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Nintendo Of America Explains Why They Don’t Really Release Games In The Summer

The summer is generally barren for brand new video game releases so you would think it would be the perfect time to release a high-profile game. Other companies such as Rocksteady have released Batman Arkham Knight and Sony released The Last of Us, both of which did phenomenally well sales wise. So why doesn’t Nintendo generally release high-profile games in the summer? Well, Charlie Scibetta, Nintendo’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications, has cleared it up and says that company makes the majority of its money during the holiday season.

“We do the bulk of our business in the holiday season, probably about 60% in October, November, and December. You want to launch games when people are in the mood to buy.”

59 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Explains Why They Don’t Really Release Games In The Summer”

  1. I’m in the mood to buy right now. Come November and December there will be a flood of games I want to buy on my PS4. Now would be the best time for NoA to capitalize… but clearly they know better (than Wii U has been a massive success).

    1. Took the words right out of my mouth, sure the holidays are great to take advantage of as well, but at the same time people aren’t spending all their money on solely Nintendo products at that time.

      And like you said, this game plan seems to work so well with the Wii U. /s It doesn’t make much sense that you would not want to sell games when there are none around to be sold. That seems like the prime opportunity to sell a game…

      Nintendo reps need to stop talking, as this is turning into the Xbox One launch situation with Don Mattrick.

      1. This is why Nintendo needs constant 3rd party support for their platforms. I have no problems with them not wanting to release games during the summer but that’s when they should let 3rd parties run wild. I really hope Nintendo makes the NX very 3rd party friendly so that gameless droughts are a thing of the past

        1. Agreed, and as everyone has noticed, Nintendo likes to take their time developing their games. So having good third party support really helps in between those long development schedules.

        2. Yea, I agree, they sound stupid.

          Nintendo does most of it’s business during the holidays, because they release 90% of thier games during the holidays. If they released games during the summer months those statistics would shift a little..

          Fact of the matter is, they dont have any games to release during the summer months. They just dont have the type of manpower to release games like that all year round….

          Why dont they just tell the truth for a change? Why is lieing ok if you are in PR? It’s like lieing is just naturally accepted by the vast majority when it is done by a video game PR spokeman….. Its still lieing, spokesman or not…

        3. Right? Step one seems like ACTUALLY RELEASING worthwhile titles in the first place. Splatoon came out a little while ago and is doing very well.

          Great games sell because theyre great no matter when they come out.

      2. Clearly they gave up on Wii u. I’m done getting Nintendo systems until I see a Zelda game. Until than, I’m done with them.

      3. Maybe but without 3rd party support that leaves a large gap in the Wii U library. As this article said if Arkham Knight and The Last of Us can so well in the summer then why can’t Nintendo releases? I don’t really see a difference we just want a game already

        1. Iwata: “Shit, the economy is collapsing, quickly Reggie plan 12.”

          Reggie: “Hi Nintendo of America fans. We have decided to stop selling games in America. We never intended to do it anyways, since Japan was our target goal. Aidos.”

      4. Nintendo of America is such fucking bullshit

        Telling people HOW to enjoy there games
        “We thought about a youtube feature but we thought players would have more fun experiencing it for themselves”
        “We thought about voice chat but it provides a better experience without it”

        Now WHEN to play the games, leaving our long summer freetimes with nothing while EU has Wooly World and soon Devil’s Third while Japan has Fire Emblem If.

        Next they’ll be telling WHERE to play their games and WHO

        1. They already tell us Who by limited some games’ co-op modes to local multiplayer or only those in your friend lists. V.V

        2. Im fucking done with Nintendo and their bullshit, you dont tell me when I want or how I want to play my games, I have fucking free time NOW in the SUMMER..FUCK YOU im spending my money on PS4

        3. Meh I’m glad I live in Europe. We like wasting summers inside here. It’s cheaper than going overseas.

        4. Not really a big deal, most people are taking vacations, and spending lots of money on family travel. I don’t recall many nintendo games in summer in recent years even on 3ds, I think SMG2 did maybe

          1. If I recall correctly, Galaxy 2 released on May 10th, 2010, which is technically Spring, so…

        5. What the fuck ever! If that’s the case make all the games Christmas themed. Fucking retarded! It’s crazy to think of how Nintendo has been in business for this long with such ignorance. Wouldn’t it make since to release games when kids/people are out of school, families have vacation time off, no competition game wise. “Uh, We don’t want to make a profit during the summer. We’re waiting for Christmas!” Stupid Corporate Fucks.

        6. Morwt like you guys got nothing to offer anyone during majority of the summers…

          Boy, Nintendo’s shady as hell right now.

        7. By holding all their games for the winter they actually take more hits IMO. Sure you may have 10 games that come out during the holiday season, but no one has enough to buy all of them at one time. Also that causes game droughts during the other seasons and you have to compete with other games during the season. Nintendo really needs to replace some of their marking team.

          1. So when have they ever released any big titles in the summer which didn’t sell well to justify that position? Nintendo keeps spouting bullshit so much I can smell it from my apartment. If they had a clue, they’d look to other summer releases as already noted and see that, HELL YES there’s a market for people wanting to buy games in the summer when SCHOOL IS OUT AND A MAJORITY OF NINTENDO’S GAMES APPEAL TO KIDS AND YOUNG ADULTS.
            So yes, Nintendo is doing something they’ve already done. But it’s fucking stupid of them to keep doing it.

        8. Wow c’mon Nintendo. Some kids are home during the summer…what makes you think they won’t want to buy a game?

        9. thenintendoreviewer

          Nintendo, you have to realize you have games that can sell really well being launched in the summer.

          1. You keep saying that. Why? I don’t keep saying that I’m done with religion. I just don’t believe in god. I think you’re not done with them. You’re just a hurt little boy.

        10. This might be me, but I generally prefer during the summers. Since I’m out of school during the summers and there isn’t a whole lot of things to do besides work or whatever, games are a fun distraction. If you ask me, I think summer is a good time because of all the gamers who have a lot of time possibly during the summer to play them. Sure releasing in the winter is good as well, but summer is good too.

        11. pink0crystal0midbus

          I’ve always HATED how no good Nintendo games come out in the Summer. THAT’S WHEN I’M ON VACATION!! I don’t want to have to buy all my games while I’m in school. Then I have no time to play, because I have to study and whatnot.

          Kind of a bummer not releasing high profile games in the Summer.

        12. Ok I don’t know how it like in USA and other parts of the world but in Europe July, August is a very good season to buy a game,cause kids like parents take their holiday and have more free time .Nintendo really out of touch on that topic. It’s something Sony and Microsoft have understood and make their games a success…

        13. Super Mario Sunshine was released in the summer of 2002. And man, that was a special summer. Can’t believe it was that long ago.

        14. The funny thing is all you people bitching & complaining wouldn’t buy shit on Wii U if it were available in the summer. So……..if you didn’t show up in all this time (after all these years) then what are you crying about?

          1. You’re a fucking idiot and a fanboy. The ones voicing their valid opinions actually own the system and are pissed with its droughts. You’re just a dumbass fanboy defending pretendo.

        15. So Europe and Japan get Woolly World much earlier than we in the States do just because you don’ WANT to release it alongside them, you’d rather wait until the weather gets cold and it’s shopping season?

          NoA needs a major overhaul, and fast.

        16. Actually we’re always in the mood to buy since Nintendo never releases anything to buy.
          Then when there are finally Nintendo games to buy I already spent all my money on PC and Xbox One games.

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