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Yooka-Laylee: Classic Platforming Is Reborn (Video)

The team over at PlayStation Access have had the opportunity to sit down and discuss the intriguing Yooka-Laylee with the team at Playtonic. There’s some lovely new footage showcased in the thirteen minute video, as well as plenty of questions regarding the game which is deemed as the spiritual successor to Banjo Kazooie. The team says that they want to retain what was so great about Banjo Kazooie back in the 90’s, but add a fresh new spin on it, which is really what the fans and backers want. Be sure to give the interview a watch, below.

28 thoughts on “Yooka-Laylee: Classic Platforming Is Reborn (Video)”

  1. I love this game. I have been waiting YEARS for a Banjo Kazooie and a spiritual sequel is even better.

    1. Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein for Smash

      Ummm cause magically all the people who’ve played the SNES and N64 is still with Nintendo….. Nope. A lot went to Playstation and Xbox.

      1. Those are the people who no longer cared for these types of games, Xbox fans want nothing but COD, and military shooting games, and PS fans want nothing but realistic graphics, quick time events, boring color pallets with only black, brown and grey.

        1. Bruh….your really reaching here, They simply want everybody to enjoy there game. I have no doubt that probably nintendo fans will eat this up more, but still let everybody enjoy the game no matter what console they have. Its kinda selfish to act like that cause its not a nintendo exclusive.

            1. That’s great and true! Wish it was wii u exclusive as well. Wii u is going to go down exactly like the cube and dreamcast. Nobody wants it while it’s out, everybody wants it when it’s done.

            2. You are proving no point, because you only focused on one game out of the several this person mentioned. And instead of talking about the quality of these games, you brought up sales?

              Read my comment below or just skips the part where I list games also, and I’d love for you to tell me the same garbage. Cause I mentioned a lot more games than that.

        2. Give it a rest with all your generalized assumptions. No, there are plenty of fans on other systems who enjoy these types of games, hence why many of those games have been popular on those systems as well and some still beg for them to make a return. Especially on Playstations systems, cause like I pointed out before, they’ve had a quite a few good platformers both classic and new.

          Did you forget that Banjo was well received on the Xbox also? If Rare was as stupid as these fans picking sides all the time, I guess they would have never let Microsoft buy them out in the first place.

          Good Developers don’t care about dumb ass crap like this, they really don’t, unless they’re the greedy kind, all about the money.

          Why ignore so much of history? Your assumptions are so far fetched, only an idiot would assume every single person in a fan base is the same, and I can’t even comprehend the last part. As if every successful game on Playstation systems has been black, brown and grey.

          That alone proves how much of a jackass you’re being about this. That’s like some one from another base, saying Nintendo fans only like kiddie games, and all Nintendo makes are kiddie games for immature children. It’s a moronic and an extremely broad assumption to make, just like the ones you’re making about Playstation and Xbox fans.

          Dumb fans exist in every camp, and how childish you’re acting is literal proof of that.

    2. You people act like there were there never these types of games on Playstation and Xbox systems, which shows you must have never spent much time playing games outside of Nintendo’s. Which if that is your prerogative, fine, but don’t act like you know so much about everything outside of that.

      I get real tired of all this “It should only be on this system” crap anyway, even when people complain about games also being on PC. Why is it a bad thing to have a good game on more than one platform, unless you want to act like a stuck up fan, or you simply cannot afford more than one platform to play games on, it really should not bother you that much. All that should matter to you, is that you’ll be able to play the game.

      There was even less of a fan base for these types of games on Xbox systems, but Rare graced the Xbox. Which is funny, because Playstation has had way more games similar to this style, than Microsoft ever has. So what you say doesn’t make much sense in that statement.

      Playstation had some awesome platformers, most of which were exclusive. To name a few, probably forgetting some.

      Oddworld, Ape Escape, Rathet & Clank, Jak & Dexter, Dex, Tomba,Little Big Planet, Tearaway, Prince of Persia, Klonoa, Spyro, Sly Cooper, Jumping Flash, Croc, Pandemonium, Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, The Adventures of Lomax, Tomb Raider and Crash Bandicoot.

      So how is Playstation not a place for a game like this?

      1. If u have games on all the systems then what is the reason for having 3 systems? Exclusives and the way u play the games (whatever the controller is) is basically how these companies sell their systems. Which is why I still don’t understand why the ps4 is selling so well, o wait, yes I do, marketing is actually the only reason systems sell anymore.

        1. What does that have to do with anything I said? I’m just saying when people are acting so selfish like this, as if these games cannot be on another platform, it’s stupid. I think we as a whole are moving past all this, and people generally just want to play good games regardless of what it ends up on.

          The PS4 is this way, because Shuhei is smart and he only cares about giving gamers what they want to the best of his ability. Shuhei has spoken about the huge decline in the console industry, so it’s only obvious why Sony is making services like PS Now. Which is why a lot of Playstation games are also on PC these days. Which to me is also stupid that people seem to care so much about this, because technically they are still only exclusive to one console.

