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Hori Releasing Link & Toad Mario Kart 8 Racing Wheels This July

Game accessory manufacturer Hori will release two new officially licensed Mario Kart 8 racing wheels next month. The two accessories are set to represent The Legend of Zelda’s Link – following his placement into the game via the first DLC pack – and fan favourite Nintendo character Toad. Link’s wheel will be a glorious gold with the franchise’s emblem on the back, matching the gold of the Wii remote released alongside Skyward Sword in 2011, while Toad’s comes in blue. As per, the wheels are equipped with a trigger button for easy access to the Wii remote’s B button.

Link and Toad’s racing wheels join the previously released Mario and Luigi wheels, so you’ll be well kitted out for any future Mario Kart 8 parties planned. Both wheels will arrive in North America on July 6 and Europe, which releases a few weeks later, on July 29. While the price of each wheel is the same in Europe and the UK at £11.99, US prices differ with Link’s at the slightly elevated price of $14.99 and Toad’s at $11.99. You can take a look at the images of the wheels below or, if you’d like to pre-order them, you can do so at the Amazon US and UK pages.

16 thoughts on “Hori Releasing Link & Toad Mario Kart 8 Racing Wheels This July”

    1. His kart could be modeled after the Sky Runner.
      Or have one look like a Mr. Saturn- I’d call it the Saturn Zoomer!

  1. Bling! Bling! I’m sure some aspiring rapper is thinking that gold Zelda wheel would make a bold fashion statement. Damn G! Is that real gold spray paint?

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