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Miyamoto Says He’s Taken A Step Back From Nintendo’s Hardware Design, More Focused On Software

Nintendo’s renowned video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has said he’s taking a step back from hardware design to focus more heavily on software development. In a recent interview with Fortune, the Mario creator stated that he’s no longer “actively participating and making decisions” when it comes to Nintendo’s current hardware development, including the NX. It’s, perhaps, a bold move for Miyamoto to make, though, as we heard earlier this week, he’s hoping the NX will be Nintendo’s next big hit after blaming the Wii U’s floundering performance on tablet progression and the console’s high price.

“I’ve pulled myself back out of some of the hardware section and I’m really focused on some of the software that I’m involved in—for example, the new Starfox game. Of course I am observing and looking at the hardware, but I am not actively participating and making decisions.”

Nintendo continues to be secretive when it comes to the NX due to fear of competitors potentially poaching their ideas. However, the company is currently in new talks with third parties regarding the upcoming hardware and, as Fortune alludes, reception appears to be positive. Nintendo’s software planning and development division general manager Shinya Takahashi referred to capturing the attention of gaming fans once again with Nintendo’s next home console.

“For us, the next step is to think about what is going to be that element that is really going to catch the attention of a large number of players again and get them excited. We’re constantly thinking about this idea from the perspective of the players and the needs of the players in terms of what can we can do with our ability and our technology to capture that excitement and passion.”

114 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says He’s Taken A Step Back From Nintendo’s Hardware Design, More Focused On Software”

    1. I hope its basically a Xbox one (or more powerful) as far as hardware is concerned. And I hope they focus on expanding the OS by adding features, make new versions of the controllers they already have. And then just focus on getting developers, even outsource work to make HD versions of old games)

        1. Dark Side Games Inc

          Xbox One isn’t faulty as it’s able to play games by changing the res depending on how much action is going on screen at once, PS4 sticks to 1080p which makes playing games on that console a pain in the backside.

          1. It’s specs design and game ports sucks compare to PS4, its bulky/heavy as shit and it overheats enough to set itself on fire. It’s only cheaper because Microsoft is desperate to play catch up with PS4 which I’m not falling for it.

            1. To be fair, the PS4 port of games such as Witcher 3 are terrible.
              Horrible lag issues and the fact you can’t changes the resolution down is kind of dumb, though if you’re saying the Xbox One specs “Suck” then you’ll need to look back and see that it isn’t any weaker than the PS4, it lacks GDDR5 RAM but it’s APU and RAM size is the same and to be honest, I’ve had zero problems with the third party games on my Xbox One.

              PS4 is a neat system but at the moment it’s just riding on hype as some of the exclusives that they’ve released so far have been a bit lack-luster with Bloodborne and Infamous Second Son being the only fun games on the system, well for me at least.

              Personally, I’ll stick to PC for all my third party game needs as I’m hoping to beef my PC up to a Hex Core i7 CPU with 32GB DDR4 RAM and I’m waiting for driver updates for R9 Fury X before purchasing two of the cards.

              1. It’s because of the lack of focus on multiport games. One is always better than the other because a company pays them off to make it happen which is bullshit and unfair plus lazy if they’re intend to make a business to please as most customers as possible.

              2. The Xbox one is more technically advanced then any other game system on the market, so if its faulty….wow the industry is just built on crap. The Xbox one well be running windows 10 on X86 which basically makes it a PC , and culpable of PC gaming, and! Last time I checked PC was supposed to be”the master race” and with its cloud graphics platform you don’t need to update the graphics down the road… wow that basicly talks down to the ps4 (which can’t even do backwards compatibility)

                1. Shut up fag wanting a more powerful console with a normal controller an goid online system is not causal

                2. It’s not possible. They already told us this is a hybrid and they don’t want to compete directly with MS and Sony. There’s a gimmick or catch somewhere.

              3. I honestly think they got their shit straight this time. Thank you miyamoto for acknowledging your mistakes and letting someone else have a go.(not that they would have le t him anyway).
                But still, as long as we regularly get these bits and pieces of news regarding nx,I’m good.

