth core is just … disturbing. It is uncomfortable to look at.

                                    Abstracting it by just painting on his face makes it easier to take somehow.

                                  4. Thank God he stuck with such a decision since that blue eyed abomination is a horrid representation of Pac-Man. With the retro design and nostalgic moveset, I had that cherry chasing, dot muncher as my main since launch.

                                  5. Thank god for Sakurai on this one because Ghostly Adventures is a fucking joke like Sonic Boom except both Ghostly’s games and cartoon sucks balls. Namco, if you’re even listening, give us Pac-Man World 4 or HD Trilogy remaster because your recent reboot on Pac-Man is a pure failure than even the same demographically aimed kids don’t like it.

                                  6. When I first heard that Pac-Man was going to be in Smash, I only thought and cringed a lot about the new design. I continuously hoped it wasn’t that one and thank goodness it was the classic design. Good move Sakurai, I wouldn’t have accepted that ‘ghostly adventure’ design at all.

                                    1. The modern Pac Man design didn’t even debut in Ghostly Adventures you moron and his modern design is basically the same as Mario’s and Sonic’s so why don’t you stop sucking Sakurai’s d*ck?

                                      1. His modern design actually has drastic changes in comparison to Mario and Sonic’s redesign.

                                        And to be fair, his Pac-Man Party design also has a few notable differences to his Ghostly Adventures design.

                                    2. Pac-Man, Mega Man and Sonic are the best third-party characters they could have chose for Smash Bros. And I hope they return in every sequel.

                                    3. pink0crystal0midbus

                                      Pac-man is a cool character in Smash Bros. I like the access to his retro style. He is a very unique character.

                                      Kudos to Sakurai’s decision!

                                    4. Thank God they stuck with the current decision.
                                      Same also applies to Mega Man.
                                      Sonic is really the only one of the three that looks fine as is with their modern design.

                                      1. Would have been cool if they forced SEGA to use the classic Sonic, or at least alt. costume it. I guess it may look strange having classic sonic pull off some of those moves.
                                        Anyway, I’m glad Sakurai was firm about using the classic Pac-Man – hopefully it gives Namco the hint that it’s best to go back to basics sometimes.

                                      2. I’m glad Nintendo knows better. The Ghostly Adventures series is horrible. The Pac-Man design in that show is atrocious, too. Plus, it just doesn’t feel like Pac-Man. At all.

                                      3. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                                        I don’t agree with some of Sakurai’s decisions for Smash 4 but this is one decision I’m happy with. That Ghostly Adventures design is creepy as hell for some reason. I don’t know why but it is. Keep that fucking design far, far away from me. *shudders* Now if they decided to let us use it as an alternate costume for Sandbag in Home Run Contest, I’d be happy to see it in the game just so I can knock it as far away from me as possible. lol

                                        1. The funny thing is that I never even knew of Ghostly Adventures existence until the sequel was announced back then, lol.

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