          As PC is not a console, nor is it a dedicated gaming machine.

          It’s actually pretty damn smart if some of you took the time to think about it, because even though the PS4 is selling well, no console to date is selling the numbers they used to. A good business person knows times change and having your games on PC, will not hurt but it will only bring in more sales. And it isn’t like the PS4 still doesn’t have exclusives of it’s own, do some research if you honestly believe that’s the case.

          It’s also called options, some people prefer consoles, and some people may prefer to have some of these console games running at higher specifications on their PC. So why do people care that a lot these console games are also on PC today? Who’s to say Nintendo won’t do the same in the future, especially if their next console doesn’t sell any better than the Wii U they really are going to have to think of some way to keep their games around with the hardware. They said they’d never resort to this mobile nonsense like Sony and Microsoft did, but look at them now.

          So again, multi platform games are very rarely ever a bad thing. Having a game on multiple platforms is great for the developer to get their game to a wider audience, as well as give everyone a chance to be able to play the games they want. Especially in this case, because many games today receive a lot of good feedback, but that does not translate into sales, unfortunately.

          And let’s face it, it would be commercial suicide for them to just release this game on the Wii U right now. You people seriously cannot be that stupid? You people want to bring up sales of games and how other systems sell for nothing? The Wii U isn’t doing so hot, and it’s far from perfect, either. So where do you guys get off talking shit about everything else, while forgetting all the problems Nintendo is having with their own console right now?

          Of course consoles need exclusives to differentiate themselves from a PC, that’s just one of the main selling points of them. But that is not the point I was making at all.

      2. Yea, it’s ridiculous to ask people not to buy it on Playstation. I will personally buy the game for the Wii U, but there is no reason to not buy it for Ps4.

        Some people just cant get it through thier heads that many Ps4 owners are Nintendo fans. And vice versa. I think if you are completely dedicated to Nintendo, and ONLY play Wii U games, you are missing out… BIG TIME.. You cannot explain this to certain people though. They are too stubborn. No need trying.

        1. Exactly, people need to understand a lot of gamers, just care about games, not so much the hardware it’s on. Don’t get me wrong, good hardware matters, but not to this degree.

          I honestly don’t know why I try so hard, myself. I guess some pathetic part of me hopes maybe one day it will finally sink in with these types of people, cause I was at one time like this with my PC. Maybe one day they’ll realize how dumb and subjective they were being about all this, and just enjoy video games as a whole.

          I don’t expect people to like everything, but there’s never a reason to be so foolish over it. I’m so tired of all this war bullshit between gamers in general.

          I got sick of that elitist crap ages ago on PC, long before consoles were what they are today. As I said, I used to be a snobby PC elitist, but like I’m hoping these people will learn, like you said, you’re honestly only hindering yourself and the many great experiences you could be having by choosing to only play on one platform. If that’s all you can afford, totally understand, not going to dis someone over that, just saying. If you can afford to play on more than one platform, but only chose to play on one, then yes, you’re missing out big time.

          Many of these people would be amazed at how much more fun you can have in life if they opened their minds a little more. I learned my lesson, and I’ll never go back to such a shallow way of thinking.

      3. Nah… Most of them are on Nintendo consoles and lol… I cannot stretch on this, I gotta be honest, I’ve always felt like Nintendo’s platformers were always one step ahead. I used to love Tomb Raider, Spyro, Croc and Pandemonium on my PS1 but I can’t stand to play them today. Croc and Pandemonium now control like shit, lol, it was so different when I was young. Klonoa and Crash must be the only ones which are still good, I’m not so sure because it’s been over a decade I don’t play them. Now Mario 64 and even Banjo-Kazooie are games I play until this day.

        But PS is more known for God of War, Gran Turismo, COD, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Uncharted/The Last of Us. Most people overlook LBP, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank and Tearaway type of games, which is a shame.

  2. Nintendo needs to sign them and make great 3d platformers like this not that Bullshit sidescrollers this ain’t 1985

  3. There is actually a good chance it could get delayed for Wii U.. Developers go where the money is, and the money is on the Ps4. We may get another Project Cars, or Watch Dogs, or, or, or, or,….

    1. “Delayed” like project cars lol I would just feel bad for Nintendo gamers that actually supported the kick-starter. Would be so unfair to them.

    2. I don’t think you have to worry about this with these guys, so I’d really hope that isn’t the case for people who want to purchase this on the Wii U.

      Watch Dogs was obviously going to happen, given the Rayman debacle before that. Project Cars was kind of the same situation, they made it pretty obvious early on that they stopped caring about the Wii U version.

      I’d say the Project Cars situation was really fucked up for Nintendo fans of the game, especially since the Wii U version was at one time was the only console version planned to be made. Even more shady, when the Wii U version was going all fine and dandy before the PS4 and Xbox One were announced.

      If I had it my way, companies would get in a lot of trouble for misleading people the way some have been lately, but I don’t have that kind of power.

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