                1. Dark Side Games Inc

                  Miyamoto is by far the only guy at Nintendo who actually acknowledges when he is wrong. Plus, how could you be made at a face like that? :D

                  1. Dark Side Games Inc

                    Actually, he does Star Fox, Pikmin and he’s got two new games coming out that I’m very excited for :)

                      1. Dark Side Games Inc

                        He said at E3 this year that the games he is working on are still in development but I hope they come out :D

                        1. This is a good thing if you’re one of the people that want a less unique console from Nintendo and want them to offer sort of a traditional console as a priority with the NX.

                          Miyamoto makes great games (okay Sticker Star is an exception nobody is perfect…) but the Wii and Wii U hardware design definitely caused some problems for them.

                          1. Dark Side Games Inc

                            Sticker Star wasn’t really done by Miyamoto, he looked over the project but wasn’t really hands on the project.

                            1. Miyamoto is the man behind Sticker Star. Sticker Star sucked because Miyamoto took all the power from the developers, and literally gave them instructions on how to make the game…

                              He denied them the ability to create new original characters, they cold only use existing characters. He also denied them the use of a character progression system. He made them focus the entire battle system on stickers alone. (Which less face it, thats equivilant to playing an rpg, and only being able to use combat items to attack with. No regular attacks, no ablities, no magic, just attack items.. Through the entire game… An absolutely horrible idea…)

                              Miyamoto is still the man, but he fucked up sticker star…

                            2. Galactus The Planet Devourer

                              It’s not that I want s less unique console I just want one simple to develop for so there can be the best of third party and Nintendo games. That’s all.
                              ALSO …. The NX better be able to transfer all my Eshop downloads or I’ll be angry. Nintendo can choke on it if they think ill pay twice for the same damn game.

                          2. I think he is past his prime and should concentrate on software that is dear to his heart. He can still make great games, but his influence is counter productive more than it is not.
                            His approach can hurt some titles. It would be good for him to work some magic in his personal projects and don’t bother with other stuff at nintendo.

                            1. I agree. Miyamoto tries to put way too many gimmicks into his games now. His old games always had a gimmick or two, but now his entire games are based off a giant gimmick..

                          3. Dark Side Games Inc

                            This is a great move for him and Nintendo, this could mean that Nintendo can finally aim for a more traditional system like the PS4 and Xbox One but with a much more friendlier online and who knows, with the new Fiji chipsets released, they could be the ones helping AMD by incorporating the GPU chipset in their next console which would mean 4K gaming might not be a mile off for the system :D

                            Really, I’m just hoping to get a dev kit from them when I start to develop my game over the summer because I really want to develop for Nintendo but I guess PC will suit me for now until then :)

                              1. Dark Side Games Inc

                                Well, I’m still building up my funds by myself at the moment to make the game and only really started working on a few concept pieces but what I can say is that its basically this:

                                Hitman meets Overlord.

                              2. You aint no game designer you just a punk on the internet talkin shit….nintendo will be last to be 4k u punk

                                1. Dark Side Games Inc

                                  Mhmm, and you’re a person only insulting people for no reason what so ever just to make yourself feel better

                                  Sorry to hear about that

                                2. Don’t get your hopes up about the devkit thing. I’m an amateur developer registered as a Wii U developer, and the prices are way out of reach for me.

                                  1. Dark Side Games Inc

                                    Well, I’ll stick to PC for now but I’m still going to see if I can’t get my hands on a devkit for next year or 2018

                                3. This could be a good thing for Nintendo. Gotta seize the opportunity and kick the idea’s and boundaries up a notch. You’ve got the younger market, now go after the people you forgot.

                                4. great. that could mean they will actually have good hardware with the nx. no more forcing gimmicks on people.


