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Project X Zone 2’s Japanese Release Date Announced; Collector’s Edition Detailed

This week in Famitsu, a small update for Project X Zone 2 has been revealed including the Japanese release date and what fans can hope to find in the collector’s edition. If you live in Japan, expect to be grabbing this crossover title on November 12 — as of yet, a US release date is still unknown, but chances are the game may be delayed past this Fall. Additionally, a limited edition, first-print version (titled “Original Game Sound Edition”) will be released, containing:

  • Challenge map DLC titled “The Girl from 10 Years Ago”
  • “Black Hot Pants” Special Item
  • A special 3DS theme, called “Namco X Capcom 10th Anniversary”
  • Availability to over 60 tracks from the original Project X Zone Game
  • DLC for Valkyrie no Boken: Toki no Kagi Densetu with Xiaomu, where players will be able to play as Xiaomu

Will you be picking up this game when it comes by you?

7 thoughts on “Project X Zone 2’s Japanese Release Date Announced; Collector’s Edition Detailed”

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  2. I’m surprised they are making another one. I loved the first one but they said it didn’t do well in Japan and actually did better in America. I actually wish they would dub the game this time, I can only take the Japanese voices so much when I play. But I know that they won’t dub it at all though, thI usually do that. Lol

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