                                    FORCING NO EVOLUTIN ON US


                                    if controls dont evolve GAMING DES NOT EVOLVE THIS IS A FACT


                                    on ps1 ps2 ps3 ps4 fifa and pes ARE THE EXACT SAME THING only chipset improvments but your still stuck with old controls and gameplay

                                    with PES wii REGARDLESS OF CHIPSETS the ame allowed you to control the holeteam in such advnced amazing ways it was mind blowing THATS WHAT GAMERS WANT “”””CONTROL””” ONLY A BRAINDEAD CADUAL WANTS SHIT CONTROL!!!!!



                                    WIIU FORCES NOTHING YOU LOW IQ’ed IDIOT





                                    I WANT TO DO THIS


                                    controller choice and contoller evolution is GOD wanting o bash a dualshock fir the next 20 gens is RRRREEEEEEEEEETTTTAAAARRRDDDEEEDDD

                                      1. Wow homo alert blind fanboy n64 GameCube snes nes traditional systems what people like ur the. Minority fagg

                                      2. Stfu punk gameing died in 1995 and if you dont like it you can kiss my duke ho…ps..we dont want to watch your mother fucking mario wii tennis video.

                                      3. I’m okay with having a screen, but the build of the gamepad is very poor. The screen is very low res and uses a resistive touchscreen. The triggers are digital and not analog. The speakers on it are very quiet and the battery life is ridiculously low. My phone has a slightly smaller screen but the specs of it blow the Wii U gamepad out of the water.

                                      4. I like the gimmicks.
                                        3D is awesome.
                                        Gamepad is awesome. (offscreen play is amazing)
                                        NX…I think will not be a powerhouse… It will be a mediocre machine that can play Wii, DS, Android, and other casual games.

                                        Nintendo forgot what gamers wanted a long time ago… I’m replaying the Prime trilogy, and wondering what hsppened to the Nintendo that developed games in the GameCube era…

                                        1. I think the nx will be a beast. I believe they’re done with gimmicks. they know they can’t continue to be a laughingstock.



                                        A GAMER AIMS WITH A MOUSE-MOUSE GYRO-MOUSE REMOTE IN A FPS GAME

                                        A CASUAL BRAINFART AIMS WITH A STICK

                                                1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                                                  Don’t like them than don’t read them bitch.
                                                  IFY: I have a mild case of ADD which affects my writing sometimes but do I care fuck no!

                                                2. Inovashion cums frome the game it’s self art style controls then graphics . Nintendo daus fine on two of those if thay had the graphics two go with it all thay would be unstoppable

                                                  1. Galactus The Planet Devourer

                                                    Man that is everything I dream Nintendo turning Mario into! A game like that!!!!!! That is amazballs! Truly Unreal. Wow. Awesome! I wanna play that!

                                                3. I just think he’s seen the specs for the NX and is now washing his hands clean so no dirt gets thrown his way. I mean come on guys, everyone knows Nintendo will NEVER deliver a high end machine. It’s not the Nintendo way. Game consoles for the everyday Joe. That’s Nintendo’s philosophy, and always has been.

                                                  1. ” Nintendo will NEVER deliver a high end machine. It’s not the Nintendo way. ”

                                                    Umm……the GameCube says hi

                                                        1. The N64 despite it’s power at the time, was plagued by the fact that nintendo stuck with cartridges.
                                                          And developers did not want to touch it.
                                                          Of course now days, if made just right, a cartridge could hold a lot more and last a lot longer then how they were back in the 90s.
                                                          The gamecube was another situation where Nintendo half assed their effort from a technical standpoint, and ended up using those small discs .. it frustrated developers so like the PS1 before it, some games had more than one disc
                                                          Resident Evil for the GameCube has 2 discs.
                                                          Nintendo tends to take 1 step forward, and 2 steps back in some situations.
                                                          I wish they would stop half assing shit, and put their best foot forward and actually have a proper console with NOTHING wrong with it.
                                                          And if you ask “what’s wrong with Wii U?”
                                                          The fact that developers have a disdain for wanting to port games to it.
                                                          That and a lot of devs did not give a damn about having to fuck with that second screen.
                                                          Nintendo was basically trying to replicate the success of the DS with the Wii U, and they failed big time.
                                                          Blame price point.
                                                          DS was partly successful because of the price.
                                                          The Wii U on the other hand cost a LOT it’s not catching on quite as well.
                                                          If Nintendo would take a price cut on it, people would have probably jumped at it more.

                                                      1. Nah, that just means he’s closer to retirement than ever before. He wasn’t even very involved in the Wii U development as some think.

                                                        1. Dark Side Games Inc

                                                          I’m hoping it’ll be the next big Nintendo system overall for Nintendo, Gamecube was awesome but the mini discs really put a strain on developer.

                                                        2. GameCube was not THAT successful.
                                                          It would make more sense to say
                                                          NX is gonna be the new Super Nintendo.
                                                          the N E S and the S N E S were WAY more successful back in the day than the N64 or even the gamecube was.

                                                          1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                                                            He’s probably referring to the fact the Gamecube, despite it’s shortcomings, was still the most powerful console of it’s generation.

                                                        3. annibo irosas: master puppet

                                                          I think the next gen of consoles is who has the most power. Look how many Xbots jumped ship to Playstation. That said Nintendo still needs to make it easy to develop for so the third party devs can port over games on par with the competition . Nintendo needs some serious work to bring over the third party support though… But if games like Zelda and Xenoblade look better than any game on other consoles , then the NX will surely turn some heads. Mainstream gaming is about graphics these days and if NX has some of the best , then it’ll grab some new users. As for me I’ll be content with Adventures of Pip of the next gen just as well :)

                                                          1. Actually, Xbots jumped ship because of Microsoft trying to pull that DRM BS thinking their fans are too stupid to swallow it. That backfired so hard that the fucker behind those retarded communist ideas got fired right after 2013 E3.

                                                            1. Yes… But at least Microsoft was willing to make serious console changes when fans went ballistic… Nintendo will never do that…it will always be “tough shit” with Nintendo.

                                                              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                                >>>They can make all changes they want, their agenda is still the same evil corrupted one so it doesn’t matter unless you’re a slave believing anything they spit out>>>

                                                              2. Is DRM gone? Nope, not even on 360. Is the console failure rate very low and have solid build? Not exactly. Does it have better and more “exclusive” games? No, well not anymore because they’ll end up on PC regardless and their only good exclusive “Gears of War” is done. Is online free or cheaper? No. I’m not paying $60 for what PC and others have for free while I’m already paying the same fucking price for Internet service every month and that other $60 is better spent on another good game.

                                                                Not saying Nintendo is anymore better because now they pissed me off with their BS plus the fans are turning into fucking mindless drones accepting any BS they pull, almost as equally worse as other fanbases.

                                                                Right now I’m looking at PlayStation. Never before they haven’t disappointed me..well except from 2011’s PSN hack.

                                                                1. Nintendo needs to make a console for 2d gameing and have there entire collection of games to download on it…..and make the system have a life span of 15 years with a real controller not motion controls. And if you dont like it you can kiss my duke ho.

                                                                2. annibo irosas: master puppet

                                                                  That Mario is Unreal video is sick ! Though the worlds don’t fit I like the lighting and textures and Mario didn’t look out of place other tha the worlds looking out of place ( if that makes sense) now a Zelda or Earthbound game with these graphics would be insane !

                                                                3. Nintendo still might have a chance. If they released a beefy Ps4 style console, with a VR headset that comes with it. Online functions, camera, voice chat, and all the other bells and whistles…

                                                                  Release the console with the new Zelda and make it compatible with the VR headset that comes with every system. In fact, every game they release fro. Now on would be compatible with the headset… Also have Galaxy 3 and Luigis Mansion 3 on release day…..

                                                                  If they did that, they would win the 8th generation. They would sell 100 million consoles. They would leave Sony and Microsoft in the dust…

                                                                  Why wont they do that? Why Nintendo?? WHYYYYYYYYY!!?

                                                                    1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                                                                      Uhm… They’ve been taking risks for many, many years. Their biggest risk was the Wii but they got lucky with that sucker thanks to the casuals that bought it. Sadly, it’s been haunting them ever since as the Wii U had to suffer for Nintendo being behind the other two power wise.

                                                                    1. Dark Side Games Inc

                                                                      ARM is basically a low cost, energy efficient chip that is capable of running basic coding. It’s not as powerful as an x86 CPU but is still able to do tasks that the x86 might fall behind.

                                                                      x86 is just your standard format for PC CPUs now a days, it uses a faster system, more memory buslanes and can do more lines of code than the ARM CPU. Also, due to new advances in technology, x86 CPUs can now run more efficiently however the cost is still high to manufacture the chips but not as high as it was when they first started rolling out onto PCs.

                                                                      1. Finally, a man who can explain this to folks.
                                                                        Basically both have their ups and downs.
                                                                        But i feel like, ARM from what i been hearing.. is a bitch to program for… that or devs are just fucking lazy and rather not have to do the work to make something that is for X86 work on an ARM.
                                                                        I been studying the difference..
                                                                        X86 CPUs they just basically over the years kept adding to them at one point.
                                                                        Making them more complex..
                                                                        But.. i THINK.. and i could be wrong.. but i THINK they have been altering how an X86 is even made, so that they run more efficiently and cooler.
                                                                        But like you said, they do cost a lot still.

                                                                        1. How is ARM a bitch to develop for if but all mobile games are developed for ARM? Both 3DS and DS have ARM architecture btw.

                                                                          1. I’m just going buy what i have read about what developers have said about it.
                                                                            They don’t like programing or porting games to the Wii U. I can only assume it’s because of the CPU.
                                                                            That and a lot of those developers use engines that are tricky to make games for ARM CPUs.
                                                                            Just going by things i have read around the web.

                                                                        2. Good idea Mr Miyamoto.. i used to look up to you.. but you do need to step back… WAAAAYyyyy the fuck back. And let folks who know what would make good hardware do their thing.
                                                                          Maybe the NX won’t be so bad.

                                                                        3. Miyamoto not helping with designing the NX might be a good idea so Nintendo can get new ideas from newer blood, just like what happened with Splatoon. If Nintendo were listening to the fan reactions from E3, they should already have the basic blueprint for what the NX needs too be.

                                                                          Nintendo, buy a PS4 and XBO, gut them and see what makes them tick and you’ll see why they are selling (even at a loss) and 3rd Party bringing games to them. Up the ante 2-3x and add the Nintendo flavor as you like and you just might have the edge this time.

                                                                        4. Pingback: Miyamoto ha fatto un passo indietro dall’hardware, è concentrato sul software |

                                                                        5. As long as it has backwards compatiblity with the WiiU controller and games idc what they make the NX. Hopefully they use PowerPC. But my hopes for the wiiu are probably gonna be the same as what the wiiu should have been 6 core processor with the latest GPU plenty ram ans a UX that has a unified party chat system and social media compatibility

                                                                        6. Don’t listen to the average PS4 and Xbox One owner Nintendo. They pay to play online, buy Batman: Fraud Edition at launch because they have no other games to play etc. They can go fuck themselves. They aren’t gamers, they’re ruining the industry for the rest of us.

                                                                          1. Lol, the denial is real with this one. You miss Arkham Knight, you are missing one of the best games ever developed. Fuck that season pass, its optional dipstick.. I didnt buy it.. I have so many games to play on the Ps4, I dont have the time to play them all.. On the other hand, I only have Splatoon on the Wii U…..

                                                                          2. It’s nice to have visions, and creativity. But if your creation doesnt match up to fans expectations, then it’s not going to sell. Simple as that. You HAVE to take the fans wishes into consideration.

                                                                          3. Miyamoto was responsible for the face tracking on New 3DS. What I gain from this article is that, without him, the hardware will likely be a little bit worse.

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